Welcome to the most extensive list of Facebook marketing tips for 2021! With over 2.7 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the wild west of online marketing potential! The potential for engagement and reach for small businesses is astronomical, and the platform is free. Small businesses may create a Facebook business page for free, which allows businesses with smaller advertising budgets to engage. Although Facebook does offer paid ads (which can be extremely useful), it takes no investment to get started and use the platforms successfully. We have spent hours researching and gathering tips from top professionals in the field so that you don’t have to. From setting up a Facebook business page and the basics to more complicated data analysis tips we have you covered! Before we get started, I wanted to invite you to join our FREE Facebook Social Media Marketing Group here.

Facebook Prospecting 

Aries Loutsaris from the marketing helpline says “My top tip would be to very creative with your prospecting ad (the more creative the better, use video, a collection of images into a video, use animals, puns, over the top acting, humor, whatever you want, but capture the prospects attention whilst specifying exactly what service or products you provide in the text of the ad) and then be very objective with your retargeting ad (just one image of your product or service and a clear short message on why they should purchase). An additional tip is to always target two different audiences, one is a lookalike audience based on their customer data) and the other is an interest-based audience to see which performs better.” Creative prospecting and targeting two different audiences are excellent examples of using the platform to your advantage. 

Advertising Campaigns

According to the social media revolver “When you are planning a Facebook advertising campaign which includes a landing page call to action make sure your Facebook ad looks the same visually as your landing page. If these do not resemble each other it will just confuse your audience and your campaign will lose impact.” Having a consistent “look” or “image” is key! Your landing page/call to action and your ads should be coordinated and match, so they can easily be identified as being associated. If they are not coordinated people will be confused and your campaign will lose momentum. 

 Accurate Conversion Tracking 

Geoff Gurevich at agency PPP says “Superb conversion tracking is critical in 2021. As Google and Facebook double down on AI bidding strategies, feeding the Facebook Ads platform back results is necessary to keep the system optimizing meaningfully. We audit a number of accounts that fail to track or blend their conversions (Facebook will only allow you to optimize towards a single conversion). Sometimes the only way to capture all “successes” is to create a custom conversion that reflects both a contact form completion or an appointment being scheduled for example. Regardless of the nuances, tracking all meaningful conversions can help the system help your campaigns.” Tracking conversions and accurately analyzing the data provides valuable information about your business and how it may be improved. 

Ad Attribution, Third Party Tracking, Funnels and Upsells 

Dino Gomez from Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc says “While the future of Facebook advertising is very bright the two biggest components of success moving forward will be two fold. First, proper attribution. Facebook notoriously gives the last ad attribution and credit for any type of lead or sale. This is great for advertisers to understand what retargeting ads are working. What is equally important is understanding the customer journey including what was the first ad the customer or lead clicked on that eventually led to a conversion. Using a third party tracking tool is critical now and will become increasingly more necessary as ad prices continue to rise. The second element to Facebook advertising success in the future will continue to be the average lifetime value of a customer. Aka the upsells and backend offers of your funnel. Advertisers who have a higher customer lifetime value will continue to have the upper edge to outspend their competition and gain first impressions on the newsfeed. There’s an old saying, “Who ever can pay the most for a lead and still be profitable will win.” And this will certainly hold true as we move into next year.”

Make sure your Facebook Name Matches your Name of Google My Business  

Bruce Jones at Bruce Jones SEO Says “Make sure your business name on your Facebook business page and all your other company social media profiles matches your business name on Google. Now is a great time to shorten your Facebook page url too if you have not done so already. Next add the links as additional properties in your website’s structured data. Then send a suggestion to Google from the link below so they will be included in their knowledge graph about your company.” Name consistency throughout platforms and GMB is important for brand awareness. 

Industry Specific Facebook Groups

According to Matt Diggity at Diggity Marketing “Never underestimate the opportunity to grow your brand presence through industry-specific Facebook groups. I’ve founded or moderate a handful of digital marketing Facebook groups with members numbering in the tens of thousands. The key to making this strategy work is actively contributing to the groups. I take time out of my schedule each day to post new topics and answer questions that group members might have. If you consistently deliver value in Facebook groups, people will take notice. You’ll boost the visibility of your business as well as building your authority and personal brand. And when I say “deliver value” I don’t mean overtly promoting your products or services. In many reputable groups, anything that smacks of advertising will get your posts deleted and, in many cases, get you banned. Focus on providing valuable advice and information that solves problems or offers insights into difficulties fellow group members face in their own business.”

Need Specific Adverts 

Lawrence Harmer from solve uk offers a simple bit often overlooked tip. “Sounds simple, but is often missed. Make sure you serve adverts with the intent that matches the needs of your customers. Too often we see adverts that are too broad. Eg Ski Holiday. Whereas you could do a ski holiday advert for families.”

 Campaigns according to Customer Journeys 

Richa Pathak at SEM Updates  suggests “Facebook works best for better reach and brand awareness. Best tip to make the most out of Facebook, align all your campaigns with a customer journey. When you create awareness and then after that campaign you try to generate leads, Facebook will boost the quality of your leads based on customer behaviour. This way you can increase your CTR easily and increase ROI at lower budget.”

Research Before Publishing 

Dan Brag at Brag Deal Web Design  says “Here is my top tip for Facebook marketing in 2021:Research before hitting ‘publish’ if you want to get the most out of every ad. Just putting a campaign together, picking a quick target audience, and throwing a random stock photo in won’t do the trick to convert people.”

Brand Awareness

According to Pierre de Braux a Content Strategist at Spiralytics Inc “I’ve seen so many brands build a Facebook page and expect things to magically happen if they post the right stuff. Unfortunately, competition on news feeds is stiff and simply posting the right content is pointless if it’s not reaching the right people. Building brand awareness is incredibly important if you want your brand’s message to rise above the clutter.

Despite being a bit of a vanity metric, Page Likes can have a huge impact on your news feed visibility, and one of the best ways to do that is by using Page Like Ads. It always helps to have a unique compelling message in your ads, but simply telling your target audience who you are and what your page is all about will do the trick. Getting likes this way is relatively affordable (Cost-Per-Like on Facebook is lower than Cost-Per-Click).The more likes your ad generates, the more organic visibility your future posts will get, so it’s always a worthwhile investment, especially when you’re just starting out.” 
Post thoughtfully

The first free tip is to thoughtfully post on Facebook. Your online marketing strategy should be carefully planned and methodical. You will have success with thoughtful posts that you will with unorganized random posts. Think about your overall marketing goal. Is it to get engagement? Comments? Messages? Sales? Shares? Think about your long term marketing strategy. Perhaps write out a list of all the content you’d like to post in the near future. Do you have 20 products you’d like to post about? Which ones would you like to post first? Get organized! 

Write the post with the content you’d like to include, considering the order of the content you’d like to post in the near future. Ask your followers to do what you would like; i.e. comment, share, message, like, etc. A lovely post goes as following:

Express your brand’s uniqueness 

What is unique about your brand or business? Why would someone choose your business over another similar business? It’s your time to shine. If your business sells “the best” organic fruit, make sure you convey that to your following. Think about what is unique about your business that customers may like to know about and that may make them more likely to purchase from you rather than from your competitors. Do you sing to the fruit trees? Water them 4 times a day with love? If you can spin your uniqueness in a way that is funny and engaging that is even better. 

My business is SEO, I like to share funny SEO memes. Everyone that follows me is interested in SEO and will also find what I am sharing funny. This allows for a positive and genuine interaction between my business and my followers. 

Don’t underestimate the power or humor to engage your followers! Many scientific studies support my hypothesis. It’s positive and engaging marketing. Post funny things that are pertinent to your business. Again, post thoughtfully, ensure that it is related to your business.

Make a Content Calendar 

This is related to posting thoughtfully. You want to think about your overall marketing goal and strategy so that you are posting methodically. Content calendar allows you to post and work most effectively, while spending the least amount of time spent on Facebook. You can think about how often you’d like to post content, whether it be pictures, memes, or written posts. There are some applications that allow you to automatically post your content. For beginners and small businesses a written calendar may suffice.

SEO your Business Page

Like any page on any website you want to ensure that your Facebook business page is organized and professional. It is important that you make your page(s) user friendly. Organize the information in a way that is clear and concise, leaving random and unimportant information out, or organized into a specific area. It should never be hard to find important information! Important information includes what your business is, how to order, how to contact, etc. Make sure it is as user friendly as possible. 

Facebook allows you to have reviews for your business. You can turn this feature off or on. I recommend turning it on. When you have reviews you have credibility and customers are more likely to purchase your product or engage with your brand. Facebook also allows you to link external social media links, this is a good idea so that customers can follow you on whatever platform they prefer most. Link all of these together. 

Establish a Facebook Group

My business is SEO. I created a Facebook group where people can follow my work, ask questions for free and socialize with other SEO lovers. Although this can and is used for promotional purposes, it is mainly used for people to connect, share information and learn. Avoid using strong call to actions and pushing sales within the groups, it should be used for people to connect about the topic/business you are presenting. 

Any business can benefit from establishing a Facebook group. If your business is selling trees, you’ll have a place for tree lovers to meet, converse and ask questions. People may be joining your group for knowledge about the topic with no intention of purchasing anything, and then may learn and purchase. Groups are a wonderful way to network and help your following grow. You should share information within your group freely, try to respond to questions and discussions personally, help your following grow!

Thoughtfully Pick your Group Name 

When naming your Facebook group you should name it after something people will likely search for using Facebook. This is the same as using keywords in your title within websites and the same as naming your website effectively. For example my group is “White hat SEO starts with an Audit”, it includes within the title “whitehat”, “SEO”, and “Audit”. If your business is about roof repair in Texas, then your group name should be “Roof Repair in Texas”, etc. It should not be “We fix roofs”. 

Post on your Facebook Story

Stories are unique from posts, you can post more casual content and include videos, little snips of your day, etc. Just like with posts, your story posts should be somewhat related to your business, they should be engaging and genuine. Perhaps you could use your story to show “behind the scenes” parts of your business. This adds a personal touch and followers can feel more connected to yourself and your business/brand. Stories allow for engagement, younger people especially interact with Facebook stories. You can consider sharing live snips of your day as it is related to your business. I share myself working, performing audits and making youtube videos. A cleaning company for example could show a before picture of a mess and then a live after video. This is a unique way to engage! 

Don’t Obsess over Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics per definition “make you look good to others but do not help you understand your own information in a way that informs future strategies” (Tableau, 2020). In other words, although it is fun to analyze vanity metrics, they do not provide very usable information about how you can alter your future posts to be more effective. Vanity metrics include bounce rate, time spent on page, unique users, pages per session, pages per month, and direct traffic lift. 

There are other metrics that provide more useful information, for example: spend per order rate, items per order, number of active subscriptions, upgrade rates, and renewal rates. These metrics more accurately describe how your business is doing. You could have an amazing vanity metric value, but then have no sales. Correlation does not equal causation. 

Use Facebook for Customer Service

Facebook is an easy way to provide customer service. Customers may leave reviews, comments and message your business directly. If the customer comments then it is a public display of how well your company handles customer service. Use this time to shine and show how superb your customer service is! Be personable, friendly and kind! 

Post With a Small Budget

Posting with a budget on Facebook (even with a small budget such as 10$) you can expand your reach astronomically. Generally a small advertising budget can become a vise investment and your investment will be returned tenfold. Facebook ads have repeatedly been found to be effective. Facebook ads are unique in the sense that they allow you to tailor your ades to a specific audience, they allow you to choose by location, age and other factors. Which is very important and helpful, especially since your product is most likely tailored towards a specific audience. I usually tailor my ads to reach young adults who have an interest in business. This is where having a general understanding of your audience and targeted audience is really helpful. It allows you to use your ad dollars most effectively. Additionally, you want your ads to be personal and warm, not “preachy” and “selly”, you can organize your ad like a normal post! 

Find your Niche Audience

Research your demographic and target audience. If you understand your business, this should be easy. For example if you want to start a baby swim lesson business your target audience would be new parents. This is your niche for marketing, and the audience you’d like to connect with. Once you identify your niche you can do more research to better understand the audience. For example, what else would new parents be interested in? How might you tailor your ads to reach new parents? What would they be most likely to read? What selling points can you offer them? FInd your niche, study your niche, and market with intent! 

Consider boosted Posts

Boosted posts are another way you can use money to advertise, boosted posts can reach people outside of your business page and group. Boosted posts increase traffic and can bring you more followers, engagement and possibly long term customers and followers. You can use as little or as much money as you’d like to boost your post. Although it may be tempting to put a tremendous amount of money into your posts, sometimes a little is all you need to get the ball rolling. Experiment. Consider your budget, how large your current customer base/following is, and your overall goal. Would you like new customers? Do you have consistent sales current? Try to invest in what your business actually needs. Do consider that boosted posts do not allow you to reach your target demographic. So if your business is very niched down you may want to use your advertising money for Facebook ads instead. 

Use Facebook’s Power Editor tool

Use Facebook’s Power Editor tool to promote posts. This tool allows you to set up A/B test campaigns, and create custom audiences based on conversion pexels and use in advanced bidding models. The tool helps you manage multiple ad campaigns on Facebook simultaneously. Stay tuned for my step by step guide on how to use this tool. This tool is amazing as it allows you to choose your advertising objective. For example you may choose the following objectives: increase page likes, get app installations, get website conversions, clicks on a website and much more. 

Use Facebook’s product catalog ads

According to Facebook,  “A catalog is a container that holds information about the items you want to advertise or sell across Facebook and Instagram. You can create catalogs for different types of inventory, like products (ecommerce), hotels, flights, destinations, home listings or vehicles. You can create a catalog or find your existing ones” .

You can advertise and sell from your catalog. There are several ways to advertise using your catalog: Dynamic ads which automatically show relevant items from your catalog to people who have show interest, there are Collection ads which show 4 items from your catalog, there are Carousel Ads which show multiple images or videos as people scroll, and there are Collaborative ads which allow you to run a direct sales campaign. 

There are also ways to sell from your catalog. There are Facebook shops, Instagram Shopping, and there is a Facebook marketplace. Which one you select depends on what type of product you are selling. Research to determine which one is more suitable for your business.

Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Target People who watch your Videos

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create a custom audience for your ads based on who watches your videos and how long they watch them for. For example if I post a Facebook video of me doing an audit there will be some people who watch the entire video and some who click off within a second. Facebook allows me to select the people who have already shown interest (watched videos to the end). This allows for more effective marketing, people who have natural interest in my products are more likely to purchase. Obviously this will require you to have video content. A small or new business may or may not have video content, but it would be advantageous to your business if you made video content a priority. It is more personal and allows for more engagement. 

Create Saved audiences

Unlike Custom Audiences, Saved Audiences are those you configure through the standard Facebook Ads targeting options. But instead of configuring your audience each time you create an ad or want to boost a post, you can create saved audiences that you can use each time you start an ad campaign, said Chris Smith, co-founder of digital marketing and sales coaching company Curaytor. Via Udonis “This is a great option to use if you plan on targeting similar audiences each time you create specific ads or boost posts from your page,” he said. “Especially when you start creating ads in mass quantity and boost posts regularly, it will save you a lot of time and money.”

Test different bidding strategies

According to Facebook, “The long-term success of your campaign relies on keeping it profitable. It’s important to never bid more than an action is worth so that you can maintain profitability. That is why we encourage you to only bid the true value of an action. You may prioritize a predictable cost per action over getting the most from your ad spend or vice versa, the correct bidding strategy depends on your business needs. Our ads platform offers a number of bid strategies that are designed to maximize your particular cost strategy.” There are many different bidding strategies, it is important that you experiment and find which one works best for you and your business. 

Don’t forget to test ad placements

Science is trial and error, experimentation. Experiment with ad placement and see if you have better results with a certain placement. This may seem simple, but there could be a huge difference in results based on placements. Try both newsfeed and right-hand-side ads and see what gives you the best results. There are pros and cons to both. I like the newsfeed placement, but I think people are also more likely to scroll past them without engaging. Experiment! 

Capitalize on link retargeting

If you’re using Facebook retargeting ads to boost conversions and attract visitors to your website, you should use link retargeting, too. “Basically link retargeting allows you to add Facebook retargeting pixels to your short link when sharing curated content. Anyone who clicks on this content can be retargeted with relevant ads,” she said. “So you can retarget people who’ve clicked on media coverage, reviews or industry news related to your business, even if the link led to a third-party website.”

You can link to other third party websites such as meetup, calenderly, or other booking websites. Be creative. If it is pertinent or helpful for your business and overall marketing strategy, go for it! 


Be Social 

According to Jana at JanaOMedia you should remember to stay social on social media.  “Remember to be social on social media! Leaving comments, answering questions, and engaging are all great ways to stay top-of-mind with your ideal customers. One hack I find helpful for when you’re engaging with your community (in your feed or in groups): When you click on the three dots on the upper right of a post, you can “Save the post.” You also have the option to save posts into “collections” you create. So I have a collection called, “Networking.” I’ll often save posts there when I’m scrolling while in the checkout line – or otherwise not able to respond at the moment. This allows me to go back to all the posts I wanted to comment on, later when I’m back at my desk. Don’t forget to time block (even just 15 minutes per day!) for engagement. It makes all the difference to your Facebook marketing strategy!” 

Be genuine

People do not want to feel like a profit. Don’t treat them this way. People are more likely to purchase from you if you are passionate and genuine about the product you are selling or your brand. Sell something you believe in, build a community around it, and watch your following grow!

Want to add your tip?

We will continue to add to this list, why not be apart of our extensive resource of Facebook tips?

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