Today I’m going to show you how I rank these SEO clients locally and why they’re paying me $2800 every single month after the first phone call and they pay me about $1500 to $2000 to get their SEO done for them monthly.

I’m going to show you exactly how I do this and this is actually going to be the start of the new local program I’m creating called the Local SEO Client Program as you all know I sell $800 audits and then what I’ll do is I’ll sell $2000 of implementations and if you don’t believe it, you can check my last video and you will see me live going through an audit with a client.

I did this for a new client I just got, I did this for Roof Repair Squad which is another client I have, I did this for Delta City Painters and I continue to do this for different websites and you can see that every single website I work with, whether it’s a local website or national website they almost rank every single time.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

I’m going to show you what I do to sell these projects and how I actually go into the projects and do the work and I will show you exactly what you have to do in order to do what I ‘m doing.

Basically what I’m doing is I’m taking everything I know about local SEO and how I have been continually able to sell these projects over and over and we’ll talk about how I generate the leads through Youtube, Facebook, Organic Traffic, doing Google Maps, rankings with web design sites.

I’m going to talk about selling the audits to the clients, understanding the deliverables, how to set up your packaging and your pricing, selling packages for your ongoing retainers, Implementing the actual SEO and getting the rankings.

SEO Clients

Seo clients

SEO clients doesn’t have to be something that’s super difficult like you don’t have to do anything crazy for them in order to rank them.

Generally, you just want to work with clients that have a low difficulty, what I mean by that if you go look at the clients and you see what keywords they are trying to rank for, literally just go to Ahrefs and type in their keywords, let’s say we want to rank for web design in colorado springs.

As you can see on the image above it has 6 keyword difficulty and if it’s about below 10 keyword difficulty I can almost guarantee the client that I can rank them number 1 in a month or two.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like making guarantees with SEOs because I think that’s a bad thing to do but I can almost guarantee with the systems that we use and we’ve done it time and time again we did it with roof repair squad, we did it with my web design sites, we did it with iPhone repair, we did it with all these different sites and you can actually see the videos on my channel if you look up iPhone repair SEO, Roof Repair SEO, if you look up these tutorials on my channel you will actually see me ranking these pages live and showing you what I’m doing.

Case Study

Case Study

If you’re thinking that you don’t have what it takes to do this, it’s not incredibly difficult in fact the most difficult part is generating the local leads, selling them the services and then getting help with what you need on the project which is content and web design if you’re not doing that stuff yourself which is what I recommend if you’re going to follow my system that I’m doing.

Here’s what we need to do, first of all, we need to figure out what is the difficulty of the keyword just like what you can see on the image above It’s super easy.

What’s going to happen is I’m going to try to start to rank this keyword locally, and the first thing I want to do if I want to bring in leads is I’m going to create some sort of a Youtube video around how I’m going to rank number 1 for this keyword.

The reason why I do all my stuff it’s because I want to showcase what I’m doing so I can get more clients.

By doing this stuff  I’m going to target low difficulty keywords and if you don’t have a client just go and find a low keyword difficulty like in the image above. 

If you go to my website right now you can actually see all the lowest difficulty under the resources and then go to “Keywords To Rank On Google” this is actually the list I generated off all the top cities around the US and I paired all Google My Business Categories to them. And you can just go for low keyword difficulties and If you can just rank on one of the keywords you can then make a case study about this or make a Youtube Video and say how did you rank for that keyword.

Then what you can do is you can start bringing in a lot of traffic, you don’t have to show your face you just need to know how to record your screen. 

If you don’t know how to do all this stuff I’m going to show it to you in this program as well so you can see how to make the case study.

Ranking Your First Keyword


Once you rank for these keywords then you start creating content around it and what’s going to happen is you’re going to create a landing page on your website about the SEO Audit you did.

If you want to make an $800 audit then obviously make an $800 audit page like what I have on my website.

All the people whose watching my videos go over my Audit Page and then they pay $800 for the audit. This is what also happen for the client I didn’t get on the phone, I didn’t do anything they just got to the website and I got a notification. I did the audit live on Youtube and then I got on the call and I made $2800 combined with that phone call in a matter of 2 days. 

Again one phone call that they need a $2800 implementation and this is not abnormal by any means. I have done this multiple times with different clients whether it’s with our roof repair site or our painting site and I don’t sell ongoing retainers instead l sell packages.

3 Month Package

3 Month Package

The big difference between me and other people out there doing SEOs is I’m not locking people in into these long contracts the only thing I care about is trying to get people into a 3-month sort of deal where I can work with them.

I’m not locking them by any means because what I’ll do on the first month is I’ll sell all the implementations, I can do as much as possible that means I front-load all my work right away in other words what I’m doing is I’m trying to get the most results in the first month so that I can go in and put them into a maintenance plan in a couple of months doing web design, content and SEO and continue ranking them.

All these implementations will show you exactly what these audits look like and what implementations are, what we have to do and what they bought for the $2000.

This whole strategy right here just leads to 3 months results and it always works whether it’s my own sites or my client’s sites it always works I’m not doing anything sketchy, I’m not doing any black hat or some sort of weird secret sauce I’m just doing basic stuff that google tells you to do.

What I’m Selling to Clients

Selling to Clients 

I’ll show you what I’m actually selling to these people and what I’m doing. These are the audits and the top issues first is we have to fix the server response that means we have to go in and change the hosting. We have to do some page speed optimization, what I do for this is I work with a page speed guy to make their website load faster.

We need to set up the conversion tracking correctly because it’s not set up for the contact page. We need to set up the opt-ins for the main pages so we can start controlling our traffic. We need to get rid of the bloat pages like the Author pages, Thank you pages, and Uncategorized pages. 

We need to set up some schema markup and then next we go and fix the bounce rates by changing the design on the big bounce rate pages that we can actually see through these benchmarking sheets.  We need to be doing more keyword targeting around PPC because most of the keywords that are ranking for is around SEO.

CTR optimization for the pages that have low Click Through Rate all we need to do is just change the titles and meta descriptions. We are also going to work with the internal link strategy just to make sure that the pages are linking to the other valuable pages.

These are all pretty simple pages. We took all the different competitors here and we started extracting ppc related keywords that we don’t have on the website and we will start ordering content around that.

We also need to clean up the page speed and set up the opt-in strategy for the lower part of the funnel because they only have kind of paid pages right now and they need to have more ways for people to opt-in for free.

We’re going to work on content strategy and target keywords that are lower than 10 keywords difficulty and we need to do some automation to build our authority.

Invoice and Expectation of What You’re Selling

Invoice with expectations

You always want to send over an invoice with what the expectations are and for what you’re selling. This is the exact package I use for pretty much all of my SEO projects.

This actually includes the phase 1 audit which has the first round of implementations and everything that we have on our checklist which again if you know know how to do the checklist there’s a paid checklist you can get as well on my website that will show you tutorials on how to do each part of these things otherwise if you know all of the things on the checklist you can just do it yourself.

This stuff isn’t incredibly complicated, it might seem a lot if you’re brand new to SEO.

Figuring the Audit Layout

Audit Layout

The first thing that you want to do is to figure out the audit layout, once you kind of get the audit down things get easier, meaning that if you want to start bringing in $2800 clients a month and you follow the step by step techniques that I’m showing you right now, you’re going to easily start bringing in clients.

I get a ton of clients and if I’m really pushing what I’m teaching you right now I would start getting 100 leads a month. If you start following this layout that I have it’s almost a guarantee that you will start getting clients and they will start buying from you at high ticket prices.

It’s pretty unreal that I’m able to sell at the price that I’m able to sell at continually and still getting clients that are willing to pay all the time and I’m not locking anybody in and I’m not selling 12 months of SEO, where on month 1 I don’t really have anything else to do.

What I’m selling is just 3-6 months program to them. Our banking usually 7K- 10K per project and I’m continually getting this projects every single month and I’m giving them everything they need in 3-6 months period and then I’m done they get all the results that they want they’re happy and I get a case study a good testimonial and I continue to get more and more of these sales.

The crazy part about this is I don’t even make most of these sales from my clients and I make about 27K per month selling info products and selling online products like my templates and programs.

The Reason Why I’m able to sell that high though is because I have such great results I’m able to sold insane case studies constantly with all these different websites so when people go and look they will see that I’m able to rank with all these different keywords and then they want to learn how I did it they want to know how I was able to rank for these keywords or how I was able to generate these clients as well.

New Local SEO Client Program

New Local SEO Client Program

You will be able to see all the different ways that I’m able to do this stuff through Facebook, through Youtube, through meetup groups.

Sometimes I’ll just walk in into the companies like I’m going to get my car fixed or something then I will offer them an audit while I’m there.

If I find out that I’m talking to a business owner the first thing I’m going to do is ask how many traffic they’re getting off of Google, almost every single person that I talk to and ask about it have no idea and they don’t have analytics set up they don’t have call tracking set up, they don’t have really anything set up online so it’s really easy to offer them an audit for free.

This is more about how to actually generate the leads that I generate that are paying me $2000 per month, that are paying me for new audits every month, and how I get these leads, how I talk to them, what I actually do in terms of hiring the writers for them, working with the web designers, working with the projects so this is more about managing local clients than it is about doing the implementations but you will learn a little bit of both.