Today, I am going to show you how to continue growing your local SEO clients’ rankings and I am gonna be giving you a couple of examples. I have a few clients that I work with locally and I am going to show you what I do for them month to month, and what I’ve already done for them. It’s sort of the results that are brought in.

Now, most of my clients are above two grand per month and I don’t take too many because I usually just use these clients to create really good case studies so I can sell products and services which are higher tickets and also the programs.

So if you are looking to up your game and you want to follow what I do in a more over-the-shoulder fashion and you want the step-by-step system.

You can always head over to and download my free templates or you could check out my SEO Pro bundle which is a combination of all programs that I have done over the last three years like local courses, national courses, client generation techniques, social automation, and tons of cool stuff. You can go check it out and all of that right now is at a pretty good price, which, you can again check out on the website.

I’m going to show you a couple of clients that I am working with right now. 

One of the clients that just recently paid is Roof Repair Squad. Now, this is about a client I have been working with since October, and Roof Repair Squad just paid me another 2 grand to help with their maintenance package. 

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


SEO Package Options


I am going to show you what my different packages are that I offer so you can kind of get an idea of what might work for you.

I always start with Phase One SEO audit. And if I am in a period where I do not have any clients and I need to get clients fast, I am going to start out with a free audit and what I will do is I will offer the free audit pretty much to anybody that wants to get better traffic, higher conversions, and more leads that kind of thing on their website.

I will only accept people that generally have a higher budget and that they kind of go within the qualifications I am looking for. Then I will give them a call and I will ask them a few more questions just to make sure they are going to be likely a paying client. And then I will do the Phase One Audit. Phase One Audit is just the basics for the website like looking at their Google Analytics, Google search console, on-page SEO, and robots.txt that kind of stuff.

Four-Phase Audit

Four Phase Audit

After the Phase One Audit, I will offer a Four-Phase Audit. In Four-Phase, it goes through fixing their site-wide SEO issues through analytics, issues about anything that’s gonna be any analytics optimizations that I would be wanting to make, a keyword audit and content strategy, and authority audit.

I do a little bit more as well like I do phone calls with them and kind of come up with gameplan of what they need to do. I will either offer the first round of SEO implementations, which means, I will fix all of the issues first without them signing a sort of monthly gameplan because I don’t want to lock them into something if they are just buying my service for the first time.

Once I fixed all of their main issues, I usually sell to them a monthly SEO package which includes content optimizations, web design, weekly phone calls or bi-weekly phone calls, and so on.

I am going to be setting this up more in the future so you guys can get an idea of what you would want to do if you want to start offering SEO packages like I do. 

But for the most part, what I am trying to show to you guys is what my clients usually go through in this whole system. That they will usually start with an SEO package low tier and then they will go to a high tier. A low tier is basically when they are paying less money for less content, fewer optimizations, and a high tier means that they are paying more money for more content and more optimizations.

With the current client Roof Repair Squad, they started out paying less money for less content- about five pages which I optimized and wrote for the website. Then they upgraded to the higher tier package which is two thousand dollars a month.  I only made it two thousand instead of twenty-five hundred dollars a month because they aren’t getting web design so It means I bundled in my outsourced like outsourced content and web design so I’ll actually include that into the monthly package.

SEO Maintenance Package – High Tier

Seo maintenance Package-High tier

This is the package that we just sold to Roof Repair Squad, we sold this package for two thousand dollars this month. And this package is basically about content. So let’s go check on the current content that we have on the website.

So going into the client, we got the audit right here. Now we can see that this is the content that we ordered for last month and we got all of this content written. The only reason we did not add it to the site is that we are using Web Flow. The person we are trying to work with right now, the guy that’s doing the web pages was not getting this stuff done fast enough so now we have to hire somebody new. But we have all this content written already, which is cool.


Importance Of Taking Notes 

taking in notes

So every time I get a call with the client, I make sure to keep notes in their template like what are the things that we need to fix. It is super easy when you are working with clients even if you are only working with a couple, as I do at a time, that you take down notes from a call so that you can remember where you were at.

Once you get on those calls make sure you keep notes of what is happening so that you can make sure that you are continually doing deliverables based on the calls that you talked about.

As you can see in the image above, we made a note for next month that we need to have the writers to rewrite some of the duplicate content pages on the website.

Checking Duplicate Content Using Siteliner


We can go into Siteliner and plug the website in. I use the absolute URL and the way you grab the absolute URL is just by going to the website and grab whatever it is pulling so long as it is redirecting.

Press GO and we will get all the different pages. Now, what we want to do is to go by the highest match percentages. So these are all pages that have huge duplicate content issues. If we click on the roof leak repair we can see most of its content is matching the content on the residential roof repair page.

The residential roof repair page is about ranking for things. It is ranking for a good amount of stuff and it is ranking for roof repair near me. If that is the case, we do not want to be competing with the other pages that are receiving a lot of traffic.

So the residential roof repair page is ranking and the leak repair is not ranking because the residential roof repair page is taking priority over it. It might be ranking well but it would be ranking a lot better if we had unique content. So let’s go look at that roof leak repair page and see if it is bringing anything for its keywords which are leak repair Houston.

Keywords Ranking

Keyword Ranking

You can see here that it is only ranking for 8 organic keywords and the leak repairs in about position 16. I can pretty much guarantee you that if we fix some of these duplicate content issues this would go up.

All we have to do is that we are going to go into that page and we are going to look and grab all of the highlighted content.

Writers Access

Writes Access

So basically, I order all my content at Writers Access and this is also where I go and find all of the content that has been written already. And one thing that I did is that I ordered content already for the Roof Leak repair page and I can go find that in Writers Access. So if I go and look at the archived, we can see that there is a Roof Leak Repair Houston.

Now, I am thinking that it is not matching with what we have on the Roof Leak repair page. So I think that we did not add the article for the Roof Leak Repair Page already so we will probably just replace the text on the website with what we have ordered from Writers access.

Keeping Track of Duplicate Content Percentages

Content Percentage

At this point, you are going to make sure that you keep track of the duplicate content percentages as well.

So we are going to copy the leak repair page and then we are going to copy the actual percentage. This is what you do in a lot of maintenance type situations because a lot of websites won’t have unique content on their whole website. And even if they do, maybe they are not meeting how much content they should have on that page. 

One thing that you can do is, let’s say you add 500 words to a page and it’s not ranking very well and it’s within your current authority range like let’s say it is a KD 0 and you have a low Authority website, then what you can do is that you can just add more content to it.

So I will order more content, sometimes. But the first thing you want to do before anything is to make sure that your most important pages do not have duplicate contents on them because you do not want duplicate content on your website for it is not good for your website and it is not good for a lot of stuff.

Going through Important Pages

Important Pages

Some of the pages are not as important as the other pages like the “About Pages” which is not that important. As you can see, a lot of stuff is very similar to the other pages. But the About Page is a little bit more of a placeholder so I am not as concerned about it.

I am more concerned about the pages that we want to rank like for instance, the home page and a lot of the service pages. So if we go to “Roof Inspection” it is matching with “Get Your Roof Inspection” which is a blog post.

Now here’s what you need to do if you do not know which one you should choose.

Google Search Console

Google search Console

What you need to do is you are going to copy the first link and head over to the search console and go to start now and go to the property.

Now, we are going to open the report and what you will do is that you go to pages and you find that first page. 

The way you would choose if one was getting more traffic than the other is you would probably choose the one that is getting more traffic and point the other page to that one, whether you are using a canonical or a redirect or you are making the content unique on the other page.

But you do not want to change the page that is ranking well, instead, you would want to change the page that is not ranking well. So what we are gonna do for the other page of the blog post is that you would probably just put a canonical over to the duplicate content page. What it means is we are like saying “hey this other page is about this page”.

So again what we are doing here is we are coming through all the different duplicate content because this is sort of like a maintenance thing that you want to do to your site.

You want to go through each of the different things that come through it and replace the content. Then once you do that you are gonna have a way better time.

Now, this is something that you want to do early on, and if you have tons of pages that have this going on just to do it for the most important pages on the site.

And for you to find the most important pages of your site, go to your search console and see which ones are getting the most traffic. Make sure that those do not have high content percentages because it will shoot out your SEO strategy.

How to work with SEO Projects

seo projects

A lot of times, what you have to do on SEO projects is your kind of working in increments. You will do a little bit here and a little bit there. I try not to do everything myself because it gets too complicated, like if I am helping write all the content and  I am helping do all the web design, all that kind of stuff. 

I’d much rather just take the bulky stuff and let other people do them but then making sure that along the way everything is going well. You know, I am managing the project and making sure that everything that we are doing makes sense. That we are not just ordering content for no reason, that we are not targeting random keywords for no reason, and that you know everything is optimized like it needs to be.

Screaming Frog Scan

Screaming Frog

I also usually go every month and I will do like a Screaming Frog scan. So I will open up Screaming Frog and I will connect analytics and search console and I will just look at the different pages and see how they are doing.

Because it is always good to do something that I call an eyeball audit and just kind of see what is happening with the site from an SEO perspective and an analytics perspective.

Before we do anything else, we need to hook up our API access first. So well do google analytics, Search Console, and then I will connect Ahrefs.

We can filter by our clicks which shows us our most important pages because we want to focus on those and we do not care about pages that are not getting any traffic.

So as we can see for most important pages all the title tags look pretty optimized. We got Houston in all of our titles and we have qualifiers. We should probably add qualifiers to the other pages meaning that we have some sort of call to action for people to click into it but most of these pages do have qualifiers. “Roof Repair Near Me” probably needs a qualifier. So those are like different notes I will take and then I will go and update those based on that.

Word Count

Word Count

Also, we look at the word counts. What you can do every month is that you can add to the word counts which sounds a little bit weird like you do not want to go too high but you can start like with 500 words per page and try to push like over a thousand to 1500 the in-links.

So bounce rates have gone way down on this site- 49% – 66% – 50% these are all pretty decent bounce rates. Our session’s durations are decent three minutes to two minutes. Also conversion rates could go up a little bit so that is probably something we might want to experiment with a little bit more.

SEO Pro Bundle

Seo Pro Bundle

My bundle again, if you guys still don’t have it, is everything that you find on which is the platform I used to play my videos, basically, so you can watch them.

About over 100 hours of video, paid templates, automation sequences, all this stuff that you can go through and watch while you are stuck inside your house or wherever you are, let’s say you are on a road trip, I got a pretty good deal on it right now.

So if you would like to get into this, send me an email. I can probably give you a special discount on it because of the whole corona thing just email me at and also feel free to text me.