Today I’m going to be taking you through the different tools I use and how to set them up and how to easily optimize your website on WordPress.

I will be using the resources straight out of our free SEO audit template (link below).

This is a tutorial I’ve been wanting to do for a while because a lot of people do struggle with WordPress and they don’t really know which plugins to use.

Note: click on any of the pictures below to jump to a video tutorial for each section. 


Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


How to Set Up Yoast


Setup Yoast

Yoast is a WordPress plugin I use to change the Titles and meta descriptions and it also helps me with indexation. So today I’m going to show you how I set it up.

First is we go to SEO and look for Yoast. I have the premium and the only reason I got the premium was because I wanna see if it’s worth it which by the way it’s not.

The only thing that is  really cool about the premium is it automatically redirects to a new page if you delete a page. So you can just use a redirect plugin and put the URL in just like Eps redirects that way you don’t have to spend 60$ for a plugin just to do automatic redirects.

Also Yoast can help you with social data and schema settings but I use a different plugin for those so just get the free version you don’t need the paid one.


Two Ways to Know If You Need to Turn Off Indexation or Not


On the phase 1 of our checklist what we are going to see is all the indexation that I turned off.

There’s 2 ways to know whether you need to turn on the indexation or not.

The first thing you need to know is that when you’re choosing to turn on or off indexation you wanna think is google or my user find my page valuable? Eg: “Thank you page”.

The next thing is if you have a page that has no traffic to it and it’s not really a valuable page.

How to Set Up Post


Setup post

I show posts on search results, anything that’s a blog post I make sure that stays indexed as you can see on the Image.

For the Title Template this is if whatever the default is going to be to get pulled into the title of the blog post if you don’t wanna go and specify all your blog posts.

Date Snippet Preview & Yoast Seo Meta Box – These are just the things that you can see on the pages that you are editing.

On post you can enable seeing the preview and what that would look like on search results .

You have different things that will show up depending on the themes like some things have projects and some have click funnels added to your website it’s going to show up in Yoast.

There’s a lot of things that Yoast will pick up and will ask you if you want it to get indexed or not.

Media & Attachment URLs


Media & attachment

When you upload media (an image or video for example) to WordPress, it doesn’t just save the media it creates an attachment URL for it.

These Attachment pages are quite empty they contain the media item, maybe a title if you entered one.

If you never used these attachment URLs it’s better to disable them and redirect them to the media itself. 

If you say no what’s going to happen is that image will actually show up on google as an attachment.


Taxonomy Tab Explained


Taxonomy yoast

Under this tab are categories which I don’t use because I only have one category for my website and nobody searches my website for categories and I don’t have traffic for categories.

I don’t normally use whatever is under taxonomy but one thing I would probably use is product tags if I had a product.

That means is if you have a product on your website and there’s tons of other related products with that product instead of using categories you would use tags to tag what that basically category of item is.

Also you can use dates if you are a news site and you wanted your articles to be timely.


Tools I Use to Add a Sitemap


tools for sitemap

One thing I look at is tools so if you’re going into the Seo template and you need to add your sitemap to your robots.txt file so that google knows where your sitemap is or if you want to change anything in your robots.txt.

Yoast lets you go and change your robots.txt within your WordPress settings rather than go into your file manager in your hosting. 


After Yoast is Set Up Check and Customize Post


Yoast title setup

What I do here after Yoast is set up is I take the main keyword and put some sort of a qualifier.

Make sure that your main keyword is pulled to the left and and your qualifiers are pulled to the right.

How to Determine if Title Tag is Good


Title tag

If you wanna know whether your title tag is good look at your analytics And  benchmark your pages then what you do is set your keywords,Clicks ,Impressions,CTR and Average position.

If your click through rate is at below 3% you need to change your title tag and your qualifier.

Your keyword is always on the left and your qualifier is going to predict what your click through rate is.

For meta description I usually just go to the post and just pull the first however many words needed.

Index Page After Submitting The Page in WordPress


google search console

Once you submit a page on WordPress what you are going to do is you’re going to take that page and Index it as fast as possible on search console.

Because you don’t want other people crawling your website scraping your content and then indexed it before you do also you should do it on Bing as well.


How to Set Up WPSSO Core


wpsso core

What Wpsso does is it’s a social plugin that lets you specify what your data is going to look like when you share it on social media.

Just like Yoast and just like sharing your title and meta description on google you’re going to be doing the same thing on Facebook.

Both of these title tags needs to be specified so if you have both website that don’t have your title tag specified on social it’s basically same as not specifying it for google.

You have 2 option for Wpsso you can get the free version or you can buy the paid version the free version just take whatever’s title on your meta for your SEO and puts it directly on your open graph data.

The paid version lets you specify something different than what you already specify on your regular SEO titles tags and meta description.

It also let you set your images so you can actually change your images where the normal open graph data is going to pull whatever the picture is in your featured image on WordPress.

Also your image are getting marked up on schema when you get the paid version.


How to Troubleshoot Open Graph Object


open graph object

If you wanna see what Facebook is pulling and you wanna troubleshoot open graph data.

Then what you can do is you could go to validate and click validate open graph and it will take you to the debugger on Facebook.

That way it will show you what it looks like on Facebook.

Also you can use Canva to resize the image.


How to Set Up Smush or Other Image Compression


setting up smush

Page speed is a huge thing if you have response time on your website that is over 2 seconds then you want to optimize them.

One of the best things that you can do to optimize your page speed is to bulk compress images.

The cool thing about Smush is it will actually go and find all new images on the website and it’ll start reducing the size and compressing the images right away.

You have to click Smush a few times because they only do like a certain amount per run if you have the free version.

The thing about Smush is it’s compression is really good but not that good as tiny png.

If you have the time it’s even better to go and manually resize all your images.


How to Manually Resize Images Using Tiny PNG


tiny png

Tiny PNG has a better compression algorithm than smush and you wanna make sure that the image is the native size that is going to be on the website so it doesn’t resize when people click on it.

Also you can check out this video for page speed optimization tips.


How to Set Up 410 for WordPress


410 for wordpress

One thing that you need to know about is that if you have pages on your website that is 404ing you should leave those on your website as 404s.

404s are basically saying to google this page is temporarily unavailable and you don’t want google thinking that your page is temporarily unavailable you want them to think that it’s permanently unavailable or not.

Instead of those 404 pages that you have just sitting there you wanna actually make sure that this 410 because then google doesn’t go back and recrawl them and waste your crawl budget basically.

How to Do Batch Analysis on Ahrefs


batch analysis

Before deleting the 404 pages you wanna make sure that there is no traffic or metrics to the pages that you will be deleting.

Take each of the links and plug them into the batch analysis on ahrefs.

That way you will see if those pages have any metrics and you need to set them to 301s or something.

How to Set Up Schema Markup


schema markup

When you’re putting schema markup on your website it’s important to use a tool that’s going to pull different schemas like local business,organization or breadcrumbs.

Go to plugins and lookup markup json-ld structured in and go to the settings of that plugin what you are going to find is a bunch of cool markups that you can put on the site.

If you wanna check your schema you wanna go to a structured data testing tool and plug in the URL that you wanna test.

One thing that you wanna know about schema is if you don’t have the specific element on your website like let’s say you don’t have the breadcrumbs on your page or you don’t have a review on your page that you can actually get in trouble for.

Make sure whatever you are marking up is actually something that should be there.

How to Rank a Blog Post on WordPress


ahrefs all keywords ideas

First thing you wanna do is to figure out what you want to target then what you need to do is to go over to Ahrefs and figure out what the highest keyword difficulty that you are ranking for.

Find a keyword which is in the range of the keyword difficulty that you are ranking and find whatever is around your main niche and then go to “all keyword ideas” and look for a keyword within your range.

Before giving it to a copywriter plug it in to google and check Serps if what type of pages is ranking and then check the DA of the site that is ranking for the keyword.

Also check on how the Article/pages was organized and put it on your own strategy the whole thing that you need to know when it comes to just any SEO in general is you wanna take what already out there and make it better.

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