Today we are going to build the new Paid local SEO Template and I’m going to take you guys through some of the sections that you can check out. I will also give you tutorials of each section so you will know what to do with each section.

I’m going to do a step-by-step tutorial to show you exactly how to fix each of these issue and how to identify them as well.

Note: click on any of the pictures below to jump to a video tutorial for each section.

Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

How to Figure Out Content Management System

Content Management System

I use WordPress with Divi or SquareSpace. I would use Squarespace generally because it’s pretty easy to rank and for the most part if you’re going for low KD keywords you will not need a super gnarly CMS.

You don’t need it to be robust or anything most local keywords are under 10 KD and I’m able to rank for those fine with SquareSpace websites.

How to Setup Cms on SquareSpace 


You need to go to and you’re going over to get started and login. 

Once you’re logged in or once you pressed get started you can just start designing.

The content management system in SquareSpace is super easy to use. I don’t really care which theme you’re going to use.

I usually use whatever top default one is because that’s usually good enough 

All I really care about is there’s a call to action above the fold meaning you don’t have to scroll down to see the call to action.


How to Use Divi


If you want to use Divi just go to it’s about $67 to $89 for a year with updates.

Divi works pretty well because they have a page builder and if you are stuck going into WordPress I would probably use Divi.

The best part about Divi is they come with a bunch of cool themes that you can automatically import.

So if I go to the edit page and go to the templates I can actually see a bunch of pre-made layouts and I can just replace the text and images with my images that I want.

You can also use something called “Build On the Front End” which will actually let you change text within the page from how you would see on a SquareSpace perspective.

Both Divi and SquareSpace are fine again the reason why I use Squarespace is because it’s easier and for the most part it’s super fast than WordPress which is a little bit slower to set up.


Verifying GMB

Veryfying GMB

You have a couple of options when verifying your Google My Business you have the physical address or the service area,what you want to choose is sort of up to you.

I prefer getting my home address verified because generally I don’t have multiple office locations when I’m trying to rank a bunch of different places locally.

The difference between a service area and physical address is a service area is not going to show on the map this works fine for a lot of service based businesses like web design or anything that don’t really requires an address but if you’re trying to rank a restaurant or something like Iphone repair shop it’s a little bit harder to rank those with a service area.

For the most part you want to try to get a physical address if you can if you’re going to operate on something that people are actually would want to walk into.

One thing that you want to think about when you’re verifying your GMB is what do you want to set the category as.

The way I set the category is I will actually just choose what everybody else is ranking for so if I’m trying to rank for web design and everybody’s ranking on it has a category website designer that’s what I’m going to choose.

How to Verify a GMB

So if we go into Google My Business and sign in and if I want to add a location I would just press add a location > add a single location and type in the business name.

If I want to rank for SEO in Colorado Springs the next thing I would use is SEO Colorado Springs and add your business to google and click next to go to business category.

Again the way I’m going to look up a business category is I will check and see what everybody else is using and after this google will ask you if you want it to set as a physical address or you want to serve customers in your area and then you’re just going to select the area that you’re in. 

How to Build Citations 


Building Citations are pretty simple I usually just order them. I used to build it myself manually but that’s not really necessary anymore.

If you want to know what Citation is basically it’s your Name,Your Address and phone Number .

The reason why this is important is because when Google looks at your business or when anybody looks at your business you’re hoping that your business is going to show up the same on pretty much multiple platform.

Like if you look on yellow pages and your business name is something different or your address is something different or you phone number is different it’s going to look like a kind of sketchy.

If you don’t have any Citations meaning that your business name, your address and phone number aren’t showing up anywhere on the internet meaning that if you look on yelp and there’s no business with that name or look on Facebook that’s why citations are important.

Citations are basically your Name,Address and Phone Number showing up on relevant websites that people would look for your information and you want that information to be consistent.

One extra thing that is a part of the citation is actually your website URL you want it included if you can.


Citation Builder Pro

Citation Builder pro

I just use this tool Citation Builder Pro,you look up Chase Reiner Citation Builder Pro you’ll find an actual discount package that you can use and the citation that they build are really cool because the build a spreadsheet of all the different citations they built all of your log.ins.

You can just change them if you need to and also they will clean up your citations too if you have a bunch of inconsistent citation they will actually fix that and the way you look for your citations.

If you don’t know what they are you can go to just something like whitespark Ca this tool will actually let you see what your citations look like.


Optimizing GMB

Optimizing GMB

Optimizing your Google My Business is pretty simple what you’re going to do is you’re going to take images of your location and you want to take as many images as possible.

You’ll see what I did with my web design sites is kind of silly but if you have your home address register as your GMB location you’re not going to really have like a business address to take pictures.

Instead what you’re going to do is you’re just going to take pictures inside your house and pretty much name this different files something around like office door,office plant office dog,sitting area,waiting area,customer bathroom.

I’ll actually take these images then I’ll name them. I’ll change their URL and name them what they are.

I don’t do Geo tagging and editing any of the meta data in the Images. I just changed the URLs and then added them.

You’ll see Google actually pulls these images Google does care about having team photos and location photos so the more you have like people and in your business location the better.

Another thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that you’re responding to reviews because responding to reviews gives you a ranking boost and it just gives you the opportunity to get more content on your GMB.

You can also add business information like you can add a description. I usually just copy the text from whatever is on the homepage and plug it right into GMB.

As long as you’re getting your picture in there and responding to reviews and you want to make sure that when you’re trying to rank for your page don’t put all your keywords in your title tag and just put whatever the name of your business is.


Review Generation Strategy 

Review generation strategy

If you want to rank your website really high try to just streamline in getting a review.

One of the best ways in getting a review is doing a tutorial. I have a pretty big list of people on my messenger and on my texting and email.

If I want to start generating reviews on any listing around my online marketing web design and SEO stuff I could pretty much do it,that’s how I’m able to rank a lot of these sites.

Being able to have people to vouch for you on these different businesses  that you’re trying to rank is very important and it’s a very easy way to start ranking.

I was able to build for my Chase Reiner GMB over 279 five star reviews just by doing this method. This is something that’s going to help you basically skyrocket your business in any business.

The secret to it is you build national content and then you siphon that to reviews,social signals any sort of authority that you want to build.


Including NAP and Map embed on the site

Include nap and map embed

On all your local sites you want to at least include the name of your business, your address and your phone number you can put it in the footer also you can put the service hour in there and you can also put map embed on your homepage or your most important pages in the sidebar or in the footer.

Having your map embedded kind of just add more relevancy to your website. It shows that you are local and obviously having your hours,your phone number,your name and address is just going to be a good thing to do.