Today I’m going to show you how you can start building local traffic to a website either for your own business or for a client’s business.

Somebody called me and said they wanted help ranking higher and get more leads and I will show you exactly how I was able to get them ranking number 1 for roof repair in Houston Texas in just a couple of months and how we continue to bring in more traffic and leads even during the whole corona virus scare.

Let me explain to you the simple process I use on every website to get it to rank and also how I bring the clients in and sell them services at high prices starting out with an audit.

Note: click on any of the pictures below to jump to a video tutorial for each section. 

   seHere’s What We Cover in This Guide

Offering SEO Audit to a Client

Seo template

First thing that I do for pretty much on every client is I offer an SEO audit.

What my SEO audits looks like is these are spreadsheets that I have create and templatized which you can get the spreadsheet for free at and just go to resources and then free SEO template.

You can actually use the template to get the process that I use .

What I pitch to clients is I pitch them a system of phase 1 audit, a phase 2 audit,phase 3 audit and then a phase 4 audit. I will then recommend an implementation right after the four-phase audit.

Phase 1 SEO Audit

Phase 1 audit

Here on phase 1 you’ll see we do a basic analysis we check to see if client’s website has google analytics and google search console setup. Also the different tools I use are Screaming Frog and Ahrefs.

Also on the bottom of the template we look at simple issues like does the site redirect to the preferred version, is SSL certificate installed, is the page speed faster than 2 seconds. 

We go through these different sections and we mark them off.

Phase 2 SEO Audit

Phase 2 audit

On Phase 2 audit this is where we benchmark our current analytics data and we kind of see how they are performing for each or their keywords.

I’ll show you what the actual audit looks like on the roof repair squad.

On the Image you will see the keywords that they are trying to rank and how many clicks that the keyword has in the last 28 days, how many average impressions, click through rates, average position and keyword difficulty and keyword search volume for the keyword, the cost per click,internal duplicate content scan. 

If you scroll to the right of the template you will see the bounce rates, the conversion rates, in-link counts Etc.

Basically what we are doing is optimizing based on red and greens and we optimize accordingly.

Phase 3 SEO Audit

In phrase 3 we do keyword research and come out with a content plan for what we are going to be targeting.

Screaming Frog

We also have this Screaming frog crawl that has an exported data.

We also have some sort of content sheet and this is where the content that we are ordering next month.

If you’re getting the free audit you can go ahead and fill this stuff out and if you don’t know how to do any of this stuff you can get the paid SEO template which is about $297 you can get an actual video tutorial for each of the things on the template.

SEO Pro Bundle 

This pro bundle is all of my courses and templates everything that I have for $697 so if you want to check this out just click here.

Secrets on Winning Clients

winning cients

I’m trying to spend my time giving away as much as free value as possible and this is the secret on winning clients.

If you figure out how to offer free audits by doing ads you can basically do an ad to any type of business.

Let’s say you’re targeting an ad to a dentist, doing a free audit or free SEO roadmap on their website just put in your information and you will be surprised how many people would be interested on a free audit.

Also spend some time figuring out what you can give away that’s valuable the other people won’t probably willing to give away for free.

Once you figure that out you want to give away just super charge that with as much as content and ads whatever you will be doing to push that content or push that free value as much as possible.

People once they get the free audit or get the free checklist or whatever they are getting most of them will be willing to buy later or contact you.

When I was trying to get a bunch of clients I would be giving away free audits and I Would do a phase 1 audit which only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to do.

Once you get the phase 1 audit  out of the way you can get on a call with them and you pitch them the full audit.

Most people will be willing to pay for this if you can understand how to do these audits and I do these all the time. I sell the audits for about 800$.

Initial round of Implementations VS. Ongoing SEO package 


The hardest part of the initial round is that you are really going to spend a lot of time fixing these big issues early on.

I’ll show you the audit for Delta City Painters.

As you can see they got a lot of stuff going on with it. you can see they didn’t have bing & google search console set up correctly, they didn’t have SSL correctly installed Etc.

If we go to phase 2 you will see that none of their titles has keywords in them and didn’t do any sort of internal linking and a lot of the pages have a really bad word count,they have a duplicate content and the pages were not rendering properly and they didn’t really have a content strategy. 

We have to go through these different things and start implementing them and the thing is once you get the big implementations done the real thing that you are selling after that is really just putting new pages on the website SEO-ing them and then do internal links and making sure that everything is running smoothly that we’re getting more traffic and conversion rate. 

This is a pretty easy thing to do because what I’m doing is I’m just hiring web designers and content writers to build the pages out for me and then I go in and do simple title tags ,internal links Etc.

This is a lot more automated and streamlined than what you do on your initial round and you usually want to front load your work in your initial round of implementations.

Data Monitoring

Data Analytics

Every month I look at analytics and I want to see what’s going on with the website.

So what I’ll do is I go to the property > behavior > site content > landing pages and I want to see how are these pages are performing and  I want to see if there’s anything going on.

So I look at this month compared to last month and I want to see if certain pages are going up or going down or some pages have gotten extra visits. 

I‘ll also see the any of the pages are starting to perform better and looking on different analytics like the bounce rates, conversion rates and goal completion.

We want to make sure that when we are looking at this stuff that we’re continually trying to improve the conversion rates, the bounce rates, the average session duration Etc.

When SEOing your client’s website you want to look at it like your own website like if you look at it and you’re not really happy with it  then you should be making suggestions based on what you would want to see on your website.


Treating Clients Website

Treatin clients site

You want to treat your client’s business just like your own businesses. Imagine that you’re trying to rank your client’s business on Google but it’s your business but you are going to be selling out those leads.

It’s the exact same thing as rank and rent in a way.

So what I’ll do is I’ll go through this stuff and I’ll be thinking about if this is a good title tag for this page or are these pages are like things that people want to see.

For instance we just redesign all this service pages on this website because they didn’t look that great 

Once you get the system down it’s not that really difficult and you’re giving away value like offering audits, selling the audits off, having some implementations and doing your ongoing implementations after you get your initial round done.

What you really want to do is to focus more on giving away as much value as possible and you want to figure out what’s going to work for your business that you can continually give away value and start building authority and people to re-market your business.