RBA or Relationship Building Automation is a program I recently created which is more likely to take over when it comes to SEO and doing automation for robots. Basically, we’re going to tackle how the rise of competition with SEO and Organic Search Results is a bad thing.

On the other hand, how it is going to affect everybody who does SEO and a lot of people will be switching to robots, automation, and utilizing even A.I. to improve their businesses and the businesses they are working with. 

Basically I’m going to explain to you how I’ve been able to start automating a lot of my own relationships how I bring those relationships into my sales process, how I end up selling my services to them as well as info products and how I can do this in other business as well and how you can too.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

Specifically, we’re going to talk about what is Relationship Building Automation, what is possible with robots, we are going to talk about chatbots that I have been able to create so far and I’m going to show you a little bit on what I have been able to do.

You’ll learn how to build a new online business if you are looking to diversify your income streams with other things than just SEO, we’re going to talk about how to set up your first chatbot. And the different basic things you need to do in order to pull data from your chatbot users into spreadsheets so you can start collecting data.

We’re also going to talk about data scraping with certain tools like phantom buster to data-mine and be able to grab information from your users and use that for your sales process, we’re going to talk about how to use Integromat to process your data and be able to integrate with multiple platforms like phantom buster and mini chat and we’re going to talk about social media automation and what’s possible there.

What is RBA or Relationship Building Automation and Why is it Important

What is RBA

The main reason is the internet is expanding at an insane rate and the more content is added the more competition there is.

So like let’s say you are trying to rank a blog post now versus 5 years ago you’re going to compete with 500x the people on the search results if not even more because there’s so much content being created trying to target the same keywords that everybody’s trying to rank for organic traffic or rank organically.

The problem with this is that if you think about this for another 5 years from now it’s going to be even more competitive.

So all of the cold advertising that people were doing all the cold lead generation is going out the window because leads are harder to convert these days if the lead doesn’t know who you are so you want to build that lead into warm traffic and how you warm that traffic up is through automating your relationships online. 

If we look at what’s going on right now, most people are doing ads or they’re doing their ranking organically or they’re social media and they’re pointing people directly to their sales page and that’s not usually how it works because most people are not going to buy because they don’t know who you are.

Instead of paying for leads, you are actually paying for people to get something for free.

That means that you’re actually paying for no leads in the sense that nobody’s going to buy from you so instead of doing what most people are doing which everybody’s trying to buy leads is you’re just paying for people to opt-in to something like Many Chat or a call to action or do something just to go to your website.

The reason for that is because most people would click on the link most people will go to your website most people will pretty much do anything that doesn’t require them to buy.

And the reason they don’t want to buy is that they’re saturated all the time with people to get to buy something from them.

So instead of you selling what you do is you pay for people to see something for free whether you are buying content so you can rank on google, doing a youtube video, and paying for advertisement so instead, you let them opt-in and it should be simple and many people are interested in it.

For example, giving a free SEO template that has high opt-in rates because people want a high value and free. 

Using Many Chat

Using ManyChat

Those people who opt-in to that relationship with me all go to ManyChat and we get a new lead/opt-in every click and I’m going to show you what I can actually do with that click in a second but once people are in I get about 70% open rate. 

That means, 70% of the people will be getting a new message from me in the future. If you think of people who opt-in through email or calling you that is extremely high retention rate and that’s paying such a small amount of money where others are paying a lot of money per schedule. 

I can also pull data from the users that I can use for the future to cross-reference with them and use it to build conversation in a personal way without them knowing that robots are working behind the scenes.

Chatbots That I Created

Chat bots I created

I’m going to show you what’s possible with the Chatbots that I have been able to create on my own in the last few months with all just theory but then actually be able to use this theory to create real scenarios where I’ve been able to collect data. 

As you can see this is tons of line of data from people where all I grab their email and I’m able to grab that back to their profiles in Many Chat or wherever I want to reference it and automatically use that data as a way to start conversations on any network I want whether It’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Text Messages, Messenger. 

I can use this data to tag people in any of these platforms and actually reference the information I know about them and message them on these platforms with the information they don’t know I know.

So Let’s say I want to go look at all the people whose I’ve been able to grab their locations so if I go to Audience > Locations so if I want to see anybody in the United Kingdom or If I want to see anybody who has a location.

Not only I got their location I also get their job date range, Birthday, Company they’re working at, School they went to, I get to see the skills they have, I get this stuff off of LinkedIn automatically tagging their accounts 

ManyChat Sequence

Chatbot Sequence

As you can see this guy here Eric Moore in ManyChat clicks the link I created. Then what happens is I’ll offer something like the Screamingfrog Config file but before I give that away I’ll ask for his Email. And then my robots, once he gives me his email it updates my main template.

So my main template tracks all of my conversations I’ve had with people the questions I’m asking it also tells me whether or not they got my template.

It gives me a ton of data already right off the bat that is fed into my first spreadsheet 


Phantom Buster

I can actually feed all of these things that are getting pulled from ManyChat into that spreadsheet which then gets pulled into Phantom Buster.

Phantombuster can reverse look-up emails to LinkedIn profiles and other platforms as well. If I set this up correctly all  I have to do is press “Launch” and we will automatically be getting all these new emails crawled and matched to LinkedIn.

The next thing that I do is I take Phantom Buster and I feed it into Integromat.

What does Integromat do?


It takes all the information and it tags it into ManyChat or whatever platform I want to tag the information so I can cross-reference on any social media platform.

The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to learn any of this all you have to do is take all the template that I export plug it into your accounts and you’re ready to go.

You can take the spreadsheets you can take all these files and you just follow the simple step by step instructions in the program and you’re good to go.

You can also replicate it on any business and the best part about it is that any business is going to want any data collection because most businesses don’t this and they don’t have the ability to take the leads they are getting and then gather this much data on them.

It is important to gather data from leads because if we want to filter what is going on, all of this information can be achieved just with the data collection that we are doing with the help of a robot.

Understanding how Chatbots work

How chatbots work

In chatbots, all you’re basically really doing is you’re creating a way for people to message you and what your goal is you want people to think that you are human.

In a way, you can make people thick your chatbots are human is by cross-referencing data that people don’t think you have because how is somebody going to know that it’s your birthday if all you’ve given them is your email unless they went out and looked at your information somewhere else.

So we can have chatbots automatically email people or text messaging them saying “Happy Birthday” or we can have them reference their location or even their mom we can do crazy stuff so that’s sort of the purpose of this idea.

How to make money using Chatbot?

How to make money using chatbots

And how you make money off of this is isn’t necessarily just by creating Chatbots gathering data it’s by selling data because everybody wants more information on their customers it makes selling easier to them, it makes sorting information easier, it makes prospecting easier.

Data is the Ultimate way to sell to people these days because most traffic that people get just falls off the cliff and it never comes back.

So being able to collect where 90% of people’s traffic is going and bring it into some sort of data collection process you now retain all off these people.

And the best part is you’re not only retaining them on one platform like messenger and the goal of the robot is to start getting them into other platforms like texting or emails and you can do this by grabbing their information and actually adding it to flows where once you grab their phone number or email it starts working on its own

It is by selling data for the customer to be used for their businesses. Sorting data such as what they are interested in helps them find and message customers using their emails, through text messages, or even call them and provide the details of the business or services they are offering. 

How to Set up Your First Chatbot

Setting up Your first Chatbot chatbot

What can you do is a simple step process where we can go to “ New Flow” and label it  E.g: “New Chatbot” and pretty much immediately you can import a flow that you got from me.

So if download the flow and then what you do is open the flow and there would be a template and you click on it and it imports into your account and you will already have the flow that I have created and integrated.

It’s also the same thing with Integromat you can copy and export just by going to “Export Blue Print” you press import and now it matches up to all the columns that you already exported within Many Chat which only take seconds to do.

The best part about this is that you can do this not only in your own accounts or your own business but you can also do this for your clients.

This is literally the future of how things are supposed t be working on the internet and it’s the way out of just doing SEO, because everybody wish they would have gotten into SEO when it first started back when web design was big like a huge thing before anybody was doing web design.

But now everybody’s going to be wishing they got on chatbots a lot sooner and data scraping with relationship building automation because robots are the future of marketing.

It’s going to replace thousands of people’s jobs so why not get on it now and control the robots instead of having the robots control you.