I have 2 templates to give you today the first template is a template that I have created to show you my high amount of keywords that you can rank for that are low difficulty and the other thing that I’m going to show you is an automation sequence that you can use with Manychat to actually funnel people to your review page with a chatbot.

This is going to be a good tutorial because I’m going to give you a lot of free stuff that I wouldn’t normally give away for free and this is going to be something that I would probably be going to sell to somebody for about $300 so I don’t normally give this type of stuff since I spent my time making it and I think this is something that a lot of you could use.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


Keyword List Template

Keyword List Template

What I did the other day is that I was thinking about what is a good way to start getting a ton of different keywords for SEO related queries or SEO, Social Media, and web design in the most populated cities in the United States.

So I went and plugged all of these into Ahrefs based on the highest populated city and I came up with a list for this template.

If you look at the template you’ll see SEO,Social Media, Web Design, and graphic design, so all of these are are different keywords by area and I’m even building out more industries that are local like for instance cleaning services and catering all of the different types of keywords so if you want to get this list and the updated list as well I have it on chasereiner.com right now just go over to the resources >Free Resources and you will see the free list of keywords to rank.and you will also see the review generation flow that I’m going to show you in this tutorial.

Pick a Niche to Rank

Pick a niche to rank

If you want to rank number for riverside SEO everybody knows that the best place to rank is in the maps. And if you wanted to do really well on Google locally you worry less about the organic rankings locally and worry more about what is happening on the maps because everybody wants to rank in the maps.

So if I go and look Riverside SEO here chances are there’s not going to be a lot of reviews for it and if you check on Google the highest is just 9 reviews. If we could get let’s say 30 – 40 reviews we would probably going to rank number one and obviously you want to combine it with citations as well.

If you have the SEO audit you’ll actually see where I get my citations and you’ll get a discount on those as well. I use Citation builder pro but I am going to start offering citations as well on my website so stay tuned if you want to get some of those. 

What you’re going to do is you’re going to find a company that you want to rank let’s say you want to rank for “ Little Rock SEO ” and you’d go to GoDaddy and see if there’s an exact match for that keyword and if it’s taken you can always go for the closest to the keyword and then what you do is set the website on google my business.

GMB Verification


To get verified on GMB you can post an Ad on that area like on Craigslist or Facebook and post like “I’ll pay someone just to send a letter to their house “.

And if you use my local checklist you can actually see all of the landing pages I created for my local website and this is actually an exact outline of everything that I did to rank for a website locally for my area in about a month.

Also if you guys want to take it to the next level you can always go to the SEO pro bundle, this is my paid program for $697 and you’ll get all of my courses and my local course which is actually a step by step Tutorial.

Review Generation strategy

Review Generation

After you set up your website and targeting whatever you’re going to target. Get the local checklist and do all the stuff you need to do off of that.

Then what you’re going to do is you need to set up a review generation strategy. The way you set up your review generation strategy is you’re going to set up your ManyChat Account which is pretty easy all you have to do is press “Create New Account” and you’re going to whatever Facebook page you have and press connect because it’s going to sync with your Facebook API and put all your information.

In order for this to work is you need to sign up for a subscription plan on ManyChat and it’s only $10/Month.

How to Get People to Opt-In

How to get people to opt-in

One thing you can do is if let’s say you’re an SEO company and you want to get reviews for SEO what you do is you want to find what’s working well and what people want.

So let’s say of people want Free Keywords research tool, there’s a lot of chrome extension tool you can use for example Fatrank.com they have a rank checker so if I use their chrome extension and check what is the position of a certain website then it’s a good way for them to start asking for reviews if they want to start getting sales.

You always want to create that’s something unique and you want to figure out something that you would personally want like think about something that you don’t currently have that you think should be on the market like SEO Template or some sort of Keywords List and the reason I did these is that I didn’t know of anything else out there like those right now.

And by coming up with these templates I’d probably going to get a good amount of opt-ins for people who want these templates the same with the review generation so try to create things that you think you would want that you like then offer them to people for free in. In return, you’re going to start getting opt-ins for free and that is how review generation works really well.

How to Leave Reviews for Google My Business Page

How to Leave Reviews for Google My Business Page

It’s pretty easy to leave reviews for the GMB page and they have a new way of doing it which is pretty cool. What you have to do is just find your Google My Business Page and go to whatever your listing is scroll down and go to share review form and this form is actually where you’re going to get reviews.

So I usually send this form to my email of ManyChat after somebody opt-in to something like the template that I have so whatever they opt-in for it’s going to ask them to leave a review after five hours and I don’t only use this just for Google My Business, I could use this on amazon, I could use this for Facebook pages, Yelp pages and you can build reviews anywhere using this strategy and all you’re doing is just keep on promoting free products. So that’s the strategy I use to be able to get so many reviews and so you can too