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Making money online is both a combination of skill and hard work. Sometimes it may get a little bit confusing if you are on the right path to success. You don’t have to worry as here is a list of top tips for making money online from the expert bloggers who have experienced earning online themselves.  


1. James Altucher –

“Start an online course in an area where they seems to be a lot of demand but little supply. Use Amazon rankings to determine an area there is demand (the lower the ranking on a book the higher the demand) with little supply (few books in a category with high rankings).”

2. Austin Edgington –

“The best way we know is to create a partner review site that is focused on integrity, honesty and helps readers make the best decisions. We found readers need insight into small business financing and merchant accounts, says Amad Ebrahimi, CEO and Founder of Merchant Maverick.”

3. Nicolas Straut – Fundera

“My top tip for making money online is arbitrage, taking advantage of price differences between two different markets, using a service like Fiverr. Essentially, you create a website offering a service like acquiring Twitter followers or Facebook likes for businesses or other interested parties. You then create simple Facebook ads marketing say, 1,000 followers for $100. Once you’ve acquired a couple customers, you go to Fiverr and pay $5 to $15 for the 1,000 followers for your new clients. You could take advantage of the price difference for any Fiverr offering including logos, designs, cartoon headshots, and more. It’s a very simple way to make money and a great introduction to entrepreneurship!”


4. Jennifer McDermott –

“Sell unwanted items

In a recent study conducted by, 43% of people said they planned to sell unwanted items online in the next year, making it the number one way Americans plan to earn additional income beating out freelancing, investing and driving rideshare vehicles. Given the minimal effort and set up costs to begin this is one of the easiest ways for anyone to start making money online. Start by conducting an audit of items around the house you no longer want or need or any unused presents stuck in the back of closest. Pull inspiration from the original seller’s product descriptions to write your posting, take well lit pictures from all angles and be honest about any wear and tear.”

5. Will Hatton –

“If you haven’t got traffic, you haven’t got anything – focus on growing your traffic and the money will follow.

To scale content fast, you have to outsource – finding and training a team well is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.”

6. Melody McKinnon – Canadians Internet Business

“An effective unique selling proposition (USP) can grab website visitors in the precious few seconds you have to make an impression. That alone can be the difference between success and failure online. You have to present your most unique and valuable selling points as concisely, clearly and quickly as possible. You want it to be the first thing everyone sees and thinks about. It should be on your website, in your promotions and in social media posts. It should be supported and reinforced by your content.

Like most aspects of online business, your USP must be in a perpetual state of evolution. Examine it regularly, keep an eye on your competitors, and tweak accordingly. It helps you become a moving target that your competition can’t shoot down.”

7. Garrett Mehrguth – Directive Consulting

“My best tip is to understand that google does not rank websites, they rank pages.

Figure out your most valuable keywords and build the best page on the internet for the intent that someone has when they search that term.

From there, build the most relevant links as often as possible to that page.

We rank #1 for SEO agency using this approach.”

8. Jon Dykstra – Fat Stacks Blog

“For me the best tip is doing the following:

Go into big, popular niches,

Find long tail, low competition keywords

Publish great content on those topics

Use display ads and affiliate offers to monetize

Wait and rank and earn revenue.”


9. Humphrey Pietersen – Live Preview

“First I would like to mention the profound need to be a teachable and willing person to study something a bit challenging In order to be able to earn online.

Well I got off just about doing this. I’ve spent some pain staking time to take a bunch of courses, taken on freelance jobs without a pay. And mostly the trade-offs are that you wont be making money right away. But by so doing you would be building up a portfolio, your skills and capacity that someday may be paying you legit decent income.

Then the other thing anyone at all could make money from online is just being available for User Testing gigs and great places to look are places like Upwork or Fiverr. Upwork and Fiverr are two giant players in the freelance world . And by far you would be shooting yourself in the foot to not know how to earn money from working from those platforms.

Succinctly, the two above paragraphs are my tips for anyone who would want to make money online :)”


10. Brendan Baker – The Start of Happiness

“Get GREAT at building trust. That’s why people buy – because they TRUST you.

In a world where people have hundreds of options and opportunities to spend their hard-earned cash, you need to be great at QUICKLY establishing trust to get a prospect to convert to a customer.”


11. Pardeep Goyal – Cash Overflow

“Affiliate marketing is easiest and most powerful way to make money online through blogging.”


12. Jacob Cass – JUST Creative

“Making money online stems from providing value. If you can provide value to your audience, without the sales pitch, you will build trust over time. And this means customers will be much more likely to buy from you as your endorsements have more credibility, and not only that, they’re much more likely to be repeat purchasers!”


13. Team Fearless – Fearless Motivation

“Be yourself. Be real. Be original and only teach or promote what you live yourself.”


14. Daniel James – Dan Flying Solo

“Be flexible and open minded with the various channels you can make money, especially as a content creator. If you aren’t selling your content exclusively at a hefty price tag, you can re-use and re-purpose that content for multiple income streams. One photo for example could be sold into different articles, publications and stock websites which can increase the value of that one photo significantly. We live in such a fast paced world now too often people will burn through content, use it once and ignore it when really it can provide ongoing, and sometimes passive income. Once it’s making passive income, you then have more time to grow your online business.”


15. Satish Kushwaha –

“I will suggest Blogging about products is one of the best way to make money online.

Reviewing the products will bring lots of sponsorship later ..
So there are so much potential.”


16. Andrew Daniels – Family Money Plan

“If you want to make money online, look to solve a problem that many people have. We often get too in our own heads about making money, but it’s really simple. Provide a service, or product, to people that need it, at a price that they find is a value to them. It can be a product, review of someone else product or solving someone’s issue, or any other way you can come up with. The beauty of the internet is that there are a million ways to earn online. But that’s how you make money online, solving problems, everything else is built around that principle. Andrew Daniels – Family Money Plan”


17. Janice – Solo Traveler

“Develop your email list. With a strong list you can make money through advertising, sponsorship, and more as long as you align every revenue decision with your subscribers’ needs.”


18. Goran Duskic – WhoAPI Inc.

“I have been making money online for more than a decade, and I have been doing it in various shapes and forms. All those years I’ve spent looking, reading and watching for that one thing that will help me hit a home run or publish a hit post. Unfortunately, it does not happen overnight. So, my favorite tip is, that there is no favorite tip. When you look at the clock, you only see the seconds moving. This is where our focus goes. But when you are not looking, the minutes and hours and days are also moving. Same is with making money online. You have to make many small steps so that one day you can turn back and realize you’ve come a long way.

I am also a pragmatic person, so I know that philosophy will only get you so far. If you are at the beginning of your journey here’s what you do. List 10 things you are most passionate about. Then list 10 things you are most skilled in. Rate those from 1 to 10. Then take top 4 (2 best from each side) and try to find the best opportunities. Are there any best sellers in Amazon? Are there any keywords with low keyword difficulty, but large volume of searches? Are there any recurring affiliate commission products? Imagine if you did your absolute favorite thing, and getting paid to do it. That’s what you are aiming for, a “hell yeah”!”

19. Jeremy Scott Foster – travelFREAK

“My best tip for making money online is to diversify your income streams. By putting all your eggs in one basket, you run the risk of losing your one and only source of income. Find various methods to monetize and, even if one pillar breaks, you still have others that are left standing.”


20. Chycho – Chycho

“First, thanks for reaching out. Second, as for your question, that’s easy, learn math. Data is everything and if you can analysis the data, graph the charts, see the trend, and take action, then you rule your world and are the master of your domain. It’s as simple as that really, which is why our centralized education system does such a horrendous job at teaching math. The powers that be have no desire to have the masses know what’s going on, that’s why they have taken control of the education system and are making sure as few people as possible learn the language that will set them free.

Hope that answers your questions, brother. I know this reply is coming back to you Speedy Gonzales style, that’s because for myself, math is what set me free and I hope it does the same for your viewers as well.”


21. Dave Anderson – Jonas Around The World

“My favorite tip for making money online or travel blogging is simply writing content for Google, and recommending products within those posts (A.K.A Affiliate Marketing). The best type of income is passive income. The goal is to be making money while you sleep! If you can figure out what your niche/ expertise, and do Keyword research to rank on Page 1 of Google, the income will slowly start pouring in!”


22. Howard Lake – UK Fundraising

“OK, some tips on how nonprofits can raise funds online.

Many charities and nonprofits raise funds successfully by tapping in to what people already do online. It reduces the friction in persuading people to give, and often includes an element of fun or entertainment.

This can range from online shopping (with rounding up to the nearest pound/dollar via services like, and generating a ‘free’ donation of a few percent on purchases like Amazon Smile), through online gaming (e.g. Fortnite for a Fortnight for Leukemia Care –, to running a marathon for charity in your own time and at your own pace over a month eg. British Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon (

‘Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur: he has published UK Fundraising ( online since 1994.'”


23. Owerly – Owerly

“I do affiliate marketing and service. I think most people can make money as a service the fastest. Owerly has an affiliate program for people to learn marketing. 50% recurring commission.”


24. Max – Tried and True Mom Jobs

“My favorite tip to making money online is to think about products or services you use that have saved you money, made you money, or helped you in some way.

Find out if the company that developed the product or service has a referral program or affiliate program. If so, sign up and get a referral link and share your success with that product or service online using your social media network. Don’t be salesy when you do it. Just show the success and provide your referral link for more information or to sign-up.

For example, my husband and I use one credit card on everything and we pay our statement off in full each month. We take advantage of the cash back rewards and have accumulated over $600 just by spending money on our essentials like clothes, bills, food, etc in the past 8 months. I checked to see if our credit card company had a referral program and they did! $100 for every person that signed up using our referral link.

I shared with my social network how much money we made by just paying our bills and 3 people signed up using our link. Now, you’re not going to get many people signing up for a credit card from a post but those 3 people made us $300! That was the easiest $300 I ever made. This is just ONE example of a product that has made us money. I do this a lot and make money by sharing things that have helped me.

Using screenshots or photos to show your success works the best.

This is what you call Affiliate Marketing.

You do not need to have a website, even though its highly recommended but you can use your Email, Pinterest or Facebook page to talk about products you like and if someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase you earn a commission.”


25. GS – TC Mastery

“To make money online consistently for the long-term, you’ll need to have an income-generating skill. It can be the ability to drive targeted traffic cost-effectively, ability to convert cold traffic into customers, and more (depends on your business nature).

To me, invest your time in building up your skillset is the primary focus when come to making money online.

Your online business can be down at any time (who know?), but when you have the income-generating skills, you can build a new one in a short period of time and make money online (again and again).”

26. Greg Kononenko – Dad’s Hustle

“One of my favourite methods is getting near-instant traffic from Pinterest using Tailwind Tribes and sending it to my blog post with optin boxes and affiliate links. This lets me build my list for free and make affiliate commissions. As an example, I published a post on one of my blogs titled “8 Reasons Why I Switched My Hosting To Siteground” and I included my affiliate links in that post. This way I make a $50 commission if someone switches to Siteground hosting after reading my article and clicking one of the links. Then I created a Pinterest-sized image for that post, and made a post (called a “pin”) on my Pinterest profile. I linked the pin to the blog post on my site, so if anyone clicks my post on Pinterest, they will be sent to my blog post.

The next step was to go to a Pinterest post scheduler called Tailwind, and join some Tailwind Tribes in the blogging niche. Tailwind Tribes is a group of bloggers in the same niche who cross-share each others content to their respective audiences. This allows you to get near-guaranteed targeted reach on Pinterest. I nominated my post for sharing by others, and started sharing other people’s posts, and in return they shared mine. Tailwind makes it very easy to schedule the posts days or weeks in advance, so this traffic is also largely automated. Results? Pretty good – so far I’ve had hundreds of free visitors who visited that post, which has resulted in $850 in commissions so far just from that one post. And of course I have many posts being promoted this way, so over time this strategy can build up to a solid stream of traffic and revenue.”


27. Elochi – ElochiBlog

“In regards to your request about sharing tip for making money online, here is an article i made for that on how one can be a successful entrepreneur while being a student ( however, you can check out our Make Money Online Category for more tips to choose from here ( Money Online)”

28. Brian Meiggs – My Millennial Guide

“Whatever side hustle you choose, whether it is flipping items, affiliate marketing, blogging, or drop shipping, it’s always going to be tough in the beginning. You may not make money or generate any profits for weeks or even months. Any rational person will likely quit. When you feel like quitting, don’t. Usually, when you reach that quitting point, you’re so close to reaching the next level. Don’t give up.”


29. Laurel Bern – Laurel Home

“Build a super-strong foundation via one’s website — FIRST before even thinking about making money from it. Otherwise, it ain’t gonna happen. This is not a quick fix, like I’m gonna just throw up a website/blog and let the money start rolling in. No can do. I think of it like getting an advanced college degree. And that takes at least two years. In that time, the focus will be on attracting a loyal following via a subscription list, building a body of high-ranking blog posts that are super-engaging and helpful and creating a means for a steady influx of new traffic (this is in addition to search engine traffic) who will be so wowed by your content, they can’t help but sign up for it.

It’s all in my guide and of course, much more.”


30. R.J. Weiss – The Ways To Wealth

“My biggest tip for making money online is to start small. If you’re new to the idea, set a goal to make just $50 the first month. Then, see how long you can double it month over month. In a few months, you can make a lot of progress and build some very valuable skills.”


31. Walter Akolo – FreelancerKenya

“My favorite tip to making money online is creating loyal followership. I do this through a combination of blogging, email marketing and social media. This way, you get to greatly impact your audience’s lives, both for free and through your paid products.”


32. Mohd Atif – Guest Post Blogging

“How to Make Money from Blogging

Blogging has become a popular medium of earning in the past couple of decades for those who possess exclusive writing skills. Earlier blogging was meant for the purpose of personal interests of the people to write on various topics of their choice. But nowadays it is become a professional mode of earning more and more money by the bloggers. Renowned and genuine bloggers are earning big chunks of money easily with the help of this blogging. Here are few methods that can give you a way to make money through blogging easily.

Earn big chunks of money by AdSense through raising the count of your blog readers Advertisements by the search engine on the websites of the bloggers like Google AdSense which is run by Google are giving useful reasons to the people for writing best quality blogs for the readers. This is because the big number of readers on a specific website is directly proportional to the advertisement of a product of service to large number of people and which in turn means high amount of money to the bloggers. This is how you can earn best by writing on a niche which is popular to everyone and numbers of readers for that subject are usually high.

Affiliate marketing is a good alternative to make money through blogging. One of the biggest aspects of the blogging in the modern time is affiliate marketing where big or small brands are offering the bloggers to sell their products by advertising them on their websites and then get a share for this. This is how affiliate marketing is working for those who have a big rush of the visitors in the form of traffic on their website. This is how bloggers can make out money easily from their home without putting much effort on the grounds of their writing skills for blogging.”


33. Steve Adcock – ,

“I’d say it’s to love what you do first, not just the potential to make money. The fact is we *all* love money. There’s nothing truly unique there. But, it’s not all that unique to love the mechanism to make money. Blogging is a primary example. People get into blogging every day with the expectation that they’ll make a bunch of money. But, it takes a hell of a lot of time. Those who love blogging first and foremost are more likely to stick with it and do the things necessary to monetize the site.

So, love what you do first…then, the money generally comes.”


34. Edwin Dollars – Money Home Blog

“For me the best way of making money online is with a blog. It doesn’t take long to create, doesn’t require technical know-how and can deliver profits for years to come. As far as getting traffic goes, using Pinterest is the fastest path. Whether you promote affiliate programs or a product you created, blogging is my favorite way to make money online.”


35. Suzi – Start a Mom Blog

“My favorite way of making money online is by creating printables. It’s easy, fun and quick. And you don’t need years of experience or a huge following to start. I teach my audience exactly how I create printables using free online software. It’s one of the quickest ways to create an online product. The more difficult part is getting traffic to your site – but Chase can help you with that!”


36. Sara – Gathering Dreams

“During my life, I tried many side hustles, but it’s not until last year that I really considered making money online.

And it has blown my mind!

The risk is extremely low, there are tiny set up costs, and you can grow your income very quickly. My favorite tip, and what I can’t stop telling everyone I know is: start today!

Invest in learning as much as you can (read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos…). Listen to people that have been there before you and can help you to fast-track your success. Study people in your niche, check what’s working for them and take inspiration from what they do, put your own twist to it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

You don’t have to invent anything special! Think about what you love, work on it every day, and use your passion to help others.

Always have your audience in mind, and work on offering your customers something that will make their life easier and has true value. Build trust, be genuine and you’ll be able to make money online in no time!”

37. Robin Khokhar – Tricky Enough

“I make money online by Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and Sponsored posts. But my favorite is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online for me, I have been doing affiliate marketing for 5 years and have earned a lot from it.”


38. Sharon Gourlay – Digital Nomad Wannabe

“My favourite tip for making money online is to be very clear on what it is that you want to achieve and then making sure you ONLY work on tasks which will help you achieve that goal. It’s very easy when starting to build an online business to get caught up in busy work but not to do the important tasks that will actually make a difference. If you are not sure which tasks will make a difference then spend time learning before executing. It’ll make a big difference.

Also ensure that the ways you are trying to make money online fit in to your life goals. For example, my BIG goal that motivated everything else was to have a life where we didn’t work so much. So I always concentrated on activities in my business that would lead to passive income rather than exchanging my time for money.”


39. Anwer Ahif – RainaStudio

“Anyone can start an online business and it’s like for any other kind of business to make money. Consistency is the most important asset we will ever need to be successful here.”


40. Emma Johnson – Emma Johnson

“Go super-niche and write your heart out. There is so much noise out there, the feed so crowded, the only way you can cut through is to a) spend millions on paid traffic, or b) have something worthwhile to say.”


41. Anna T – Real Ways to Earn

“My favorite tip for making money online is to invest time in building up passive income. This is something I was skeptical about at first — until I became a blogger. Passive income is great because in many cases, it really is a matter of doing the work once and getting paid over and over. While blogging is hard work in terms of keeping fresh content on your site, doing social media, email marketing, and so forth, I have blog posts I wrote in 2010 that still earn me income through ads and affiliates.

Some other ways to earn passive income if blogging isn’t of interest are self-publishing e-books, uploading photographs to stock photo websites to sell for royalties, creating and selling e-courses on sites like Teachable or Udemy around topics you’re knowledgeable about, creating and selling smartphone apps, and building and selling (“flipping”) niche websites. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg — there are tons of other examples! While passive income is typically not quick to come in, it’s worth investing the time initially so you can get paid well for it later.”


42. Dave Shay – Táve Studio Manager

“Using optional items as upsells in Táve has been a great way to keep my business profitable with very little effort! Little things like selling album credit, digital downloads, or extra years of gallery hosting has been great! The best thing is that I can use Táve’s reporting to see which products sell the most and which ones need some love!”


43. Lokesh Tanwar – Business Alligators

“Making Money Online

In today’s world, there are hundreds of ways by which you can make money online and I have personally tried many of them. In the process of doing so, what I have observed is that earning money online is not that tough. In fact, anybody can earn money online when we talk about short term. But when it comes to earning money from the same method to a longer period of time, then it becomes really tough. It might sound contradictory but it is actually true.

When it comes to online medium, the biggest problem that comes in front of you is being a scam. After few months, you start appearing as a spammer either due to wrong selection of product, or due to designs, or due to any other reason. And then you have to start again from scratch with a new platform, product, and strategies.

I don’t know whether I am extremely lazy or innovative but I never like it to start from scratch again and again. So now I have found the best way to earn money and that it is-“Build a Brand”. Now I don’t represent myself, I always represent BusinessAlligators.Com and with this simple hack people buy whatever I recommend to them without considering me as a spam. So if you really want to earn a great amount of money, then be prepared to start losing money to make a great brand, and once that will happen, then you will never give a thought on how to make money online, instead you will only look for how to increase profits.”

44. Chris Goyzueta – Making it with Chris G.

“Thanks for reaching out! I’m assuming this is for DIY Musicians. My favorite way for them to make money online is via daily Facebook Live’s and a virtual tip jar. One of my past guests, Dawn Byer, has made over $60k in one year just from FB live, which has also lead to people paying to fly her out for house concerts and private events. Pretty cool story!”

45. Eddie Lester – Fitness Mentors

“So you have an amazing product or program ready to sell but not sure how to get your product the exposure it needs to generate money online.

Its time to build your audience.

Creating content about the passion you have for what you do will attract people to want to follow you and your journey. One of the most common responses when asked why someone follows a specific person or brand on social media is, “They are real and I can relate to that”.

This means you must be yourself and as real as you can be at all times when you create your content. Don’t think about what your audience expects from someone like you, just be you.

Videos, images, blogs, and written posts that show you being you, as you create solutions to your potential customers problems, will always win yourself a follow from the people that can relate. As long as the passion for what you do shows through you will be creating an audience that will translate to selling your products and programs online.”

46. Oguz Konar – Local Marketing Stars

“Find something that will solve a problem some people currently have. make it super specific and show proof that it works then offer to do the same for them”


47. Rahul Setia – TechBlogCorner

“Launch a YouTube Channel to Entertain and Educate

YouTube is arguably the world’s second largest search engine (after Google) and is the third most-visited site in the world. In 2017, almost 5 billion videos were watched on YouTube every single day!

Rather than making money through subscriptions, YouTube channels are based on a traditional advertising system. Meaning the more viewers you get, the more you make. Once you’re approved for the YouTube Partner Program and can start including ads on your videos, with every 1,000 views, you will make approximately $2-$4. Which might not seem like a lot, but if you have 100 videos with 5,000 views a month each, that would be $1,000–$2,000 already. Just imagine if your videos start hitting millions of views!

Building a YouTube channel is a lot like starting a blog or website, except that you’re working in video—not writing.”

48. Sandeep Thakur – FATbit Technologies

“Launch online grocery store is the most demanding and growing money making online business idea. According to the stat, Paytm Mall recorded gross sales of around Rs 1,000 crore in September 2018 with about 8 million orders during the month. Of these orders, 3 million were about #grocery only. Top 10 leading world-wide online grocery markets are expected to experience combined growth of $227 billion, at a CAGR of 20%, by 2023, according to IGD. Growcer is one such dedicated script for launching grocery shopping store, which is loaded with advanced features and comes at a reasonable price range.”

49. Paul Symonds – ProMarketing Online

“My top tip is always understands the end goal when writing any piece of content i.e. blog post. No blog post should ever be written without a clear goal for that piece of content whether it be to push a lead magnet, an affiliate link/s or to guide a reader towards a training package.”


50. ESI Money – ESI Money

“I would say my best tip would be to find a topic you love. Then you can cover it many ways (writing, video, podcasting, etc. — however you want) to get your message out. If you love it you will stick it out until grow comes (and it does take time) to ultimately be successful.”


51. Deacon Hayes – Well Kept Wallet

“My favorite way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. There is something so rewarding to find an affiliate that can help my reader achieve one of their goals in life. Our readers either want to make money, save money or pay off debt. When we are able to help them do just that and make money in the process, that is a win/win.”


52. Dawn-Marie Nesbitt – I Am Dawn-Marie

“My favourite and best tip to marketers and especially beginners is to forget the shortcuts. Spend time building a sustainable business so it can be fruitful for you long term. This includes using the right tools like sales funnels, blogs and email lists to build an audience, add value and in return profit from people taking profitable action in relation to your content.”


53. Jack Paxton – VYPER

“Find something you like doing that people are willing to pay for. Start small, create a Fiverr gig, post in Facebook groups, cold email 2nd degree contacts on LinkedIn to ask if they would like help with that “skill you like doing”. I did this when start out with Facebook ads and it grew into running an agency.”


54. Peter Kadas – 7digits

“The most frequent money-making advice I tell almost all the clients of my online marketing agency is a very simple one: “Don’t forget you’re dealing with the same people online as in the offline world. Most marketers develop certain preference over channels, tactics, nasty growth hacks or whatnot. Being an MD, I mostly draw the influence psychology card.

But these are just ways we try to optimize things on already successful websites. If you want to make money online on the long run, just jump into all of your customers’ shoes and focus on their experience – the journey they take on your digital property. Their fears, concerns, desires, their hidden agenda. When you really understand them, you only need to personalize and automate things to skyrocket your business.”

55. Ashleigh Allman – Smart Cents Mom

“Sure! Thanks for thinking of me!

There are so many ways to make money online! Don’t be afraid to start, even if that means starting small! I started taking surveys to make money online, then became a search engine evaluator, a freelance writer, online teacher, and now a blogger. Each new thing I tried was a step towards earning more money! Just get started and be open to learning new skills.”


56. Sam Zuo – Passive Airbnb

“Currently, I have two favorites. The first favorite is my core business, which is renting and then subleasing it out via Airbnb. I am able to generate a 100k+ annually without owning a single property. The second favorite is selling my premium digital course via my blog. This course is a step-by-step blueprint for entrepreneurs that are interested to leverage other people’s properties to earn a massive
passive income on Airbnb.

The two business models are closely tied. Without my core business, I wouldn’t be able to build and scale my second business.”

57. John MeltonMy Lifestyle Academy

I would say the number one thing somebody get do to make money online is to build a personal brand. Learn to educate, entertain or empower others and just show up consistently preferably with live video. Over a sustained period of time you will start to build an audience if you do things with integrity and you share ideas with authenticity and your own style. Then you find things to offer those people to help them and one way or another. Socialize and monetize!

58. Mfon Abel Ekene – MakeMoney

When it comes to making money online, the most important thing is consistency. Some times you may be doing everything right, your SEO is amazing, your social media good but you are not getting what you want. Just be consistence. Don’t stop or panic. Consistency will eventually pay off. What you don’t know is that there are people checking out your business, they keep returning, it is there in your analytics as returning visitors. They want to see if you have something new. Even search engine constantly crawls your platform to find something new. Stay consistence