today I’m going to show you how I got a $9,000 increase by automating my relationships online so last month you can see I brought in about 7,000 and this month it’s about 15.3.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to be taking you through the process I use to take somebody who’s brand new and doesn’t know anything about me except maybe they saw one of my videos or they got my checklist.

How I’m actually able to have real conversations with these new people that I meet or that find me online and completely automate a personalized conversation with them by taking their data and using it to get to know more about them and interact with them so if you’ve been following me and you’re on my Facebook likely you’ve already received one of these messages.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide


 Many Chat

I use Many Chat and I’m going to show you a couple examples of conversations that I’ve been having with people so here was a test that I did with somebody .

I’m just pulling random information but what’s kind of cool is when you see this happening with a bunch of different people you can see the power of what I’m able to actually pull.

I’m able to pull their websites, I’m able to pull their birthdays, their school degrees, their different skills.

I’m able to create these flows that I can use to have personalized conversations with these users. 

The processes aren’t fully developed yet and  I’m still finding the best ways to create these conversations .

This is how I actually get people into a conversation with me.

How I take them from just getting their email and within 10 hours sending them back a message that says here’s your website,here’s the school you went to, here’s the different skills that you specify that you’re good at.

How that’s actually going to lead an increase in sales because the real reason why I’m able to make more money from this and how you can you pretty much use this in any business is all you’re doing is you’re taking data that these people have no idea that you know about them because all they’re doing is leaving their email.

Phantom Buster

Phantom buster

After getting that email we’re going to feed it into a crawler called Phantom Buster.

If I press launch it’s going to end up crawling the email along with other email who would end up getting the new checklist.



Once it’s done crawling from Phantom Buster what’s going to happen is I’m going to use integromat and I’m going to pass all the data that’s being crawled in her going to their Many Chat profile.

It looks complicated but what I’m doing is I’m taking their data and I’m passing this through all the way to the funnel.

Then I will be tagging their location,their skills,LinkedIn URL.

Everything That I grabbed from LinkedIn and I’m able to reference that to the Many Chat.

How to Setup Flow

How to set up flow

Once somebody is tagged it’s s going to put them into a flow and the flow is going to message them in an automated sequence like the one we just saw.

What we are going to do is we’re going to put them into this flow that references their information.

To do that we go to the settings and reference their subscriber ID on the first sheet since that’s the way we message them then we’re going to pull the flow .

Inorder to pull the flow we just go to many chat and we’re going to go to flows and the click the 7 day Flow.

The coolest part about this is you can take these flows in this whole system and you can directly input it into your business.

In the flow what’s going to happen is all of the stuff’s going to get tagged and in the flow you will see it will wait a minute to make sure their tagged went  through.

When setting up the flow try to make it more natural 

How to pull more data

How to pull more data

We want to find something else you want to message them about then what we’re going to do is continue to the next step and we’re going to send a message and we can go in the search bar and press the bracket and it’ll show up all the information we know about them.

If we scroll down we have their birthday,we have all their skills, we have their email, we have their job location, job date range, job title profile ,School,Etc.

The cool part about this system is you can not only replicate it to your own business in like seconds because it’s just all templates and you can replicate it pretty much to anybody’s business.

Also you can also replicate it to different platforms like if you want to crawl. Instagram,Facebook all these different platforms are easily you’re able to do that and then take down to these different platforms.

One thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have conditional formatting so that for instance if it is able to find the school degree then you send it to them if not then it sends them to somewhere else.

Linking Flow to Integromat

Linking Flow to Integromat

We’re Going to make sure that this flow is hooked up in Integromat and make sure that the people got crawled.

So what we can do is we can start passing these people through our system so once we press run what’s going to happen is we’re gonna have the file pull from Phantom buster upload it to Google Drive and then it’s going to start tagging these new people.

uploads it an and updates the new information it gets passed to Google sheets then it gets passed a mini chat and people start getting tagged.

We’re Also going to put a filter and we’re gonna say that if they’ve already been tagged we’re not going to send them the flow again.

That means that if we already contacted them if they have this already on their account then we don’t want to send them the same flow that we’ve already sent them.

We can have this automated run every ten hours and so any new user that comes in just  sends them these messages.

Specifying User Data

Specifying User data

One thing that I have to specify is we don’t want to tag the people twice.

In order for me to do that I just have to set up the filters and in Integromat so that we’re not passing the data twice because it just takes more processes ideally you don’t want to do that everytime.

But now these people are starting to get into these flows and the thing is that it’s not these messages are not going to be sent if the user has already been contacted in this way.

But for the new people it’s going to end up sending them messages once we get to those people.

That’s pretty much the process and what ends up happening again is that we start getting messages sent out and it starts pulling the data that we specified.

Getting data on different platform


We can end up doing this again on a different platform like Instagram,Twitter,Facebook we can also do it with Pinterest you scrape these different accounts and you get different data points.

like family members pictures of family members relationship status different like if they’ve attended certain events you can do all kinds of crazy stuff.

Relationship building automation

Relationship building automation

I created a program called relationship building automation and what this program does is it actually teaches you how you can do this yourself.

How you can export the templates, plug them into your accounts and how you can end up selling this to your clients.

This is a service that I’m actually selling to clients now because you can replicate this in any business.

Start automating relationships with people by anybody who wants a free sample or they want some sort of free offer and then as soon as they get it.

Bring them into this funnel you have real conversations with them real meaning that they think that you’re you’re looking through their profile you’re trying to find out about them and you’re talking to them.

Then you’re actually pitching them something at the end which increases your sales by a ton and increases your booking.

One way you can do this is you can actually at the end of the conversation is you can offer a phone call or you can ask for a review.

You can do a bunch of crazy stuff with this system by taking these relationships that you’re building online and build them on a personal level with every single person that tries to contact you in an automated way and that you can do if your clients as well.