Search Engine Optimization is a complex, nuanced process. At least, it is if you’re doing it correctly. Properly done SEO is data-driven, strategic, and ever-changing. And although parts of it are fairly intuitive, the best way to master  the techniques and strategies required to make your site visibility skyrocket is to quite simply learn the craft.

Beyond helping you acquire valuable business skills that will push your company to the forefront and ahead of competition, SEO training will make you personally more marketable and qualified in the eyes of your colleagues and future business connections.

The internet is, of course, chock-full of resources related to SEO, and so it can be difficult to know where to begin. This guide should, at the very least, give you an idea of what you’re looking for in an SEO course, or perhaps you’ll find your perfect match here.

Whether you’re out to take a free course as a beginner, or you’re ready to take your SEO training to the next level as an advanced learner, I guarantee there is a course out there on the World Wide Web that will play to your particular learning strengths and help you develop as a businessperson and a citizen of the world.

Either way, any one of these courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to make your content aggressively visible and attract more clients than you ever thought possible


Serpstat Academy

By: Serpstat Academy- The “All-In-One SEO Platform”. Free education about keywords, competitor analysis, and a wide range of SEO skills at every experience level are at the core of who they are. Their dedication to free education makes Serpstat the perfect place for those just starting out with SEO to get their feet underneath them and acquire some basic skills before moving on to more advanced courses.

What: Three courses with content divided up by chapters to take students through the topic at hand step-by-step in easy chunks.

How: Easy-breezy lessons, broken up so that students can go at their own pace and review information that might have been difficult to understand.

How Much: Free, but there are paid options with more advanced features ranging from $19 to $299 monthly.

  1. Moz Beginner Guide to SEO

Moz Logo

By: Moz,The SEO giants themselves. Established in 2004 as the brainchild of Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig, Moz focuses on enticing clients rather than manipulating or forcing them. SEO is at the core of their marketing strategy, and they are one of the best resources for those looking to learn.

What: A 10-chapter guide, colorfully illustrated and packed with studies and statistics to back up their teachings.

How: Good old-fashioned reading, diagrams, and examples. Moz SEO reads like a much more exciting textbook then the ones you lugged around in high school.

How Much: The Beginner’s Guide is free and easily accessible, but professional packages are priced from 99/month for individuals to $1,000/month, which is recommended for businesses and teams.

  1. How Search Works


By: Google, the be-all-end-all of search engine optimization. Because they so monopolize the search engine industry in general, Google is the best source for learning how to navigate a search engine to make your business more visible to clients and networking opportunities.

What:  A sort of online brochure, broken up into sections with a summary and a link to more detailed information for each. Each topic contains written information and examples by screenshot to better assist the visual learners out there.

How: Plain old reading and graph analyzing. With How Search Works, the simplest approach is the best one.

How Much: Absolutely free.

  1. Yoast Academy

Yoast Academy

By: Yoast, the WordPress plugin with the most. Yoast has revolutionized the accessibility of search engine optimization for individuals and business owners alike. the program is easy to use, and the educational courses on how to make everything work are a massive  perk.

What: The beginner course Is made up of Videos, readings, and quizzes. Review is encouraged, as passing grades are required on the quizzes to move forward in the course.

How:  Study and read and study again. The course is designed to approach the information from multiple methods to ensure that it sinks in properly.

How Much: The most basic couple of lessons are free, and many of the other courses have free trials available, but after that most of them cost about $200.

  1. Google Digital Marketing Challenge

Google Marketing

By: Google, as evidenced by the name, In partnership with the ads grants program.  participants will be linked up with a Non-profit from the list of those who have chosen to cooperate with the challenge.

What: Far more immersive than the beginner’s guides and free resources on the rest of this list, the Google Digital Marketing Challenge places eligible undergraduate and graduate students into online marketing training, and provided that they pass the exam at the end, partners them with a non-profit to create an ad campaign with a budget provided by Google in order to drive up visibility and awareness for that organization.

How: Through a rigorous selection process, training, a qualifying exam, and then 4 weeks of hands-on teamwork between the students and their assigned non-profit to create an effective and well-organized ad campaign.

How Much: Free. Google provides a budget of $10,000/month to be used in the creation of the students’ ad campaign.

  1. Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO

Search engine land SEO

By: Search Engine Land, one of the leading publications in digital marketing today. They’re dedicated to all things SEO and SEM, and they provide numerous resources pertaining to every facet of the industry.

What: A unique approach, at the center of which is the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, a diagram breakdown of what it takes to make SEO work, structured similarly to the periodic table of elements. To go along with this diagram, Search Engine Land provides written chapters as companion guides to further explain the cells on the table.

How:  Through diagram analysis and written chapters, partnering together to present a comprehensive approach to understanding SEO.

How Much: Free and readily available on the Search Engine Land website.

  1. Wordstream’s SEO Basics

Wordstream’s SEO Basics

By: Wordstream, creators of online software and tools to help agencies and other businesses boost their site visibility and SEO effectiveness. Their services range from social media to search engines and Beyond. And although they are known primarily for pay-per-click, or PPC, they are also experts in SEO, and have a readily accessible guides to impart that knowledge unto others.

What: A simple but comprehensive blog post, covering everything a budding SEO expert needs to know to build a solid foundation on which to grow their business and get it noticed by the clients and partners who matter.

How: Several chapters oriented towards many of the basic questions and concerns beginners face when familiarizing themselves with SEO.

How Much:  free and easy to access on  Wordstream’s web page.

  1. The Advanced Guide to SEO

The Advanced Guide to SEO

By: Neil Patel and Sujan Patel,Two of the leading experts in digital marketing and SEO. Neil has been honored by Publications like Forbes and entrepreneur, and even by President Obama and the United Nations for his achievements. As for sujan, She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and driven millions of new clients towards the websites he works on. they are the best of the best.

What: An easy to navigate series of lessons divided into chapters. While most of it is text, the presentation is dynamic and fun, and includes visual representations of much of the information as well as adorable drawings of things like penguins and pandas. who says learning online marketing strategies has to be scary?

How:  Reading and engaging with the text. The introduction urges readers to immediately put into practice the tips and tricks they find in the following chapters. The guide is designed not only to educate, but to provide immediate, hands on applications for the information.

How Much:  Free, free, free.

  1. HubSpot SEO Courses

HubSpot SEO Courses

By: HubSpot, a marketing agency dedicated to humanizing the way advertising and sales are done.They aim to help their clients, as opposed to strong-arming them into a sale or commitment.  HubSpot is also invested in teaching the tricks of the digital marketing trade to anyone who is eager to learn.

What:  A series of videos, short and sweet, to give a condensed version of the basics before moving on to the more complicated courses.

How:  Watching, listening, and learning.

How Much: Free, but you do need a website URL to sign up for your free account. Don’t worry if you don’t already have one of those on hand, they are happy to help you get one.

10.Distilled U

Distilled U

By: Distilled, a wildly successful online marketing agency who are constantly hustling to drive up visibility for their clients, make their workplace more efficient, and find new and better ways to revitalize the way digital marketing is done.

What: Content ranging from high quality videos to tests, tutors, and interactive modules.

How: By engaging with the information in every possible way- from listening, to watching, to reading and remembering, Distilled U has every type of study method covered.

How Much: There is a free demo of three modules, but a full account is $33 annually or $44 monthly.

  1. Learn SEO by Mangools

Learn SEO by Mangools

By: Mangools, A dynamic group of four dudes and two ladies who are dedicated to developing and exploring the field of digital marketing and search engine visibility through innovation, hard work, And a whole lot of enthusiasm.

What: An easy-to-navigate webpage stocked with everything you could possibly want to know about the basics of SEO. Bite-size chapters are accompanied by visual aids such as diagrams to make the learning process as easy and interesting as possible.

How: Read, review, and consider how you might apply the strategies you learn here to your own business or web page.

How Much: Free, and you even get a certificate at the end for your hard work..

12.ClickMinded Google SEO Certification


By: ClickMinded, an educational hub for digital marketers and SEO professionals. It is openly critical of the way agencies draw and new marketers, with long, droning articles bearing a lot of useless information and promising astronomical traffic numbers. ClickMinded strives to instill a new approach to digital marketing-  one that is accessible, informative, and truly actionable.

What:  A selection of mini-courses to get business owners, bloggers, and anyone else who wants more visibility started on the basics of SEO. Each course contains reading materials and quizzes to get students familiar with the material as effectively as possible.

How: Study and work hard, but do it quickly. Once you enroll in the mini-course, if you don’t complete it within a week, you will lose access to the course forever. This is an unconventional approach ClickMinded takes to keep slackers away from their curriculum. It’s all or nothing with this one.

How Much:  The mini course is free, but the full curriculum after that ranges anywhere from $500 to $1,000, and includes lifetime access.


1.Gotch SEO Academy

Gotch SEO Academy

By: Nathan Gotch, a successful SEO consultant with some revolutionary ideas about how SEO should be taught and applied in growing a business.

What: Most of this course is intensive video content, pre-recorded for your convenience, so that it can be accessed at any time for review and closer scrutiny.

How:  Watch closely and take advantage of the ample resources this course affords you, putting the material to use with the tools you will also be provided.

How Much: Because this course is full of valuable information and is fairly advanced as well, the cheaper package is $97/month, with the more substantial package ringing up at $297/month. However you can earn a discount by paying for a year in full up front.

  1. Lynda SEO Training

Lynda SEO

By: Lynda, a hub for online learning that covers a truly massive array of subjects, from 3D character animation to government. The SEO classes are no less thorough, touching on every platform and facet of the industry you could possibly need to know about.

What: Lesson plans that range from beginner to advanced, covering the broad range of SEO as well as many different kinds of specializations. You can choose your own adventure on this one, and structure your learning in whatever way it works best for you.

How: Lessons include videos, reading assignments, and quizzes to check your comprehension throughout. Some courses are also bundled into what are called “learning paths” to organize the flow of information.

How Much:  There is a month-long free trial included, and then the courses are priced at $29.99 monthly, or you can choose to pay annually.

  1. Traffic Think Tank

Traffic think tank

By: Traffic Think Tank, a communal website that aims to teach SEO professionals to look past the gimmicks and the feeling of inadequacy that often comes with reading impressive case studies on other professionals’ websites. They hope to help their students learn real strategies for boosting efficiency and racking up higher site traffic numbers.

What: A unique blend of webinars, Q&A sessions with the best, and a very exclusive archive with oceans of content, all curated to make you the best digital marketer that you can be.

How: Traffic Think Tank emphasizes the importance of community in real, actionable learning. They believe in the sharing of ideas and the value of real experience when trying to teach or learn a new skill. SEO is, after all, a person-based industry.

How Much: Access comes at a cost of $119 monthly, or $1,190 yearly, which seems to be the better deal, as it comes with two months free.

  1. Online Marketing Institute’s SEO Certification

Online Marketing Institute

By: The Online Marketing Institute, an internet establishment founded in 2007, whose sole purpose is to educate businesses and the individuals behind them on the best and most efficient practices for success in these fast-changing times.

What: A thorough battery of courses, broken up into levels, covering digital marketing from every angle-  there are courses on social media engagement, content, analytics, and more.

How: The learning is mostly reading-based, with the occasional piece of video content and quizzes and tests throughout.

How Much: These courses can be accessed for one payment of $859, or 3 payments of $286, following a 10-day free trial.

  1. MarketMotive- Advanced SEO Certification Training


By: MarketMotive, a website designed to educate digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs in the nuances and techniques involved in creating and promoting a successful online business.

What:  A rigorous 25+ hour course that will take participants through every nook and cranny of SEO, and yield a useful certification when completed.

How: The course consists of instructor videos, a workbook available for download when you buy the lessons, and content that is regularly updated, as well as quizzes.

How Much: The whole course comes at a cost of $199 for a 90-day access pass.

  1. UDemy- SEO 2018

UDemy- SEO 2018

By: Udemy is an online Learning Hub that offers courses on an impossibly wide range of topics for independent learners looking to further their own knowledge and skill sets.

What: This is a current, state-of-the-art SEO training course, specializing in WordPress plugins. It prepares students to optimize their site traffic and visibility on Google and other search engines.

How: Materials used in the course range from articles and Interactive assignments to several hours of video content for the visual learners out there.

How Much: Although the course sometimes goes on sale during holidays, every now and again getting as low as $10.99 for the whole thing, the usual- and most consistent- price is $200.

Coursera SEO Courses


By: Coursera, one of the most comprehensive online education sources out there, The Haven of information on an impressively wide array of topics.  Coursera offers everything from Individual courses to full degree programs, and you can be sure that anything you learn on Coursera will prove valuable and applicable to whatever field it pertains.

The beginning SEO course is also created by the University of California Davis.

What: The beginner specialization is broken up into six courses, Covering everything from the specifics of a job as an SEO professional, to the history of search engine optimization, To algorithms and strategies in the later stages. You can start at the beginning or choose your own path through the courses.

Master these, and Coursera offers several other diverse courses in specific topics related to other areas of SEO.

How:  Learning formats in each part of the course vary from reading assignments to videos and projects to enhance information retention and help put into practice what you’ve learned.

How Much:  It begins with a free 7-Day trial, and after that, it is $49/month.