Today I’m going to be running some SquareSpace tips you can use to rank locally.

I’m also going to show you how to use these techniques to rank naturally and we’re also going to cover some basic stuff like optimizing your title tags optimizing your meta description and changing your alt tags.

Anything that you need to do on a SquareSpace website so if ever you have a client that in on square space or if you want to build your own SquareSpace website or SEO it you’re going to be able to easily do it after this tutorial.

 Note: click on any of the pictures below to jump to a video tutorial for each section. 


Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


What You Need To Know About Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags meta descriptions

All you need to do to change your title is go to Marketing > Seo > and click Seo title format. You have a couple of options to change the title you can either do “ %S ” , This is just listing the name that you have  specified in your site title as your title tag for your page or home page.

What you can do is “ %p “which just lists the title of the page when you change the title in your settings for that page. I do “ %p “ because it’s a lot easier, you can just go to the setting and just pull the title tag straight into the title tag above on your website.

When you do your title tag make sure that your main keywords are pulled to the left and put some sort of call to action on the left of your title tag.

For meta description the thing about SquareSpace is that you can’t you don’t get to specify your meta description easily with the templates since it automatically gets pulled to the actual page.

But you don’t have to worry about this since google pulls your meta description dynamically meaning that it chooses its own meta description that it wants to pull on your website.

Best Practices: URL Slugs


URL slugs

URL slug is important because you want your page to represent what people are trying to find and you don’t want your URL to be like 10 words long.

In this case you want your URL to be about 2 – 3 words per file URL  path. If you wanna see how I set my file URL you can go to or go to Local Seo Checklist by Chase Reiner.

Page Description Tricks and Tips


page description tricks

The way I pull my meta description is that I just go and take something on the blog and paste it directly into the met description box,I don’t do anything fancy like keywords and other stuff.

How To Share Images on Social Media


Share Images on social media

This is if we want to share something on social media and try to get some social signals and some social traction.

In order to do that you can just go and add image from your computer or you can search for an image on SquareSpace.

Once we share it on social media we can be able to see what is looks like,Also we can test it by going into Facebook debugger plug in the URL an that’s how to specify you open graph data.

Internal Link Strategy for Your SquareSpace Site


Link Strategy Squarespace

The more you internally link your pages that you want to rank the easier for those pages will be able to rank.

If we go to my sub-pages/service pages a lot of the reason why I make these service pages is because I want to link this new service pages back to the homepage with an anchor text which says whatever the thing that I’m trying to rank.

I do this because I wanna pass influence to this page to try to get  as much link juice as possible and rank it as high as possible.

To change the link all you need to do is go to your edit and click and highlight on whatever you want to link and press link and you’re going to link to whatever page you want.

The cool thing about SquareSpace is that you can actually go to settings and click on page that way you can search different pages and it will automatically pull that link for you.

I don’t open the link in a new window because I’m not having people click outside the website then I want to open a new popup saying get out of the website so I just have them navigate the website with all internal link without having them open a new window.

Produce High-Quality Content with Writers Access


writers access

What I do to get all this content is that I go to It gives you the ability to hire writers really quickly. 

 All you have to do is go to place writing  orders and you can start ordering content right away.

There’s a few different options you can use like price per word and price per order.And what we can usually do is to do a casting call so a bunch of people can apply for the job.

Gain Authority with Citations and Schema Markups


Citation builder pro

The easiest way to have our authority going for our website is citation.

I use a tool called Citation Builder Pro you can get your Name,Address and Phone Number listed on multiple types of indexing website like yelp,yellow pages and Facebook.

This tool was made to make sure all your citation is consistent across different platforms so that google doesn’t have to guess and see different address on different platforms.

structures data testing tool

One of the thing you can do for schema markup which is basically a code that you can put on your website so google knows what your website is about.

The way to set it up is go to your settings and business information and you can fill out your business hours,physical location your email and phone number.

This will basically pull into schema markup that google and other search engine read. And to test your schema markup is go to the structure data testing tool.

How To Add Images to Your SquareSpace Website


adding images on square space

Adding images to your website and making sure that there is alt tags but I don’t really add a ton of images to my websites they can help you rank but if you have really low keyword difficulty and if it’s really easy to rank in your area you don’t have to do all this.

To add images just go to edit in whatever age you’re trying to optimize with images then you create a new image line then click on image icon and search or upload a new image.

The file name is going to pull into the alt tag so make sure to put it when you upload an image.

Make sure to also compress the images so that you have a faster load time and to test your page speed you can go to GTMetrics and plugin your website this will show you how fast the page loads slow you might want to change your image.

How to Convert Visitors with Call to Action Buttons


call to action buttons

You want to put your call to action above your website so that people can see it without them scrolling especially on your highest traffic pages.

To add a call to action button you can just simply go to edit and then settings and go to page description and add a link to whatever the text is and it will make the text into a button.

Also don’t forget to change your footer and make sure that it has your Name,Address and Phone Number so it will add credibility to the website and it’s another place to get a citation going so that google know where you’re at.

Rank Locally with Google My Business


google my business

You don’t only want to rank organically but you also want to rank in the maps.

To rank in the maps you just go to your Google My Business and add single location and you’re going to choose a couple of thing like if you want it to be your service area or you want it to be a physical address.

If you don’t have a real address and it’s your home address then what you’re going to do is set it as your service area this way you can still get a postcard and get your address verified.

Also if you don’t have an address in the area that your trying to rank what you can do is buy a membership at a co-working space in your area and get your letter sent there.

2 things that you wanna make sure about Google My Business is responding to reviews and make sure that you’re adding a picture on your location so that it’s easy for users and google to see that it is an actual Place even if it’s a service area.

How To Conduct Keyword Research with Ahrefs


ahrefs all keywords explorer

I use Ahrefs to find keywords that I want to rank for with low keyword difficulty. The reason why I go for easier areas because it’s easier to rank.

Also if you want to rank on higher competitive keywords you need to spend a lot of time working on national content to bring in traffic and authority for what you’re trying to rank and that will actually help your entire website to rank even better locally.

If you’re not good at rankings you just need to go with lower keyword difficulty and work your way up to more competitive keywords.

Generate Reviews with Many Chat


For review generation strategy I would end up using a tool called Many Chat.

What Many Chat can do is it can create flows so that when people opt into some free resource like a Web Design Checklist or a Tutorial.

That way you can bring people in and have them automatically leave you a review after they grab your template.

That way you can easily start bringing in reviews and you can even have those reviews go into your website so you can rank the website higher organically because the more user generated content you get on your website the better you do.