This is an over the shoulder training that I’m going to show you what my day-to-day routine looks like. I’m going to explain to you why I’m doing certain things like the plans with my new clients versus my older clients and just take you through the different stuff that I have to do in order to keep these clients around and get them to rank, get the results that their happy with and also give them deliverables.

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 Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

Desktop Setup 

Desktop Setup

The first thing you’ll see on my desktop is pretty much just my clients because I want to make sure that I have them visible for me and this also includes my own websites.

I treat my own website like I would treat my clients, so my website have their own content budget they have their own monthly schedule for implementations and they have their own opt-in strategy.

Everything that I’m doing I make sure that I’m not only doing work just for my clients but also for my own website so that way I can grow my own businesses as well because it’s not just growing other businesses but you want to grow your own business too.

Going Through the Clients

Going Through the Clients

Every week I will go through these different clients and check in on what’s going on and I’ll only take like certain clients per month. I usually work with – 6 clients at the most all on $2500 retainers generally around that range.

And the reason why I don’t take more clients is that I don’t want to run an agency I hate running agencies mainly because you have to take everything you know and then get somebody else to do what you know. 

The problem with that is your sort of using somebody else to run your company or manage your clients and a lot of things can go wrong and I’d rather just build these sites myself and however much I make per month and then use these results to get high paying clients and use to them to be able to sell courses, use them to get views on Youtube that kind of thing.

Running an Agency 

Running an agency

I did run an agency before and that agency is grossing about 50k a month with clients but it was just chaos. I was working 24/7 managing people and I wasn’t happy.

Obviously, with the strategy that we have, you can use these strategies to help maintain your workflow meaning like once you get your clients on the maintenance package a lot of that is streamlined.

For instance, Roof Repair Squad is streamlined right now like we’re doing new pages every month, we’re doing new content and we’re doing simple optimization to the pages and adding call to actions.

That isn’t that difficult and that’s where you can have 5 clients on a maintenance package and maybe 3 clients on the first implementations package and then try to bring them to the maintenance package and you can actually slowly grow your agency that’s if you want to do that. 

But for me, I can keep growing but I don’t want to overload myself because I spent my time as well making Youtube video, making courses and making tutorials so if I wasn’t doing that stuff I would obviously try to spend more time bringing in more clients so I can bring more money. 

Going Through Client Sites

Going through Clients

I just go through the different client sites what I’m going to look at is I’m going to look at some of my longest terms clients first and then I’ll go to my most recent clients.

You can see that Roof Repair Squad is the first client that we’ve had signed up locally and I’m just going to open their spreadsheet ( SEO Audit Template) that you can also get on my website and go to Free SEO Audit Template and you can be able to download it.

If you don’t know how to do the stuff on the Free Template like if you’re confused about how to do like the different things on the spreadsheet like on how to implement site redirects, Favicon, robots.txt that kind of thing, I would encourage you to go and check out the Paid SEO Template which is a template that has all the tutorials that go with each section of the roadmap.

Roof Repair Squad Audit

Roof repair squad audit

This audit spreadsheet what I’ll do is I’ll make a tab and just label it “Notes” and that is where the different thing that we have talked about.

I will generally call the client once or twice every couple of weeks just to check and make sure that everything is going according to plan, making sure that their happy and making sure that their expectation is the same expectation that I have for whatever the deliverables will be for the month.

I only do SEO I don’t do web design and I don’t do content because it makes things easier for me and I don’t want to spend my time doing things that I’m not as efficient at and I would just rather focus on one area and work with other people who can help implement the other things.

It’s not that I can’t do content and web design it’s that I just want to scale my SEO and I don’t want to scale my web design and content writing so I’ll just outsource them.

Working with Websites

Working with sites

When I do my SEO I treat the sites that I’m working on like it’s my own website.

This is one of the most important things you have to remember, If you’re working on a website and you’re not happy with the design, you’re not happy with the content and you’re not happy with the call to actions maybe there’s something going on that you think there’s needs to be something more on that site or there’s a need for social strategy whatever you would want for your own company don’t just message the client like “ I think we should have this ” instead you need to message the client “If this is my site this is what I’m going to do so let’s get it done” don’t work with clients that don’t want to work with you.

A lot of people who will get a client and they will have no content budget they’re not making any new content, they have no designers, they have no budget for citations and they don’t know their log-ins so if you’re working with a client like this get away as fast as possible.

When you sell to a client, the first thing that you want to do is to inform the client what needs to be done and what things or budget you need.

Eyeball Audit

Eyeball audit

What eyeball audit means is that after you make your initial audit, you want to go into that website and you just want to check if everything is laid out on every page and I’ll even go into the analytics and see what’s going on with the traffic and you just want to stay up to date on what’s going on. 

It doesn’t take too long to check on the websites and a lot of people who do SEO for their own website they’ll be checking their analytics every single day but if you look at people or companies that have clients they’ll only check on their client’s analytics like once a month.

Delta City Painters Audit

delta city painters auditt

As you can see for this audit that we have a note that says “ 4/2/2020 Call: Get content ordered and page speed done – new GMB location added “ I’m happy with the progress that we are making with this website so far “.

One thing that has been an issue is they signed up on 3/9 so I’m not too concerned if they’ve only gone up like ten positions for their main keyword since we optimized the homepage.

One thing that I’ve probably want to do is just finish the optimizing their main title tag so like if we look and see some of their phase 2 stuff a lot of these blogs and whatnot in here are like not really targeting their area so we probably want to do a lot of location modifiers around this so we can kind of topically relevant for our area.

A lot of things I’ll be doing for this website are just adding like better titles and better meta descriptions into some of the pages because they are just not really targeting well and I’ll also make sure that their main keywords are included on each page.

Working with Clients 

Working with clients

When you are working with clients a lot of them are going to say “ I can do SEO to my website but I just don’t have time ” but the truth is maybe could do that maybe they can optimize as you can but for the most part, clients have no idea what’s actually involved when you have to do certain things.

There are certain variables you have to take into consideration, there’s certain work that you have to outsource there are people you have to work with there’s a lot of infield experience that just doesn’t have to do with just going and changing the site redirect or changing the meta description.

You have to know what are the different variables that are going with that thing so even though you can learn how to do keyword research or you can learn how to do change a heading tag or you can learn to do pretty much anything the point is you have to learn anything together well so that you get a result and you have to have experience in that. 

You need to be strict and you need to set expectations early on with the clients because if you don’t they will run rampant and they will be emailing you almost every day they’ll be calling you and asking for results.

All the clients that I have been able to get massive results for, they paid me for the entire year, they paid me $2500 a month for the entire year and they went to zero organic visits up to 30,000 organic visits and $50,000 in affiliate sales every single month.

All of this is because they let me do my job while they did their job, they did the content they manage the site, they manage the client and the affiliate stuff and I went in and optimized things and things went well.

The best thing that you can get from a client is not the money it’s the results that you get for that client which you can showcase to new clients and get higher ticket services sold.

Siphon King Audit

Siphone king audit

This is a website that I’m not working on right now and this gaming website is ranking for about 4000 keywords.

This is where you have the most fun like working on your own websites is where things really get fun because if you can start bringing in traffic and money for your own websites like it’s such a different feeling when you’re doing it for a client.

Because you don’t have to deal with somebody else’s expectation of you you can just basically rank your own stuff and see traffic come in and feel excited about it.

Strategy for Ranking Niched Websites

Strategy for niched websites

The strategy behind ranking niched websites is instead of going out and reinventing the wheel, trying to figure out a bunch of keywords what you do is start finding out what’s working for other people and this goes for pretty much in any industry.

What basically I do is I take one of our main keywords and plug it into google and I’m going to find niched websites who are ranking for a ton of topics for these keywords.

Generally, when you’re looking at websites that are doing really well is most likely a niched down website because google likes to see topical authority they like to see authority with one subject.

So if I found that website I will simply take their domain and plug it straight to Ahrefs and I’m going to take all the different keywords that they’re ranking for.

By taking the keywords I would use the 1-2 methods that means that we will go for lower keyword difficulty and we will start out with a KD 1 and as you get more rankings then you go for a KD 2 and once you rank for a KD 2 then you go for a KD 3.

Once you get to a point where you can’t rank that keyword let’s say you’re on position 10 for a KD 3 and it’s not ranking what you need to do is stick to those keywords and start ranking them together.

Instead of focusing on links or building arbitrary metrics that are assets or liabilities on other people’s websites you need to focus on building authority and building your own cluster of topical authority by using the 1- 2 Method.

The secret to Ranking Websites

Secret on ranking the websites

Once you figure out the next topic that you want to rank what you’re going to do is you’re going to take this page and you’re going to take whatever’s ranking well and you’re going to see if what they are doing right.

I would go out and see how many word counts do they have on their page. Then I will find a content writer who can rewrite the page and I’ll try to order a little bit more content like more word count on what they already have.

Then after that I will go and see what I need to do to improve the page like I will check the images or video and see if what updates or we can do or a call to actions.

There are 3 things you want to is you want to target Topics, Low Kds, and you want to find a way to improve what’s already out there by replicating it and then improve it.

If you use this system I can guarantee you that you will rank without doing link building, I do this with a Local website, I do this with National Websites, I do this with affiliate websites, I do this with eCommerce Websites and this is the exact method that I use every single time for every single website that I’ve worked within the last 3 years and they are ranking very well.

To make the long story short the content and the authority and the topics that we are talking about are all amazing things to know but they are not going to get you anywhere until you do your technical SEO and that’s the reason why phase 1 only covers technical and that’s why you want to have a step-by-step system.