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How To Get SEO Clients Like A Boss

If you’re looking for an effective strategy to getting high paying SEO clients

…you’ve come to the right place!

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Video Transcription

What’s Up There SEO Pros?

Chase here to talk to you about the best way I know to get SEO clients. Now, if you are struggling in the SEO industry and you are not able to get SEO clients, here are some ways that I personally use to gain authority and then get clients.

Tip Number One

Tip number one, as stated earlier, having authority is going to really increase your value. So, having a review generation strategy to be able to build authority is going to be absolutely crucial. Now, most people look at review generation from just a local standpoint. There are a lot of other ways you can build reviews by taking national authority and building it into your local. Take for instance, the Google My Business that I’m currently running under my name. I have over 165 five star reviews for the SEO that I teach.

Note: Most of these reviews didn’t come from the actual location I’m in. They actually came from the tutorials I teach online and then I built out my authority with those reviews which I can now use locally. This is a great way to start building value and being and start not only getting organic rankings and traffic from your Google My Business location, but also being able to use these reviews as testimonials for your learning pages as proof that you know what you are talking about when you are going and trying to sell something to somebody, because it’s one thing to get the lead but then to actually convert people into customers is a complete other thing.

Tip Number Two

Number 2: I’ve actually built out a course on how I get SEO clients with tons of different methods. Which some of these actually do include using Craigslist and Ads and stuff like that, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you want to go towards long term assets versus short-term liabilities, which is what I talk a lot about in my courses.

Tip Number Three

The third thing that you can do right away, and this isn’t directly correlated to getting clients right after that, but you can build your value ladder. And if you guys haven’t seen a value ladder, that’s the reason I drew those stairs right there, it’s because there is an actual value ladder you can draw that I have seen other people utilize, including myself, that has helped them understand the selling process.

Let’s Review These Steps

Step 1: You want to give something away for free.

Step 2: You want to capture the traffic. If you are not capturing the traffic, then you are losing the ability to be able to utilize that traffic and re-market to those people later. It doesn’t really matter how you capture this traffic. It can be contact form, it could be text to sign up, it could be an email opt-in. All that really matters is that you are capturing the traffic and then re-marketing to these people later.

Step 3: Is figuring out what your lowest barrier to entry is. So, if you know that you can sell something for very cheap, but it’s going to hook the people and get them to the third step on the value ladder, then you know you are doing something right. So, for instance what I personally do is, I’ll do an audit for somebody, they get the audit for 200 bucks, they go to the next step and then the next step is buying the SEO implementations from that audit.

Same thing for my courses. I give away free content like this. I say “by the way, the course, if you’d like to get it, it’s $97” or whatever the price is and from there, I can offer private mentoring or I can re-market other courses. It doesn’t really matter what your value ladder is. It just matters that you have some sort of idea about how you are taking people from free content up the ladder.

So, in the SEO industry, we know that clients don’t have to be local. They can be pretty much anywhere. It’s really important that you are focusing on building some sort of authority, build some content that you are able to reach your audience with, and position yourself as the authority and capture this audience. If they are not going to buy right away, make sure you are doing some sort of content upgrade.

By the way, if you’d like to join the Facebook group, you can head over to the link in the description and join that. So, you guys are actually in the funnel right now or right up the value ladder.

Anyways, I hope that was helpful for you guys. If you have your own tips for getting clients, make sure you leave one in the comment, and until I see you guys next time… Happy SEOing!

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