Today I’m going to show how I have been able to continue to make money With different streams of income online throughout the whole corona virus scare.

I’m also going to show you how you can create a business online that still makes money even if you’re not able to leave your house.

I’m going to bring up a couple of ways to make money, first of all, I make money from clients, I sell info products, courses, I make money off of ads from Youtube and from other websites and then I do Chatbot automation.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

So obviously if the Corona Virus is locking everybody down and businesses aren’t going to be able to stay open then clients might not be a very good route right now, which is why you’d probably want to move to info products and creating some sort of affiliate sites or maybe doing Chatbots automation for online businesses or national businesses. 

SEO Pro Bundle

Seo pro bundle

If you guys are looking to spend your time earning while there’s Corona Virus going on because you’re inside of your house.

I’m going to give all of these Courses that I normally sell for thousands away for like $697 and I’ll also be getting on a phone call with you and you can go to this link if you want to check it out.

That way you can actually watch this stuff and learn about the different things that you can do while you’re in your house, like if you want to create an affiliate website or if you want to do rank and rent.

There’s a lot of stuff that you can do but I’m going to cover that today and the reason why I’m doing this because a lot of people are looking to create extra streams of income and this would be the kind of way to learn you’re in your house and if you want to start your online business I’m basically cutting the price way down so everybody get a chance to learn and create their online business.

Affiliates for SEO

Affiiates for seo

This is what I do a lot for people as you can see this website only has 2 visitors a day off of Google and now they’re getting about 19,000 visitors a month organically they’re making about $50,000 a month doing bed reviews, doing affiliate sales and I’ll tell you how I do this for multiple sites.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to find a website that you want to rank for whatever following you or what would you like to have.

So let’s say for a gaming website so the first thing you would do is to start looking at something that you would want to niche down to, For instance, we would say “ Fortnite”  this keyword is very difficult with 83 KD but if we go to “All Keyword Ideas” on Ahrefs we can actually see that there are keyword difficulties that are a lot lower if we sort and filter it out you would see a bunch of keywords that you can go for.

And the idea is that when you start the niche websites you target the main topic first because that’s how you can scale that topic up to a more competitive parent topic.

And you start out with this simple principle of targeting zero Kd’s first so it’s anything with a zero keyword difficulty once you rank a few of those then you go to 1 Kd and once you rank to 1 Kd you go to 2 Kd and keep working your way up.

How to Monetize

How to monetize

How you monetize it is pretty simple you combine your traffic that you’re receiving with some sort of opt-in.

A good example of this is what I did on a gaming website called and we were targeting keywords around the game “rust” which is an online game and we got a bunch of traffic and we’re ranking for all these keywords that are like zero Kd we got about 22,000 keywords ranking and all these posts what you can do is you can give away something like a free checklist you can also give away a free steam gift card once people enter in on that what happens is that you can take those opt-ins and you can remarket to those people for some sort of affiliate offers.

So for instance, let’s say we wanted to take a list of SEO people and after getting them to opt-in to Many Chat or email or Text Messaging what you can do is you can remarket some sort of offer obviously my offer is the courses I sell.

It’s pretty simple you and you have a couple of options it’s either you can make a course or you can promote people’s offer with something like click bank.


Click bank

Clickbank is a website that gives you different affiliate programs so if we put in something like gaming, games and we wanted to promote like the new “halo guide” or something.

If you get a sale for this or if somebody buys it you’ll actually get an affiliate sales from it and if you don’t know how ClickBank works I would watch some tutorials on Youtube, just type in ClickBank and you’ll see some tutorials on it.

But that’s the kind of just of it you either create your own virtual product after building traffic or you create some sort of an affiliate offer and that’s how you make a decent amount of money 

Integrating Data Collection

Integrating data collection

This is what exactly we are doing with our new Relationship Building Program.

You can take all these people opting-in and you can start extracting data from them and what we can do is we can automatically match their email that they give us to some sort of cross-checking like on LinkedIn or Instagram whatever you want to cross-check people on.

We use a tool called PhantomBuster which actually lets you cross-check a ton of different platforms and then you can grab all this data from these people like their location, their business type, Job Title, Business Name, and then you can use that data to build a relationship with people.

For instance, if someone has a birthday or if they graduated in a certain school or if they left their job you can message them or email them automatically.

You can do this cool stuff that makes people that you’re really being personal with your relationship building with the way you’re talking to them so that they would want to take your offer whether you’re building info product, whether you’re building an affiliate website it doesn’t really matter but this is how you can really make an automated income by just doing this simple process.

Automated Income

Automated Income

This is process is pretty easy, you take the “KDs” and you create some sort of simple website with Squarespace or WordPress, and then you can hire content writers off of Writers Access.

What you can do is you can start ordering content and what I’ll do is I’ll order people to write content for the pages that are not currently ranking.

If you look at the template that I have set up you’ll see some of the keywords that I’m trying to rank whether they have articles written or not. For the pages that have low average positions for their main keywords I will actually go and get a better content for those pages.

For instance, one page that I want to get better is the Local SEO Checklist and right now the word count of the pages is kind of low so what I’ll do in order to improve this page is I will actually go and see what is already ranking out there and a lot of people who are ranking their pages have descriptions of what’s on their checklist.

So the first thing that I’ll do is I’ll go to Writers Access and I get somebody to write a list of different things that I need to be optimized when it comes to local SEO.

Now I can pretty much just take all of that content I can approve it and I can bring it into the website and pretty much just add it to the page right away.

Sometimes what I’ll actually do as well is I’ll just hire a web designer or somebody that can do images just to add images to the page to make it a little bit nicer.
This is another site that I had and we were able to rank for a ton of keywords around adult-related keywords.

We did this with a simple article hat I got written off of Writers Access for 60 bucks, and as you can see it’s just a basic article not even any images in it but it brings in a ton of traffic and comments by just targeting low KD Keywords. 

All of these are just basically free income that once you get ranking and you start building audience wit’s not hard to monetize.

The Hardest Part of Creating an Online System

creating online system

The hardest part of creating an online system that makes money for you? Is creating traffic and creating the opt-ins.

Once you create your traffic and you start getting opt-ins all of it from there is pretty easy because at that point you’re just into the business of building relationships and once you figure out how you can build relationships with people and continue to remarket yourself to them at a certain point they’re just going to buy from you whether you’re promoting somebody else’s affiliate offer whether you’re promoting a course it doesn’t matter.