Today I’m going to be showing you how to rank your website locally.

I will be taking you through my step-by-step process which includes a free local checklist which I use to rank sites in under a month without links.

Note: click on any of the pictures below to jump to a video tutorial for each section.


Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

Using Ahrefs and SEO Local Checklist to Target Local Keywords

ahrefs image

 I like using Ahrefs so we can see the keyword difficulty.

So we’re going to go to keywords explorer and look for websites or  keywords that are local that have low keyword difficulty.

Once you find the perfect keyword, start setting up your spreadsheet.

Paid Seo Audit Template -The only difference is you get some extra perk like tutorials on how to use it and you get the screaming frog conditional format. 

seo audit template

If the website hasn’t been set up yet, go straight to the phase 3 of the Seo Template and start taking the keywords from Ahrefs keyword explorer also Include the keyword difficulty and the volume.

Buy a domain With GoDaddy

godaddy website

What I like to do is use an exact match domain because they are easier to rank not because the domain is an exact match but the branding is exact match.

Meaning when I go and do  the titles and set up google my business it’s going to exactly match whatever the domain name is.

When choosing a domain name you can do abbreviations on the letters you don’t have to do the exact match for it to rank. So you don’t have to buy an expensive domain as long as you have the keywords in there that’s all it matters.

SquareSpace Web Hosting


I actually rank most of my website through SquareSpace. You can check my SquareSpace Tutorial .

To start what I’ll go over to SquareSpace grab the domain I got from GoDaddy also you can always buy domain from SquareSpace but I like my domains on GoDaddy because it’s a good place to have your domains but I don’t think It’s a good place to have your hosting.

And then what you’re going to Create  your new site and choose your theme it actually doesn’t matter you choose.

SquareSpace is super easy to set up you can check my SquareSpace tutorial on Youtube on how to edit the page,how to add the links,how to Seo the pages and how to change the title tag Etc.

What Happens After You Get Your Domain?

setting up squarespace

Once you have all your pages set up after you watch the SquareSpace tutorial it’s easy to add your content in and the way you’re going to get your content you head over to writers access.

The Second thing you need to do once you have your domain set up together with a couple of pages you basically going to delete these first pages and set up your home page with just a basic call to action.

Then what you going to do is start hiring your writer for your content through writers access.

I pay  about $50 per page but you can pay whatever you want. You wanna have about 8 to 10 pages on your website that way you can internally link all these different pages to each other so you can easily rank without building links externally.

Note: If you don’t find good stuff inside you all keyword ideas into Ahrefs just go to your competitors and start extracting their keywords.

Get Relevant Distribution with Domains

Citation builder pro

The next thing that you wanna do is your Citation so what you need to do is go to Citation builder pro.

Usually you only need 50 to 100 Citations you don’t need the $200 option.

What Citation are is basically your name,address and phone number showing up on relevant websites like yelp,yellow-pages,hot frog and also local citation if there’s anything in your area.

Citation builder pro also build out your Facebook page,all your social media so that way you don’t have to go out and build all these social media profiles.

How To Hack a Physical Address for My Google Business


Service area hacked

If you don’t have a physical address and you’re trying to rank here’s a couple of options you have.

1.Look in your area for coworking space they usually charge $50 a month and then you get a letter being sent there and if you’re not there you can have someone who works there forward you the letter that way you can verify it on these coworking spaces.

2.Verify your home address and then don’t show your home address on google by specifying to have it show as a service area.

Call to Action and Conversions


google analytics

After your pages are written and your citations built and setting up your social profile, you’re going to want to set up your basic call to actions, flows and all that kind of stuff.

So what you do is Set up your google analytics and make sure your conversion tracking is enabled.

Setting up your google analytics is simple you just set up a property installed on your website with the tracking info,javascript and your headers.

Also you wanna make sure to set up your online and offline conversion tracking. If you wanna know how to set up online and offline conversion tracking you can visit my youtube tutorial.

It is important to set up your conversion tracking because if it’s not set up all your analytics you are not going to be able to show any proof that you were able to bring in leads after you rank it .

People don’t really care about the ranking as long as they see consistent leads coming in and you can only be able to show that is when you set up you’re conversion tracking.


Titles and Meta Description Strategies

title meta description

What I do for title and meta description is I always have my main keyword pulled to the left and some sort of qualifier pulled to the right like a call to action that people can click on.

You don’t have to put your brand name at the end nor measure your keyword density and put it on your titles just do your main keyword and put a call to action as long as your click through rate is 5% – 6% and above.

To look and see what is your click through rate you wanna set up your search console.

Internal Links for Ranking Websites


Web pages internal link

One thing that I really focus on with these other pages is when I’m trying to rank my Homepage or I’m trying to rank these pages I’m going to try to internally link to the most important pages high up on the page as much as possible.

So in almost every service pages locally I’m going to take the keywords that I’m trying to rank for and I’m going to point it back to the homepage.

What that does is the more links we have going back to the homepage it’s going to make that homepage more authoritative and it’s going to be easier to rank.

And also what I do is I’ll try to link externally to other website just to add relevancy.

The Secret Sauce for Reviews and Ranking for Local


how to target locally

Other big things to rank locally that you really need to find out for your own businesses is your review generation strategy.  

And Here’s the Secret Sauce for ranking locally 

  • Target National Content:One good example I’m doing is doing tutorials this way I can target nationally who’s wanting to learn about local seo.
  • Seo Audit Checklist – What I do here is I’m giving away some sort of resources like Free Seo Audit Checklist or a Local Seo Checklist .What I do is I send this to anybody who clicks on the link and after I send it to somebody and then I will send an email or however I get people to opt in. 
  • Ask people to leave a review about Local Seo Template

How Robots Will Help You With Your Local SEO

relationship building automation

In order for you to rank locally by targeting national content and repurposing them into a review generation strategy.

You can actually set it up with robots and if you wanna have the template for the robots I set up for this you can go and checkout

What this program is it  teaches you to not only auto message people but actually grab all of their data like Email,and Information off of LinkedIn,Facebook and have a user profile built around them with their phone number,address,business they have, and export these template into another person’s account and use these into your business right away and learn how to create these relationships and these review generation strategies which is tremendously valuable.