Today we’re going to do a tutorial on how to take a website from zero organic visits a month and zero generated dollars doing affiliate SEO to over 50,000 dollars a month generated and a ton of traffic. 

I’m going to show you the  step-by-step process on what I did to rank the website.

So if you’re interested in doing an affiliate SEO site or you want to rank nationally this is going to be the tutorial for you.

By the end of this tutorial you should know very well on how to take the Keywords and figure out what you need to do inorder to rank those keywords, find the most profitable keywords for your business,figure out how to find affiliate offers and how to monetize national traffic whether it’s an affiliate SEO or doing it nationally.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


How To Use Ahrefs to Find Keywords

Ahrefs keyword research

The first thing that we’re going to figure out is your keywords,anytime you’re doing SEO you need to figure out what your keywords are.

The first thing I do is I go over to Ahrefs. You can use whatever you want like semrush that works fine as well.

I find Ahrefs data is the most accurate when it comes to keyword research and what I’m going to do is go over to keywords explorer and start typing in some keyword ideas.

Using [All Keyword Ideas] in Ahrefs to Niche Down

All keywords Ideas

Obviously you wanna figure out what your niche is and I would choose something that you’re interested in because you’re going to need a lot of content If you wanna rank nationally.

If you don’t know about the niche that you’re trying to rank for It’s going to get complicated because if you have no idea what needs to be written on that niche that’s going to be a problem so choose something that you know.

Silo Content Approach to Keyword Research

Silo of Content

But if you really want to do well you create a silo of content that means you have an article for your sub keyword which is covering more depth on what the parent topic is about. 

As you start building these pages you can use these pages to link back to your main article and it helps you build authority without needing to do a link building.

By internally linking these pages back to your main page your siloing your content and your internal links and help a ton of relevance to your main page.

Use the Replicate & Improve Strategy To Rank Your Affiliate Site

Content improvement

The next thing you do is you’re going to figure out what you can do to improve what’s already out there.

The only way you’re going to be able to improve what’s already out there is if you take what’s already working for somebody else you replicate it and then improve it.

Let’s say you wanna niche down to a certain keyword and before you create those  articles what you wanna do is take the keyword and go to google and scroll and see what is ranking on google serps.

Then what you need to do is check on the post and see what’s in there  “E.g.” Images,Video,table of contents Etc.

What you usually wanna do is figure out how you can make your website similar to those who are those who are ranking because you want to be able to take what’s already out there and replicate so you can use it in your own strategy that’s already proven to work.

After that you wanna see what you can be able to do to improve the article.

Common Mistakes When Ranking your Website and How to Fix Them

Common mistake of people in creating content

What a lot of people do is they’ll take the keyword then hand it to a content writer, put some pictures on it and hope it ranks.

Also they think that It would rank with a skyscraper post, It means that it has like 10,000 words or put a lot of backlinks in it.

What you need to do is you wanna take what’s already out there, replicate it and figure out what you need to do to improve what’s already out there that is why it’s important to know your niche.

The big thing that people don’t get when it comes to national SEO or just SEO in general is that it’s not always about whether you need content to rank , keyword density ,backlinks ,or a high budget.

What you actually need is a combination of understanding your niche,understanding how to make better quality than what’s already out there and be able to replicate what already out there and then improve it and then combine that with technical SEO.

This is the exact formula we use to be able to rank for all the things we are ranking for.

Using The SEO Audit Template to Target Keywords and Create Content Game plans

seo audit template

When targeting nationally on homepage instead of trying to find keywords that look like they have high search volumes  what you can do is niche down and find low keyword difficulty when you start.

Whether you’re doing national or local you want to start out with easy keywords that you know you could rank for and then build your way up from there.

Once you find that sweet spot let’s say you go for a higher keyword difficulty and you’re not ranking on the first page then what you do is keep tackling those keywords until you can go up higher.

The secret formula to technical SEO  

In order for you to start your site whether it’s local or national, you need to come up with a content game plan.

Whatever you’re  doing you want to create a consistent strategy on the things that you are going to be tackling and start at a low difficulty first and work your way up there.

First thing you’d wanna rank is the low difficulty keyword and then move up to higher difficulty keywords.

When doing this all you need to do is come up with your keyword strategy and  what you can do is niche down first and put all your keywords in your spreadsheet and after that you need to target all your keywords and get a content through writers access and upload it on the website and get it optimized with whatever SEO you do.


Top Page Analysis With Screaming Frog Software

Top page analysis screaming frog

If you’re working with clients that have a ton of content already the first thing that you need to do is figure out what are the top 10 pages on their website.

To do that, open up the screaming frog and input the URL of the website and after that upload the config in order to pull the same columns I pull. 

In order to open your config file just go to open, find your config file once you get the checklist it’ll send the checklist into the config.

It is Important to hook up the APIs because if you can’t hook up your APIs or you don’t have the pro version of screaming frog then you need to do this through google analytics. Then what you do is sort by top traffic pages in google analytics.

All we’re doing is just taking all the data as much as possible,so we’re pulling analytics data, search console data and our ahrefs page data so we can see what the page ratings area and what the keyword difficulty is.

By doing that we’re going to see all the metrics we need to see in order to know which pages to prioritize first.

Conducting Site Audit For Your Clients

Seo site audit

I sell these audits for $800 each. I was able to sell this to a local painter in Houston Texas for 800 dollars and this is exactly what I sold to the roofing repair website and I’m also going to be selling one of these to somebody who does AC.

So these are all local businesses that are willing to pay you $800 just for the audit for you to tell them what they’re going to need to pay you in order to do the implementations.

I’ve spent  all this time creating these templates so you can go and grab them and take all of this information automatically and give it to the client.


Step By Step SEO Site Audit Template Tutorial

Site audit for screaming frog

All you need to do is go to clicks to see the pages you will optimize first .

You optimized the first 20 pages of the website because after the first 20 pages they are not receiving that much traffic anymore.

You need to optimize from the top to bottom not just randomly just because you see a heading tag missing which a lot of SEO people do.

Then what you do is export the data and go over to your SEO AUDIT TEMPLATE and open up the internal URLs.

There’s 2 things you need to do first is you grab all the data and import them into screaming frog and when you get the PAID SEO TEMPLATE what’s going to happen is all of the URLs are going to get auto conditional formatted .

Internal Link Building and Canonical Tags

Internal link building

If you duplicate content for your top pages it will be all messed up and they will be having pages cannibalizing each other and it is also the reason why they are not ranking because they don’t have unique content on both.

By changing it what we going to do is reword it and use canonical’s to point back to the page that was supposed to be ranking.

The way canonical work is it does no indexing and if you have a high traffic page let’s say your homepage and that page has the same keyword that we map to the other page then what we can do first is look and see if there is duplicate content.

Then what we need to do is we need to differentiate that content or we need to point a canonical from the page that isn’t as important as the main page to the main page and that will actually make the main page rank.

That way you’re basically saying that the page that’s pointing the canonical to the other page is the page that shouldn’t be raking and the page that the canonical is getting pointed to is the page that should be ranking.

Whether it’s a Review site or a gaming website or a local website it’s going to be the exact same strategy every time.

I have breakdown the strategy to 3 simple steps

Step 1. Figure out your niche and your content game plan  – Your niche must be something that you know and your content game plan must start with Low Keyword difficulty.

Step2. Start building your pages and authority – Come up with an internal link strategy,come up with an opt in strategy (capture your leads).

Step 3. Remarket – Target the people who learn from you and target the people who wanna buy from you.