Chase Reiner November 17th, 2018

Facebook Keyword Research (Best Method For 2019)


Recently I started asking people who requested to join my Facebook group, how they found the group.

The main response I’ve got is, “from Facebook search.”Facebook Keyword Research Guide

I began thinking that there must be a way I could find how many people are using Facebook search to find my group?

I decided that if I could find this search data I could use it to rank Facebook pages, posts, and additional groups as well!

So I sought out to find an answer and sadly, there was hardly any information anywhere on the subject.

The best thing I could find was a video made back in 2016 showing how to use Facebook ad targeting to match audience interests with population datasets and unfortunately, these interests only go into really broad topics like “Search Engine Optimization” rather than something more specific like “White Hat SEO” 

So after some thinking, I used what I knew about Google to find the best method that I could think of.

Using Google site operators, I used what was publicly indexed by Google for data by typing in + “White Hat SEO”

This gives you the ability to view how many pages are indexed on this exact topic. 

white hat seo facebook groups indexed on Google

Note: just because a lot of pages are indexed for a subject does not necessarily make it more popular, a good idea is to also check the search rate within a keyword tool such as Google Keyword Planner or ahrefs.

After checking for the keywords White Hat SEO, I quickly did a search for “Black Hat SEO” and found that the index count is almost double.

My new experiment is to create a separate Facebook group targeting this topic and see how many requests I can get from Facebook search using the question feature to ask group requesters how they found the group.

I will keep you updated with my findings.

Until then, 

Happy marketing.