When building the digital marketing side of your business is a top priority, research is key. Anyone trying to put their company on the map would absolutely do well to learn all the can from the Internet- and there is plenty of information available out there.

However, research can only take you so far. Once you’ve drained the World Wide Web of its tips and tricks, it’s time to consider taking your marketing strategy to the next level. Digital marketing conferences are the ideal way to do this: they provide advanced learning, direct contact with old business veterans, and they offer priceless networking opportunities.

There are a thousand kinds of conferences on this subject out there, though, so here is a little inside information to help you find the perfect one for you and your business.


1.Digital Summit Series:

Digital Summit Series

The Digital Summit Series visits almost every major American city, every month of the year. The dates for the rest of 2018 and itinerary for 2019 are already posted to the website, and it’s well worth a look.

The series offers over 45 different sessions in every key area of digital marketing, as well as speakers from dynamite companies like Waze and Pinterest.

  1. MozCon:


If the name alone rings a bell, it’s because Moz is a giant in the SEO and online marketing worlds.

The conference is an intensive three days of one-track marketing expertise from the Moz team. They hold evening network events to get participants rubbing elbows with the best and, according to their website, you can hug a robot.

  1. State of Search:

State of Search

The name alone is enough to tell you that this is the place to be if you want your company to get noticed on the Internet. This dynamic conference is usually held in Texas, with the goal of redefining the boring, soul-crushing conference room experience.

They boast impressive speakers from the world of SEO such as Duane Forrester and Mark Traphagen, and promise a party like no other to boost your networking game

  1. PubCon:


PubCon is the longest-running conference in the industry, and labels itself a “super conference”. 2018 will be their 18th year, and they haven’t been around that long for nothing.

Speakers for PubCon 2018 in Vegas feature heavy hitters like Aleyda Solis and Lee Odden, and the details for the 2019 conference- Fort Lauderdale edition- are up on the site.

  1. UnGagged:

Ungagged Conference

This one is for the unconventional business owner. This intimate,  intensive conference prides itself on being uncensored and unrecorded, offering industry secrets to participants that they can’t find anywhere else.

It’s three days and three tracks of powerhouse speakers and exceptional opportunities. Conferences are held in both Las Vegas and London, for the world traveler.

  1. Sempro:

Sempro 2018

The annual Sempro conference, held in the Ukraine, gathers participants from all over the globe to discuss the latest strategies at work in SEO and SEM (as the name implies). These events are known for their stellar networking opportunities, in-depth Q&A sessions, and memorable after parties.

Sempro is all about the participants. Attendees are encouraged to discuss their ideas and problems with the professionals present, for a more personalized learning experience than an online tutorial or book could provide.

However, if the Ukraine is too far a hop, but you’re still interested in attending, they do stream online. The flexibility in teaching methods is one of Sempro’s hallmarks, as are incredible speakers and great parties.

Not to mention, the 2018 conference featured massage chairs for the participants. So, perks.

  1. PeepCon:


Speaking of travel, PeepCon is the perfect opportunity for business owners who like their learning opportunities to come with an exotic locale. PeepCon is held every year in the Philippines, it offers over 200 marketing professionals to network with while you’re there.

While relatively new, this conference is not to be missed. PeepCon is short for “the people’s conference”, so the prices are affordable and the lineup is inspiring.

  1. SMX East:

SMX East

Established in 2007 by the minds behind Third Door Media ( the company under which search engine land and lots of other industry Giants operate),  SMX East is a conference designed for the advanced digital marketing professional.

Given that it is run by such big names in the SEO and SEM worlds, participants can be sure that the tips and strategies they learn at SMX East will put them far ahead of the rest.

  1. Zenith Conference:

Zenith Con

Hosted by the Duluth area Chamber of Commerce and Aimclear, The Zenith digital marketing conference is an annual Cornerstone of the industry. It provides digital marketing training and strategies for professionals of all levels, from beginners and those looking to DIY to seasoned business owners who want to get ahead.


  1. SEJ Summit:

SEJ Summit

SEJ Summit is the crown jewel of Search Engine Journal, and it has a very unique format. The conference lasts for only one day, and special attention is given to make sure that each speaker skips all unnecessary information and goes directly to the heart of what they have to teach.

This is done to ensure that each participant gets the information they came for without experiencing what the website calls “conference fatigue”.

  1. DMSS:

Digital Marketing Skill Share

Digital Marketing Skill Share is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity for digital marketing and SEO pros to gather, stay on top of industry trends, and make game-changing networking connections.

In fact, DMSS is so dedicated to providing fun and effective networking opportunities that they facilitate a “Networkcation”, which is 3 days (on top of the conference days) for participants to take part in more intensive workshops and unique networking events.

The best part? It all goes down in Bali. That’s right, attendees of DMSS learn, mingle, and gather the tools they need to grow their businesses- and they do it all in a gorgeous tropical paradise.


  1. SearchLove:

SearchLove Conference

Every year, the team at distilled puts out the ever-popular search love conference. This is hosted in a couple of locations around America and around the world, and features a truly staggering speaker lineup. 2019 conference will feature experts from companies such as Microsoft and HubSpot.


  1. Next10x:


Change is a good thing, but an industry like digital marketing, it can be difficult to master and keep up with. the Next10x conference from Stone Temple aims to help business owners stay abreast of changing trends and the sometimes unpredictable moves that might throw others off.


  1. Dreamforce:

Dreamforce Dreampark

Dreamforce is a conference that not only focuses on teaching business people the ins and outs and advantages to be had in digital marketing, but also on giving back.

With over 2000 sessions to attend throughout the four days of the conference, and incredibly fun extras that benefit great causes, Dreamforce is an excellent choice for beginners and old professionals alike. Not to mention, they’re the only website for a digital marketing conference that currently features Metallica, so that’s a plus.


  1. Chiang Mai SEO Conference:

Chiang Mai Conference

Chock-full of the top experts in the SEO industry, the conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers participants an experience like no other conference in the world. This event regularly hosts speakers from top SEO and digital marketing companies like Ahrefs (who sponsor the conference) and The Search Initiative, among others.

Aside from all the knowledge their experts and speakers have to offer, those who attend gain the chance to swing by extra events out in the city. These extra, exciting affairs are held with one goal in mind: to pack in more of the essential knowledge business owners and entrepreneurs need to make their endeavors a massive success.


  1. DigiMarCon:


DigiMarCon is, to date, the largest digital marketing conference in the world. Locations range from Sydney, Australia to a cruise ship out of Orlando, Florida. For some of the most sought-after content in the world’s most exciting destinations, check out DigiMarCon.


  1. Conex:

Content Experience

Short for “Content Experience”, Conex is exactly what it sounds like: they’ll tell you what you need to know and make it unforgettable while they are at it.

These conferences often include speakers from Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre, and DocuSign, to name a few. The event is two days of hard-and-fast sessions designed to educate and connect entrepreneurs with the game-changers of the industry.


  1. Inbound:


This HubSpot-hosted event takes a unique approach to the marketing side of business. The team behind Inbound wants to put their emphasis on being humans first and business people after.

Their speakers and atmosphere are designed to bring empathy, kindness, and connectivity to the forefront as a means of pushing businesses forward.


  1. FinCon:

Financial Blogger conference

The Financial Blogger conference is all about money- and helping you and your business make more of it. FinCon gathers several thousand attendees and hundreds of speakers to some of America’s most vibrant cities every year to discuss how businesses can reach new clients and grow through better content and more effective outreach strategies.


  1. Incite Brand Marketing Summit NYC

Incite Brand Marketing Summit NYC

The goal of the Incite-sponsored Brand Marketing Summit can be summed up- as it is on their website- in the words “Understand, Engage, Measure”.

This structure aims to boost business owners’ understanding of their client base, fine-tune their outreach approach, and understand the numbers in order to grow both productivity and visibility. Speakers from top brands are featured every year, and attendees leave inspired and with an all-new business gameplan.


  1. Funnel Hacking Live:

Funnel Hacking Live

As the name suggests, Funnel Hacking Live is held each year for the purpose of teaching digital marketers to create an effective “funnel”, or conversion process. Techniques for locking in new clients are changing every day, so the importance of events like Funnel Hacking cannot be overstated.

This conference is unlike most of its peers because its focus is entirely on other people- both those who attend and those who are in need. Rather than drawing undue attention to their own success, speakers at Funnel Hacking conferences are dialed in on how best to stimulate growth in the endeavors of every person in the audience.

Beyond that, the event seeks to give back to those around the world who need help. ClickFunnels, the driving force behind Funnel Hacking Live, gives to and promotes Operation Underground, an organization dedicated to stopping child trafficking.


  1. Converge:

Converge conference

Sponsored by Converge Consulting and primarily focused on marketing in higher education, the Converge conference offers three days of sessions, dinners, and other events attended by the foremost experts from some of the most competitive and impressive schools out there.


  1. B2B Marketing Forum:

B2B Marketing Forum

As the name suggests, the B2B marketing forum is a comprehensive learning experience focused on drawing in the connections you need to make your business the best that it can be.

The conference is 3 days of workshops, sessions by experts  from companies like Google and IBM, among others- and, as the website points out, plenty of “shenanigans”. Also featured are post-session “huddles”, which aim to get attendees face-to-face with conference speakers to enhance the overall learning experience.


  1. C3:

C3 Conference

Conductor’s popular C3 conference aims to teach its attendees new, cutting-edge strategies in the fields of SEO and other facets of digital marketing. The conference itself is laser-focused, having only three tracks to better specialize the information covered over the course of its two days.


  1. B2B Marketing Exchange:

B2B Marketing Exchange

The B2B Marketing Exchange conference is held directly after the new year to better communicate the upcoming trends in digital marketing to those who attend. With six tracks, over a hundred speakers, and what the website calls “killer parties”, this event is both invaluable and engaging for anyone looking to get ahead with their business.


  1. Content TECH Summit:


The brainchild of Informa-acquired exhibition organizer UBM, Content Tech Summit aims to help attendees harness the power of today’s technology to organize and enhance opportunities to grow their businesses. This particular conference is special in that they profess to confront the inherent “chaos and unpredictability” of marketing operations- using technology- in order to drive success in the best and worst of conditions.


  1. Social Media Marketing World:

Social Media Marketing World

It’s pretty clear at this point it’s social media is going to play a massive role in marketing moving forward. that’s why it’s an excellent idea for businesses who are conscious of that future to attend events like Social Media Marketing World.

The conference website gives off a relaxed vibe, and they advertise ample opportunities to do some serious networking and learn how to get ahead of trends that could be invaluable to your company’s social media outreach initiatives.


  1. LeadsCon:


Leadscon is an event for results-oriented business owners and executives. As the name suggests, this conference is all about hunting down leads, turning those leads into clients, and those clients into progress. With a yearly attendance of nearly 3,000, this is a well-established and highly productive 3-day experience.


  1. Confab:


Confab is all about curating quality content that is relevant, informative, and effective in drawing interest and moving your business forward.

Although content management and strategy is the primary focus of the event, professionals of all types are encouraged to attend and hone their skills in areas such as hiring and staff management strategies, design, and analytics.

The feel of the conference is kept light and breezy without sacrificing either results or quality, if the myriad rave reviews are anything to go by. The speaker quality is exceptional, and there are certainly worse places than Minneapolis to spend a few productive spring days.

  1. MarTech:


If creativity is your strong suit as a professional, and you find that your methods and preferences for doing business follow little outside the box, MarTech is the event for you.

This conference professes to be the intersection of marketing technology and management to maximize effective operations in new and previously unexplored ways. Because networking is a must for those who think a little differently in terms of business, MarTech encourages the sharing of ideas from diverse personalities to inspire all their attendees.

  1. GrowthHackers Conference:

GrowthHackers Conference

GrowthHackers events are fast-paced and full of valuable information and insight on how to- you guessed it- see the kind of growth you want in your company. Experts and speakers are brought in from big industry names like Intuit and Adobe.

Because it lasts for only one day, the GrowthHackers conference is designed to give its participants digestible, actionable nuggets of wisdom and accessible strategies to see increased visibility, site traffic, and conversions.

  1. Marketing Nation Summit:

Marketing Nation Summit

Marketing Nation Summit exists to encourage aggressive content marketing strategies, and build a comprehensive approach to getting noticed and advancing your clientele.

It attracts the best of the best, and past speakers have included powerhouses like Hillary Clinton, Will Smith, and Arianna Huffington. Still not sure about this one? That’s okay, you can listen to audio from past sessions on their website to determine whether this conference is right for you.

  1. T&C Summit:

T&C Summit

The Traffic and Conversion Summit purports to be the largest marketing event in North America, making it a can’t miss affair for business people focused on honing their marketing strategies to get more views and clients through the door. It’s also been given glowing reviews from publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur, so quality is assured.

This is also evidenced by the numbers- recent attendance figures are up above 5,000, with over 50 countries represented among them. Check out their website if you’re curious about the hype.

  1. Mobile Innovation Summit:

Mobile Innovation Summit

Sponsored by Innovation Enterprise Summits, this event on mobile innovation focuses, as its name suggests, on the role of mobile technology in engaging with customers and boosting revenue.

The conference boasts attendance by representatives from companies like Snapchat, Google, and Netflix, to name a few. Although its attendance numbers are fairly small, the event uses that tight-knit atmosphere to engage on a deeper level and heighten the opportunity for learning.

  1. Social Media Strategies Summit:

Social Media Strategies Summit

Most everyone these days recognizes the growing role that social media plays in marketing and most other types of business operations, which makes events like the Social Media Strategies Summit absolutely essential for those looking to stay relevant and keep up in a competitive market.

This particular conference is aimed at high-level executives who are looking to enhance sustainable strategies and build efficiency in the way their companies engage with clientele and gain visibility.

By the end of the three days, the goal is mastery of social media to grease the wheels within your business, increase contact between you and your clients, and send your efficiency through the roof.

  1. Advanced Search Summit:

Advanced Search Summit

Those looking for particular insight into SEO and SEM marketing tactics would do well to consider the Advanced Search Summit.

According to the website, speakers at this conference focus on relating their experiences and their shortcomings to teach attendees in a relatable way about the best strategies for optimizing search visibility.

Sessions are built around data, team dynamics, and the latest trends and business methods related to digital marketing. It’s an intensive two days that will change your business for the better.


  1. Confluence Conference:

Confluence Conference

Although its roots are humble, and it doesn’t hail from a huge tech or marketing hub like Las Vegas or China, Confluence Conference yields results. This is due, in large part, to the comprehensive approach the event takes to teaching participants the ropes in SEO.

Sessions focus on every kind of digital marketing specialization, from video marketing and social media influence to local SEO and content strategy. Attendees come away from Confluence Conference equipped to build on all the facets a growing business needs.

  1. MDMC- Midwest Digital Marketing Conference:


Since its inception in 2013, The Midwest digital marketing conference has grown exponentially, and for good reason. The annual event is now the largest digital marketing conference in the midwestern United States. It is now attended by companies like Pandora and BuzzFeed.

Since this event is put on by a public university, costs are kept minimal without sacrificing any of the dynamic experience or valuable expertise of a larger, more prestigious conference. The focus is kept on information rather than fanfare, making it a great investment of time and funds.

  1. Affiliate Summit West:

Affiliate Summit West

Digital marketing works best when it is collaborative. When industry professionals come together to share ideas and strategies and form new business relationships, everyone profits.

This philosophy is at the core of Affiliate Summit West, a massive conference held in Las Vegas which seeks to put the brightest minds in digital marketing- and those who specialize in affiliate work- in an environment that fosters both creativity and productivity.

  1. Big Data Innovation Summit:

Big Data Innovation Summit

The importance of data organization and analytics in online marketing cannot be overstated. It’s a vital part of any company’s success in understanding and catering to their target audience. Not only that, but big data is ever-changing, and it is crucial that business owners know how to stay on top of it.

The Big Data Innovation Summit offers attendees advice from the best in the business on topics like predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and data mining, among others. This event is an invaluable tool in the arsenal of any entrepreneur who seeks to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Intrigue Summit:

Intrigue Summit

The Intrigue Summit is taking an exceptionally innovative approach to the concept of the traditional marketing conference. Instead of long sessions with speakers lecturing attendees who are bored out of their minds, Intrigue hopes to mix speaker and audience.

They do this using a unique Q&A and debate format, in which everyone in the room is invited to get close and personal with the speaker and the topic at hand, exchanging ideas, proposing alternatives, and learning from mistakes.

  1. Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Boston:

Few marketing conferences are really devoted to growing your business and developing a strategy that works for you personally. Rather than catch-all lessons presented by speakers who are going for max efficiency, Digital Marketing Leaders Summit aims to give its attendees tools they can really use and adapt to their particular business needs.

Add to that a stringent vendor-to-industry ratio policy, and you get an experience that leaves participants with relevant, actionable expertise to bolster visibility and efficiency for themselves.

  1. Alaska In Bound:

Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit

AIMS, or Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit, professes the need for a change in the way marketers engage with their potential clients and customers. Rather than the traditional (and impersonal) marketing-through-a-megaphone technique, AIMS wants to teach marketing professionals the importance of a relationship with your clientele.

The result is a dynamic event based around inbound marketing strategies and local SEO for businesses in Alaska. The takeaway, however, could make a dramatic difference in the visibility and efficiency with which entrepreneurs run their companies.

  1. B2B Online:

B2B Online

One of the most convenient parts about the Internet is the way it makes communication and collaboration between online businesses easy and efficient. B2B Online is all about facilitating those interactions.

As technology changes and helps business owners and digital marketers achieve their goals faster and with more ease, said business owners need to learn how to take advantage and utilize all that technology to the benefit of their customer base and growth trajectory.

  1. 3xc

Chase Reiner

3xc is all about how to get hands-on, actionable tips for maximizing your business’ visibility on the major search engines- Google, Bing, and more. Speakers have, in the past, included industry giants like Neil Patel (and SEO superstars like Chase Reiner).

The “three C’s” referenced in the name of the event are clicks, conversions, and clients. They are the cornerstone of any successful online business, and the best tools an aspiring SEO consultant can have. 3xc has all the information business owners could want on all 3, and how they can work for you.

  1. LCTLive:


Local Client Takeover- or “LCT”- events strive to stand out in a world full of the used-car sales pitches commonly found at other digital marketing conferences. Rather than empty encouragements and sneaky sales tactics, LCT wants to deliver practical strategies for business growth and revenue booms.

Speakers at past conferences have included teachers with multi-million-dollar businesses, entrepreneurs who know how to work social media to their advantage, and heavyweights at big names like Clickfunnels.

  1. The Social Shake Up:

The Social Shake Up event

If you’ve ever looked at businesses like LinkedIn, GoDaddy, and Verizon, and wondered how they managed to achieve the incredible amount of success they claim, The Social Shake Up is the perfect event for you.

Speakers from all these major corporations- and more- grace the stage at The Social Shake Up each year to teach business owners and digital marketing professionals about the importance of an effective presence on social media. We all know how astoundingly influential social media is to every part of our lives at present, so entrepreneurs hoping to create increased visibility for their company absolutely need to learn to leverage influencer marketing correctly. A ticket to The Social Shake Up is the best decision you could make for your business’ future growth.


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