Today we are going over how I actually get local Web Design Clients and turn them into Seo Clients with little websites that I rank in different areas for web design.

With these Squarespace Websites you’re pretty much going and pumping out a website like in a day and you’re not doing anything except taking a template and putting content on it from either another website that has content or content that’s being sent to you.

Squarespace is pretty easy to set up and this is where I actually rank most of my websites and it’s with these Squarespace templates.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


The Place Where I Got the Lead

Google Top page

The place I actually got the lead was from Web Design Colorado Springs.

So as soon as I moved to Colorado I went to use my home address to rank for Web Design in Colorado Springs which is where I’m at.

As you can see I rank number 2 organically and I’m number in local search results.

Web Design Colorado Springs Website

Squarespace site

This website is just an easy website. You’ll see it has a call to action at the top and has a bunch of content that I got written for very cheap and altogether this website cost me $200 in total.

What I did to set this website up is pretty simple I’ll explain to you how I got the lead and how I sold it to them but before that, I’m going to show you how I set this website up so you will see how easy it is and what I’m going to do is I’m going to use my local Seo Checklist to just copy everything over to this website.

Local SEO Checklist 

Local seo checklist

After choosing the theme for the website, what I’m going to do next is I’m going to pull out my Local Seo Checklist to just copy everything over to this website.

If you guys aren’t familiar with the Local Seo Checklist just go to and if you go to resources you’ll find the local checklist and you can just pretty much take this template and copy all the stuff into your website.

This is the exact steps that I use to rank on all of my websites I’ve ranked for iPhone repair, I’ve ranked for computer repair, I’ve rank multiple design sites, I’m ranking a website right now for roof repair, I’ve ranked on plumbing website in San Diego, I’ve ranked all kinds of sites just using this templates. 

Even my SEO Company back when I was in Sta Barbara this is the exact architecture I used to rank that website within my local SEO program.

Local Website Layouts

Website layout

This is the kind of layout you would want for the most local websites and as long as you’re not going for a keyword difficulty that’s over 10 you can be able to rank this without links.

I don’t do any link building for any of my clients or any of my websites and I’m able to achieve these results.

Choosing a Content Management System


I use either WordPress with Divi or Squarespace. For the most part, I use Squarespace because of how fast you can get the stuff pump-out.

You can see like if you want to edit a page all you have to do is press edit and then just click on the words and it’s basically just easy.



For the domain you want to look up first your target, you don’t want to just start to rank for Web design in your area if you don’t know how difficult the keywords are.

I use Ahrefs for this and what I’ll do is I go to keywords explorer and I’ll look up like if I want to rank for web design in Denver or something I could type in web design in Denver and you will see it has like 39 keyword difficulty for only 400 search volume that’s not a lot of search volume for such a hard keyword.

I would rather go for a keyword that has lower search volume but easier keyword difficulty and rank for a bunch of keywords that are less difficult with higher search volume than spend my time competing for something that has a keyword difficulty of 40 and higher search volume.

What you can also do is start looking up related cities in your area like if you’re in Denver or if you’re in an area that’s really competitive then look for cities that are near to that area.

Buying Your Domain


What I do is I just go to GoDaddy and I’ll start looking for domains.

Now if you can’t find your exact match domain then what you need to do is you need to find something close to it.

So if I want to go from Web Design Colorado Springs and if that is already taken you want to just do the abbreviated version if you can’t get the full exact match.

It’s not a big deal to have abbreviations in your domain as long as you can go for like exact match titles meaning your business is whatever your main keywords are, that’s actually the best way to rank quickly.

If you’re going to expand on a national level and you want to start getting like a bunch of rankings in different towns and you wanted to go for a brand that reaches all around the world then you could just do something like

But I found out that when you create niche sites and you are just targeting one area you will rank in almost a month on Google My Business and in Organic results.

Verifying GMB

Verifying gmb

The way I do this is I just do home addresses so if you don’t have a home address that you can verify your GMB.

If you do have a home address that you can verify and you’re worried about showing it on the map you don’t have to worry about that because you can hide it and make it a service area so it just shows like the area around.

But the problem is that when you’re trying to rank a service area you don’t really get the proximity ranking factors as well like if somebody’s next to your house and you’re a service area you will not get that kind of boost if somebody’s close to you on the maps like physical addresses do.

Citation Builder Pro

Citation Builder Pro

If you type in citation builder pro actually and you put Chase Reiner at the end of it they’ll give you a discount

If you look at roof repair squad they actually went up from 0 DR to 8 DR so it actually helps boost their rankings.

So the only type of link building that I really do is citations because you do get links out of it as well so after we got the citations built they went up to 8 DR and then they also have been going up in rankings as well so I definitely think it is worth it to do your citations even if you’re on a national site.

If you don’t know what citations are they’re basically your Name, Address, and your phone number of your business, as well as your website and you want all of these as consistent as possible across different local indexing sites like yelp, bing Etc.

And then you’re going to take images what I’ll do is I’ll just take pictures of my computer, I’ll take pictures of like plants, and some random people and put it in the GMB and you want to have as many pictures of people, buildings, and I’ll name the file as specific as possible.

Building Topical Relevancy

Topical Relevancy

The more content you have around your subject the better you’re going to do.

You’ll see in some industries there’s not going to be a lot of content and if it’s not enough and we still need to build more content on the site because the site is not ranking very well then need to come up with other subjects that are applicable to our company so that we can rank.

You’ll see within all my content that I’ve been ordering at Writers Access what you’ll see is I get a bunch of content around for “Flat roof replacement”, “emergency roof repair”, “Top roofing companies in Houston” these are different keywords and we have pages that were built for each one of them even if they only have 10 monthly searches because what we want to do is we want to take those pages and we want to link them back to our homepage with our main anchor text that’s how we were able to rank number 1 for roof repair in Houston which is a pretty difficult keyword.

So you can see these pages that say roof repair we’re going to internally link them back to the homepage to pass that link value.

Call Tracking

Call tracking

Once you get your web design site ranking let’s say you start ranking for web design in the town that you’re in.

Obviously you start getting these leads coming in and you want to have call tracking enabled. 

Because if you miss any of the calls you can just go back to your call tracking and see if anybody called your phone.

This is how I do it you’ll see here call tracking metrics will track my different calls from my different websites.

Specific Questions to Ask

What is your goal

Generally the questions I’ll ask is “What is your goal?”, “What would you like your website to look like?”, I will also discuss marketing.

As long as you’re asking questions that’s all that matters, you just want to ask as many questions as possible that once you’re about to sell to them you already have the idea of what they want so then you just repeat back what they said to you.

I almost always hear people tell me “I didn’t expect the price to be that high” and my response is that “I always bundle in extra stuff like marketing”.

Most people don’t want to pay a bunch of money for SEO or on the website but what I always say is that I’m also going to be consulting you on marketing or if I’m going to sell SEO I’m going to say

 “You don’t want to get this done twice, you want to have this done correctly, you want to have deliverables that you can see.

Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Packages

It includes one content strategy and keyword targeting (What are the new things we want to rank for each month, what is the thing that we want to do to bring in more traffic ).

The 2nd thing is the web design so we just get the pages put on there for them and then optimizations for those pages which is usually pretty simple or just making sure the title tags are targeting what we want to target. And make sure that we internal link to the other important pages and we make sure that we have some sort of call to action so that we can control our traffic through some sort of channel like many chat.

Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition

If somebody buys from you that’s really the hardest part because once they buy from they’re likely going to be a returning customer so your biggest job is to try to front-load as much work as possible.

So if you lose money like if I only do 997 on this first project and I was losing money on that because it’s not really worth my time as much that’s fine because what you want to do is you want to think about the lifetime value of a customer and think about that this customer could end up paying me once a month for the next 12 months and that could be 10 grand.

So if I can front-load the first month by really impressing them or something that’s where they’re going to continue to stay.

Biggest Goal with Your Projects

Biggest goal

Whenever you’re trying to get something to buy something from you the first thing you want to do is you want to figure out how you can build traffic this is all you have to do.

Once you figure out how to build traffic what you can do from there is to build an opt-in strategy and this is really just giving away something for free like you can give away free phone call free consultation, free checklist as long as people are getting into your funnel somehow.

Your goal as a marketer is to get people on the phone you want by day two or three after somebody sees you or even day one you want them to get on the phone with you as fast as possible.

Even the people who email me I get a bunch of email everyday people looking to ask me questions about SEO.

There’s this company who emailed me and they want to rank for “ contractors”, “ general contractors”  in their area and they want to get a price quote.

I’m not going to give them a price quote over email because that’s not the way I do things, so what I’ll say “before I talk about the pricing I’d like to get on a quick phone call and tell you a little bit about my process” because I want them to be able to qualify themselves. 

On any phone call you want them to just talk about themselves you should not be the one who’s doing the talking you should be quiet and you want them to ask questions as possible and you want to repeat back to them what they said.

Then once you do that you’re going to pitch them whatever you’re next level is

Seo Pro Bundle

Seo Pro bundle

The SEO Pro bundles include the paid SEO templates, chatbot templates, my chatbot sequences, it includes all my videos that explain how to use the tutorials.

I got over 10 different marketing tutorials which are about over a 100 hours of material going through ranking locally, going through ranking nationally.

The best part of these courses really is that you get to watch over the shoulder exactly what I’m clicking on.

So like with the local SEO, it’s me going through we talked about today and literally going in and buying the domain off of GoDaddy It’s me going and actually setting up the website on Squarespace, going and doing the keyword research.

And it’s actually a lot slower pace than the Youtube tutorials so that you get to see everything.

I have broken down Step-by-Step the same thing with all these courses like the affiliate site this is me over the shoulder just going through it taking a brand new client that had zero organic visits a month to over 30,000 visits a month and making like 50 grand a month off of affiliate stuff.