Today we’re going to rank a brand new website for Web Design in a certain area we’re going to have Carly do it by going in and doing some keyword research we’re going to show her all the different things she needs to know when it comes to ranking locally and finding the keywords that are not too difficult.

We’re ranking for 2 different websites already one in Sta. Barbara and one in Colorado Springs the reason why we try to rank for Web Design over SEO keywords because people aren’t looking for SEO locally they’re looking for Web Design and if you can get a Web Design project sold you can generally sell SEO as well.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The first thing we want to do is we want to go to Ahrefs and we want to figure out a low difficulty keyword so low difficulty keyword would be under 10.

Usually, if you’re going for really low difficulty keywords it’s really way easier to rank I mean usually when you’re doing local and especially if it’s a new local site you want it to be pretty low difficulty keyword like under 10KD.

So if we go into Keyword Explorer we can just start typing in different cities like Web Design Kansas City as you can see on the image it has 57 keyword difficulty which is unreal because if you look at Web Design Colorado Springs It only has 6 KD so that’s probably not the one that we are going for because it’s insanely difficult.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to a different city and we don’t even have to choose an area near us like we have a client that we just got from Sta Barbara was literally in Sta Barbara when they bought from us so we don’t need to be in that area and that’s the cool thing about online services.

What we can even do as well is we can get a whole list of cities and plug them all at once and then just sort by the difficulties and we can target the ones that are above 200 searches per month.

 2 Different Websites That You Can Rank

2 Different Websites That You Can Rank

There are 2 types of website that you can rank basically. First is the website that has landing pages E.g. that you are trying to rank or you can rank the entire location website that’s only about that one location and those are usually way easier to rank and those are called Niched Sites.



I get all my domain at and we’ll just type in Tampa web design and as you can see on the image it’s $1,932 so we can look for a different option that is less expensive.

Back in the day if your search phrase exactly matches what your website name was you’d get a huge ranking boost but Google apparently made it o that it’s not a ranking factor anymore but if you can make your business name like what your keyword is that is better.

And the way you make your business name is you just call your business name whatever is the keyword.

You want also to look at the intent and the way you look up the intent is you just go and see what people are actually getting as a result for this and to do that you can go in incognito mode and plug in the keyword on google and check if it’s the same intent as you have.



You can also buy your domain on SiteGround but I usually buy my domain off of GoDaddy so that I ‘ll have my domains in one place and then I host the website on SiteGround because the hosting of GoDaddy is usually terrible like your site is going to be slow on their servers.

SiteGround has really fast servers but then you’re usually paying a little bit more for the hosting.

The setting is a little bit different on SiteGround than what you do on Squarespace because on Squarespace you just buy the domain and it hooks up pretty fast.

A lot of this stuff is more complicated once you start going into WordPress than if you were doing on Squarespace because Squarespace is just plug & play.

Verifying Google My Business

Verifying google maps

The best way to Verify Google Maps is by going to Facebook and start joining Tampa Florida buy and sell groups and then you start asking people to send letters to their house basically or you find a Coworking space and you get a membership and then just send the letter then ask them if they could give you your mail

Free Local SEO Template

Free local template

So we need to get the free local template by going into > Resources>Free Local Template and then you download it.

This template is actually a checklist that we need to run through basically. So we have set up our content management system and we haven’t verified our Google My Business so we need to do Citations.

Also, one thing that we need to do is get content on all of the pages. So basically all of the service pages that we have on Web Design Colorado Springs website are the same with Web Design Sta Barbara site.

So what we can do is we can do the same thing with our new website but it’s up to you if you want to build out the pages yourself or you can just hire content writers. I’ll show you how I hire content writers.

Writers Access

Writers access

I pay $40 a month subscription just to access all their writers. Then what you can do is you can go to Place Orders  > Writers and then choose whatever content you need it for.

I usually choose “Crowd” and this will just choose random writers on whatever range you want and it also depends on how much you want to put into the content afterward.

 I found out that having content on the service pages doesn’t have to be written very well so you can just have the pages in there like them because the reason why we have more landing pages is that it gives us more stuff to rank in for.

Each of my local client’s website pages right are helping them rank so they don’t necessarily be written extremely well but we can link them to help rank each webpage so we just want to build out those separate landing pages.

Local SEO is super easy and the hardest part of local SEO is just doing review generation and what you do for lead generation is you can do a bunch of tutorials like what I’m doing or for a Web Design or something and then have people leave reviews.

And the only thing that really matters the most is like ranking in the Maps because the organic listing doesn’t really matter as much because most people just look at the local listings on the maps so if you can just build an insane review generation strategy you’re going to rank like crazy.