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The 77 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

by | Sep 15, 2018

WordPress is the undisputed king of web-based content management and in 2018 you need to master Search Engine Optimization to survive and thrive in the web jungle. And WordPress’ place as the king of the web-hosting hill means that it has more plugins created for it than any of its competitors with over 48,000 to choose from. We’ve culled through all the SEO plugins out there to assemble the 100 best SEO to help you optimize and get the views you need. From all-in-one tools to spam filters to link checkers, here’s a list of the best of the best:

  1. WordPress Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
First released in 2008, Yoast SEO is the number one plugin choice for SEO functionality in the world. A powerful and robust feature-set whether you go with the free or Premium paid versions, excellent customer support for “Premium” users, and regular updates make Yoast SEO a must for everyone from first timers to the most experienced SEO ninjas. Yoast SEO gives you access to the most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality at the touch of a button, has built in features to remove duplicate content and dodge those pesky Google penalties that can drop your site’s ranking, lets you manage the roles of people on your SEO team, and integrates directly with the Google Search Console. Fork over the $89 a year per site fee to upgrade to Premium and Yoast will recommend link options for your articles, provide social media previews, and upgraded technical support. With a five star user review rating from over 20,000 reviews, Yoast SEO is clearly the number one tool in your SEO arsenal.

  1. All in One SEO Pack

All In 1 SEO Pack
The name may be generic but this Swiss Army Knife plugin has been downloaded over 45 million times since its debut in 2007! All in One SEO Pack is simple enough that first time users can master it quickly yet also includes advanced features and an API for developers and power users. Available for free in the WordPress plugin store, All in One also has multiple premium levels of support for everyone from bloggers up to large domains. Significantly, its the only free WordPress plugin to provide SEO integration for ecommerce sites like WooCommerce. All in One shines in its automated, out of the box features. With it you can easily create sitemaps and submit them to the big three search engines to bump up your SEO and automatically generate META tags. With so much automated site maintenance you can focus on content creation and leave the nuts and bolts to All in One SEO Pack!

  1. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush Plugin
Page load speed is an important anaylytical tool for the search engines when they’re ranking your site. Smush can double the speed your page loads by quickly and easily compressing any and all images you post and rocketing you up the SEO rankings. No more need to optimize photos in Photoshop, this two-time award winning plugin does it for you. Compatible with the most popular media library plugins, Smush has been benchmarked and tested as number one for both speed and quality of compression. Image optimization is a simple, easy way to improve your SEO results and Smush is the best way to achieve that.

  1. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework WP Plugin
This automatic SEO solution is ideal for all websites regardless of size or content. The SEO Framework is unbranded so visitors to your site won’t know what tools you used to build it. It seamlessly blends in as WordPress’ built-in infrastructure so you’ll look like an SEO wizard! Completely free of ads that can annoy your users, SEO Framework gives you global options to adjust your SEO, can improve your site’s search presence by ranking it distinctively, and supports custom post types like bbPress. The plugin’s code makes use of flexible, object, and temporary caching to reduce page load times no matter how many META tags you use. Automated, unbranded, accessible and fast SEO solutions make SEO Framework a crucial tool to optimize search performance.


Squirrly WordPress
Unlike other SEO plugins that promise to automate the SEO process for you, SQUIRRLY sees itself as your advisor. SQUIRRLY is there to help you find long-tail keyword options that will vault you to the top of search pages, look over your shoulder as you create content and make suggestions to maximize your SEO output, and includes an audit suite that is continuously tracking and reporting back on all aspects of your site’s SEO performance. SQUIRRLY plays nice with the SEO big boys like All in One and Yoast so that you don’t have to start from SEO scratch when you bring their plugin on board to help you manage your site. Operating simultaneously in the Cloud and in your own WordPress engine, SQUIRRLY promises to take your SEO efforts to the top of the search engine tree!


Connect SEO Pressor
With a dizzying array of features designed to drive your SEO results through the roof, SEOPressor prides itself on being the cutting edge of SEO plugins for WordPress. Massively updated algorithms reflect Google’s newest search patterns and able to process more than 3 billion rows of data to optimize your keyword usage, statistical analysis, and automatic smart linking are just some of what SEOPressor can do for your website.


SEO Ultimate

Claiming to be one of the most powerful all-in-one SEO plugins out there,SEO Ultimate comes with hundreds of free features to get you started optimizing your site for search engines. The Deep Link Juggernaut is one particularly unique feature that lets you create deep links between internal posts, a killer boost for SEO. But be warned, if you need support or tutorials, you have to pay for the Premium version. That hasn’t stopped SEO Ultimate from rocketing up the rankings of WordPress plugins.
8. Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack Plugin
With features like 100% accurate international keyword rank tracking, a SERP module chock full of new bells and whistles, and a friendly UI, Premium SEO Pack is definitely a tool worth considering when deciding which SEO plugin is right for you. Only available as a paid, premium version, Premium SEO Pack comes with the benefit of being under active WordPress development, meaning its constantly being updated to get you the latest in SEO tools and tricks.
9. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can negatively impact your SEO scores by lowering both your time on page and bounce rate factors. With the highly rated Broken Link Checker installed, your site will constantly be monitored for broken links and you’ll be alerted the minute they’re detected. You’ll be able to search and filter your links and edit them directly in the plugin, so you’ll be able to stop the problem before it starts.

10. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All In One Schema WordPress

Need to improve your CTR? All in One Rich Snippets is there to help by providing search engines with highly detailed, specific summaries of your web page, including star rankings, images and details. The plugin also helps create the summaries seen when someone posts your page on Facebook, ensuring that the message you want the world to see is the one that’s getting out there. 11. Google XML Sitemaps

xml sitemap plugin

Activate this plugin and Google XML Sitemaps will automatically map your site and provide the sitemap to the search engines, enabling them to better index your site and drive clicks your way. Guaranteed not to break, slow, or otherwise impede your site performance, this app also notifies the major search engines every time you publish new content.

12. Rankie

rankie seo wordpress

Keywords are…well…key to the SEO process. Rankie not only tracks the position of the keywords you’re using on a daily basis to make sure you’re on the right track, it provides detailed reports on their ups and downs. Rankie also generates suggested keywords for your WordPress site based on what Google users are already searching for to ensure you’re getting the most eyeballs you can.

13. W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache wordpress

W3 Total Cache promises a ten times increase in performance on any WordPress based sites regardless of web service being used. It does this by converting content to static caches and will also improve download speeds through a number of methods including CDN integration. And faster site performance will boost your search rankings.

14. WordPress Ping Optimizer

Ping Plugin

One of the many things WordPress does for you is ping the search services whenever it detects a change to your website. But too many pings and you can get labeled as a spammer, which is a death blow to your SEO efforts. With Ping Optimizer, the server is only pinged when you save your work instead of every time you make the smallest change. So take the sting out of your ping with Ping Optimizer.

15. WP Meta SEO

WP Meta Plugin

The more time you have to spend editing your metadata means less time working on improving your SEO. With WP Meta SEO you can edit your sitewide metadata on one screen, saving you precious time and energy. It also provides live SEO analysis as you edit your metadata so you’ll know right away if you’re making the right moves. And as an added bonus, it includes a 404 and broken link checker among its lesser features.

16. WP-Optimize

wp optimize

This plugin will improve site and database performance by going through your WordPress site and cleaning up all the unnecessary data including spam, trash posts, and pingbacks. Optimized performance means better page speed which means higher search rankings. All the reason you need to give WP-Optimize a try.

17. Redirection

404 redirection

This free plugin is designed to handle all of the 301 re-directions, 404 errors, and other odds and ends your site might run into. Redirection can improve your site ranking by reducing errors and keeping visitors clicking smoothly. The plugin also has support for Apache and NGINX if you need them.

18. Remove Static Query Strings from Static Resources

Remove Static Query Strings

Don’t let the sexy name of this plugin fool you. It’s just as beautiful on the inside, where it will improve speed scores by removing any links with “?” or “&” inside the HTML element. Site performance should improve as this plugin points to a nearby proxy server for resources instead of remote origin servers. But be warned, it only works inside the HTML element!

19. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights has created a very handy plugin that taps the power of Google’s Analytics right inside WordPress. Using the plugin, you’ll get Universal Tracking so you’ll know every visitor that swings by no matter what browser or device they’re on. You’ll get detailed reports broken down by demographic, and interest. Plus, the plugin is commerce ready and will provide reports on product popularity and order values. As a bonus, it also is connected to Google’s AdSense so you’ll get reports on how your ads are performing to boot!

20. WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack

WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack

Essentially a plugin for a plugin, the WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack lets you extend the All in One SEO Pack dialog to WooCommerce’s “Add/Edit Products” screen. Without this plugin you won’t be able to edit the meta details for products you may be featuring, making it an invaluable tool for anyone working with the All in One Package and WooCommerce!

21. SEO Optimized Images

SEO Optimized Images

With SEO Optimized Images, you can dynamically insert “title” and “alt” attributes to your images without changing them in the database, a major advantage if you decide to uninstall the plugin. With support for WooCommerce Product Images, Featured Images, and Custom Post Type Images, this plugin makes it fast and easy to improve the SEO value of all the images on your site.

22. BJ Lazy Load

bj lazy load wordpress

BJ Lazy Load is a crucial plugin for anyone with an image intense site. With this plugin installed, only images close to being loaded to the browser screen will load instead of everything loading at once. This is key to improving page load speed for both desktop and mobile devices, not to mention search engine rankings.

23. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

yoast seo glue amp

Glue makes sure that your Yoast enabled pages have valid AMP code in service of Google’s AMP project. Put another way, it brings the power of Yoast to your AMP pages, ensuring your metadata translates correctly. On top of the under-the-hood work it does, Glue also provides the ability to do basic style, color, and design work to keep your AMP pages looking like your main pages.

24. EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww image optimizer

We know that increased page speeds can improve your site’s ranking but it can also improve your conversion rate on sales and signups. Enter EWWW Image Optimizer which will optimize any image you put on your site regardless of its original source or file size. With no size or speed limits, file backups of your originals kept for 30 days, and no cost to you, EWWW is definitely worthy of consideration.

25. MailChimp for WordPress

Mailchimp for wordpress

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services and with this plugin it plugs right into your site. Compatible with eleven of the most popular plugins for WordPress, MailChimp will help you grow your subscriber lists with easy to create forms or by integrating directly into forms you’ve already got on your site. It doesn’t get any easier than the chimp!

26. Simple 301 Redirects

Simple 301 Redirects

This plugin makes it easy to redirect pages from one page on your site to another on the site or anywhere on the web whether you’re doing some basic housekeeping or migrating a site to WordPress and can’t keep your URL structure intact. With the free Simple 301 Redirects plugin you can take care of all of that with a few clicks.

27. Pretty Links

Pretty Links SEO WordPress

Designed to improve your SEO scores by using your domain name to create Pretty Links, cloak links, and replace keywords in your blog with links all in one package. But Pretty Links doesn’t stop there. Once the links are created, it tracks all the hits on your URL and prepares detailed reports so you know who’s checking you out and where they’re coming from.

28. WP SEO HTML Sitemap


One of the few downsides of the Yoast plugin is that it doesn’t come with an automatic sitemap feature. WP SEO HTML Sitemap is the solution to that problem. Install it on your WordPress site and it will automatically gather all the info it needs from Yoast to generate a sitemap and give you the option to control how it appears. The plugin is fully responsive to HTML on all devices and the output is multilingual friendly to boot!

29. Jetpack by WordPress

jetpack by wordpress

An All in One Plugin from the makers of WordPress itself, Jetpack takes care of your website performance, site security, image optimization, traffic growth, and a whole lot more. With enhanced distribution features, it will inform search engines of any updates to the site while also regularly monitoring your site for any unplanned downtime so you can get up and running before your search rankings take a hit.

31. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

semrush competitor research

This writing assistant provides on the spot recommendations for content optimization based on Google’s top 10 ranking pages matching your keywords and in a given location. It will also score your post for readability and suggested related keywords you might want to include.

32. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rel NoFollow Checkbox WordPress

Don’t want to give away all your site’s authority when you add a link to another website? The Rel Nofollow Checkbox adds a simple checkbox in the insert/edit link pop-up that will automatically add the Nofollow command when you check it.

33. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

In the demanding race for page speed in the SEO world, WP Super Cache will generate static html files from a dynamic WordPress blog. Those static files can be shared over and over with at least 90% of the visitors to your site, increasing speed and decreasing processor time.

34. AMP for WP

amp for wp

It’s not enough for a website to work great on a PC anymore. They have to work with mobile devices too. With AMP for WP you get a powerful, automated tool to add Accelerated Mobile Pages to your WordPress site. And with the Mobile Redirection feature, you’ll better engage your mobile customers with lightning fast performance which leads to more engagement which will directly lower your bounce rate.

35. SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images

With this plugin installed, all of your images will be automatically given ALT and TITLE attributes, enhancing their SEO value. The info will be added according to your preferences. As a bonus, the post will become WC3/xHTML valid once SEO Friendly Images does its job.

36. WordLift

WordL WordPress Plugin

WordLift puts the power of artificial intelligence at your command. This plugin will analyze your articles and automatically add links, facts, and media to create beautifully structured websites that please both humans and search engines. Built-in content tagging will improve your SEO while the plugin also will publish metadata to share and sell content.

37. PressRoom by Newswire

pressroom by newswire wordpress

PressRoom helps you publish and distribute press releases to the world while building a fully optimized press room directly on your site. Journalists will have an easier time finding you and the details they need to cover your site. This should result in better search engine visibility, improved traffic, and a better user experience for your customers.

38. Media File Renamer

mediafile renamer plugin

Why waste time manually going through and renaming your site’s media files for SEO purposes when Media File Renamer can do the work for you? It will automatically rename your files based on their image titles and updates all the references to it throughout the site concurrently. The free version works automatically. Upgrade to pro and you’ll get the option to manually adjust any names you see fit.

39. SEO Auto Image Tags

seo auto image tags

As you upload your photos, this plugin will automatically generate ALT tags for them, saving you plenty of time. And its database function lets you easily manage all the images you’ve posted one at a time or in bulk.

40. A3 Lazy Load

a3rev plugin

This mobile oriented app gives you granular control of which sections of your site are to be lazy loaded and when the user can see them. A3 Lazy Load supports all WordPress video Embeds and works best with content rich sites. The more images you have, the more improvement Lazy Load will provide.

41. WPtouch

Wp Touch Plugin

Once WPtouch is installed it instantly adds a mobile version of your website that is guaranteed to pass the Google Mobile test. You can customize the appearance of the site in many ways without disturbing your home site or a single line of code!


cincopa plugin

With more than 100 designed templates, Cincopa is a tool worth checking out for your media management needs. And the plugin uses JSON-LD to embed code that makes your media load faster, index better, and appear in Google Image and Video searches along with regular Google searches. That added feature alone should directly affect your sites findability and rankings.

43. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

With over 2000 five star user reviews, WP Fastest Cache is a worthy inclusion in any list of the best Cache management plugins for WordPress. With support for 15 languages and plenty of granular control over the Cache system, this is a powerful tool to increase load speeds and SEO.

44. Speed Booster Pack

speed booster pack

Studies show that visitors quickly close sites that are slow to load and that kind of info will sink your rankings with the major search engines. Speed Booster Pack reworks the way your page loads behind the scenes so that the faster processes kick in right away and start displaying content to satisfy those quick trigger viewers. And frequent updates means the app will stay current with WordPress.

45. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache

The sheer number of speed optimizing plugins is a great indicator of just how important site speed is to SEO. LiteSpeed Cache is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin compatible with most major plugins for WordPress like Yoast, WooCommerce, and bbPress. One of its array of optimization features is a server level cache you won’t find anywhere else.

46. WP Speed of Light

speed up wordpress

This site acceleration plugin comes with a built-in speed test and compare feature and a database queries test too. Using those results it will then use GZip and cache compression among a host of other tools to amp your site up to the Speed of Light and send your search scores up the ladder.

47. Alpha Cache

cache wordpress plugin

Another option to boost your site’s speed is Alpha Cache. Once installed, the plugin will automatically create a static HTML page the first time it receives a specific site request. From then on, any time that request is made Alpha Cache will serve up the static version, boosting your speed results by lightning the load on the processor. It also allows you to configure which URLs you want cached or omitted, users to ignore, etc.

48. SmartCrawl SEO

SmartCrawl SEO

SmartCrawl promises to improve your SEO ranking and site authority and do it all automatically. With a one-click setup, improved social sharing, automated site-mapping, and real-time content and keyword analysis, its a powerful tool that will help you create clear, targeted content that will launch you to the top of the SEO rankings.

49. WPSSO Core


Take the drudgery out of some of the basic SEO tasks with WPSSO Core. This plugin automatically reads all of your content to create titles, descriptions, image selections, and all with advanced quality assurance. It then lets you review and customize all of the info before posting. Say goodbye to manual data reentry when you say hello to WPSSO Core.

50. WPA SEO Auto Linker

WPA SEO Auto Linker

Create keystone content the easy way with WPA SEO Auto Linker’s powerful tool set. Create a new keyword or phrase and the plugin will automatically link it to your doFollow URL. You will probably want to be running a cache optimization plugin alongside the app but one user claims it boosted pageviews 18% and user view durations increased 13 seconds with this plugin on their side.

51. SEOPress

seopress plugin

Another option in All-In-One SEO world is SEOPress. Boasting no advertising, footprints, or white labels while delivering a feature rich tool to improve your SEO scores with Open Graph data, titles, keywords, twitter cards, Canonical URLs and so much more, it’s a lesser known but strong contender for your time.

52. Hide SEO Bloat

hide seo bloat wordpress

A plugin for the Yoast user who is tired of all the backend features that Yoast keeps adding to their all-star plugin, Hide SEO Bloat does just that by cleaning up anything unwanted that’s added and hiding it from view. Go through the Settings when you first install it and you’ll be able to simply click on the features you want to hide. Helpful for those who don’t need to go deep into all that Yoast can do and like to keep things simple.

53.SEO Redirection


A plugin designed to handle all variations on 301 redirects, it’s especially useful if you’re migrating pages from an old site to a new one. Handling 301, 302, and 307 redirects for WordPress posts, it can handle wild card redirections and fix crawl errors in Google Search Console as well.

54. ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO

yoast seo glue acf

It’s incredibly frustrating to spend your SEO efforts filling in Advanced Content Fields to find out that Yoast SEO doesn’t take them into account when it’s doing its analysis. This plugin fixes that by hooking into the analyser and showing it all the ACF content it would miss on its own.

55. PB SEO Friendly Images

PB SEO Friendly Images

This free WordPress plugin automatically optimizes all “alt” and “title” attributes of images on your website, helping boost your site search rankings and get certified as a W3C valid site. A sync function that will capitalize on already created “alt” and “title” labels to save you the time of recreating them as just one of the features that set it apart from other SEO Image plugins.

56. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

With one click, ShortPixel will optimize all the images and PDF documents you’ve ever posted to your site to speed up load times and energize your SEO numbers. With optimization options from low loss all the way up to high resolution levels developed for photographers, this is a very useful tool for image heavy sites especially. You’ll get 100 free credits a month but refills are affordable at $4.99 for an additional 5000 credits.

57. WooCommerce SEO Addon

woo commerce seo

Why put all that effort into SEO on your webpage and not extend it into your online store? WooCommerce SEO Addon extends Yoast’s functionality for microdata management and SEO tools to your shop. Its one of the essential plugin tools for your online store.

58. Bavoko SEO Tools

bavoko seo tools

A comprehensive SEO plugin, Bavoko combines SEO analysis and optimization directly into its workflow. It saves time by allowing you to edit the content of your SEO pages directly in their analysis tools for rankings, onpage, and social scores. No more toggling back and forth. Make changes with the relevant SEO data right in front of you.

59. SEO Post Content Links

seo post content links

A unique plugin that links websites internally with the goal of improving sales, boosting your sites in the search engines, and capturing more users. Internal links improve your site’s index and crawlability with the search engines, enhances your usability, and elevates your Page Rankings. To get the most out of the plugin you’ll need to spend some time making sure the setup is done correctly.

60. SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer

Need an easy way to optimize the alt and title tags on your images for the search engines? SEO Image Optimizer dynamically replaces the tags on your site following the pattern you select. It also optimizes images you post for speed by adjusting their size and compression to maximize throughput and boost your rankings.

61. Praison SEO

praison seo

With over 100,000 downloads to its credit, the Praison SEO WordPress plugin offers a large bundle of features to enhance your SEO results. Along with standards like meta description and title optimizers and XML Sitemaps, Praison also includes Google, Bing, and Alexa verifications. Designed to be easily used by beginners and more advanced SEO operators, this could be a good starter app if the big all-in-one plugins are overwhelming.

62. Import Settings into WordPress SEO by Yoast

yoast wp all import

Let’s say you’ve been keeping all of your SEO info in XML/CSV files and now want to move to Yoast. Instead of having to manually move everything over, this intuitive plugin will bulk manage the process for you in ten minutes! First, it will show you what fields you have and let you make sure they’re being moved to the correct fields in Yoast. Then it handles the rest.

63.SEO Booster

seo booster

This plugin takes all of the analysis and data out there about your SEO results and compiles it into a powerful tool to optimize your results and rankings. From tracking all the keywords from every search engine that might drive visitors to your site to tracking any backlinks so you know who is linking to you, SEO Booster comes with plenty of bells and whistles to keep your SEO team happy. It will even highlight the areas where you are underperforming and suggest ways to bring the numbers up.


schema wordpress plugin

Here is a plugin that provides a super-fast way to add markup code to your website, which makes it easier for the search engines to return more useful and informative data to searchers. Using Google’s preferred JSON-LD format, Schema is easy to use with set it and forget it functionality.

65. WP SEO Structured Data Schema


It’s becoming more and more vital to use both structured data and schema to make your site stand out but doing so is fairly complicated for even the most experienced SEO masters. This plugin was originally developed for in-house use by the development team but it made the process of adding schema so easy that they decided to share it with the world. And it’s definitely worth considering the upgrade to Pro to get the Autofill function and save time filling the fields out yourself.

67. SEO by 10Web


The second entry from 10Web on our list is their entry into the crowded field of SEO all-in-one tools. This plugin will consistently scan your WordPress site and report back any SEO errors it finds and suggests improvements. It will optimize your Meta Tags and Open Graphs, and also will pull search info directly from Google Search Console and let you know what viewers are searching for when they end up on your site.

68. Auto Clean URL for SEO

auto clean url seo

Stop words are simple words like “the” “a” and “is” and some developers want them out of their URLs so they look shorter and cleaner. If that’s you, this plugin will automatically strip them out of URLs for you in English, Spanish, German, and French. But be warned, sometimes removing stop words can alter the meaning of the URL and confuse search engines and users so proofread the results before posting!

69. SEO Image Toolbox

seo image toolbox

Never worry about getting HTML validation errors for your images when the SEO Image Toolbox dynamically optimizes your images for you. It will also improve your SEO score by completely optimizing the data associated with those images including their tags, which are automatically saved to the database any time an image is uploaded.

70. Delucks SEO

Delucks SEO

What sets the Delucks SEO plugin apart from all the other universal SEO plugins is what you get when you upgrade to premium. The free version does what you’d expect from these plugins. When you go premium you can insert breadcrumbs to improve navigation, get a basic editor, and add a rating system allowing users to rate the site and highlight your search with Google.

71. GTranslate

gtranslate wordpress

The free version of this plugin will use Google Translate to translate your pages into 103 languages, making it accessible to 99% of web users (and we’d love to meet that last 1%). Step it up to premium and the translations become fully SEO compatible to enable search engine indexing.

72. WP Simple SEO

wp simple seo

Designed for the SEO beginner, WP Simple SEO works right out of the box without requiring complicated setup. Launch the plugin and you’re greeted with a one-page setup form. Fill it out and let the plugin do the rest of it for you. And if you’ve started with one of the more robust plugins like Yoast but find it too much for your needs, WP Simple SEO can automatically migrate your existing settings. Upgrade to Premium for Content, Pagespeed, and Keyword analysis and breadcrumbs.

73. SEO 301 Meta

seo 301 meta

Here’s a simple and SEO friendly way to redirect all of your links, internal and external, to new sites, posts, pages, and categories. With wildcard support and a simple to use control panel, this is an easy way to keep your links up to date.

74. SEO Tools

SEO Tools

SEO Tools combines nine useful tools originally developed for SearchCommander into one WordPress plugin. They are a URL Checker, Keyword Multiplier, a Bulk URL Checker, Link Variance, RSS Feed Commander, Structured Data Tools for Local Business, File Merger, Spam Analytics Filter Tool, and a Google Cache Finder. So if your site is in the market for any or all of those, here’s the tool for you.

75. Local Search SEO Contact Page

Expert Business Search

This plugin lets you go local to expand your SEO scores. It will print LocalBusiness structured data on the header of all your WordPress pages. It also uses shortcodes to print your business’ contact info on the front end of your Site. With the Premium edition you can assign or disable Local SEO data to specific pieces of content.

76. Surbma

surbma wordpress plugin

This simple plugin allows you to put Yoast’s breadcrumb function manually into every post and page. It supports custom post types and widgets if you have those in your theme as well.

77. Cookie Notice for GDPR

wp simple seo

The EU now requires that all sites inform users about their cookie usage and users everywhere want to know this info too. This plugin keeps you in compliance with the EU and keeps your users informed with elegant and customizable cookie notices. It can provide options to accept cookies, to animate dialog boxes when they are accepted, and links to privacy policy, all in an SEO friendly manner.