Today is a pretty informative topic that we’ll just run through for you guys and so this will be connected to a program that I’m creating, It’s called the 200k SEO business program.

So I’m going to create a program that’s going to cover all the different thing that we’re going to talk about today, like ranking your first website, selling audits retaining your clients, creating a following driving Youtube traffic, building automated sales, becoming unique in your niche and then offering value that others probably won’t by doing intent-based marketing, so guys if you want to check out the page anytime just go to

Back in the day when was I started out doing SEO, I was just doing videos and selling audits. I do about a stream a day on Youtube and all my clients are coming in off Youtube. Now if you look at my analytics I’m getting traffic from Facebook, Google, Youtube and in all kinds of different places. 

The big difference between when I started it now is I have different systems that I template-sized to make things a lot easier for myself. 

Back when I am starting out I was just doing like these simple website audit I kept offering SEO audits to everybody and then I would just eyeball them so I’d go like the first thing you need to do to fix their website is they got to go and add a button, So I was manually doing these audits.

If you look at some of my tutorials from like 3 to 4 years ago when I was in my garage I was just doing audits like this and when I was selling to people I didn’t really know what I was selling, I didn’t have an idea about my services so I kind of just throwing numbers out there.

I was just kind of figure out what they were able to pay and then quote whatever ever I think they will be able to pay me and a lot of times I get $300 to $500 per month clients and I’d start getting rankings for them then they’d sign off they weren’t happy and it was a total mess.

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Here’s What We Cover in This Guide

The difference today is I have a crazy system setup for pretty much everything that I do.
I have SEO audit templates for national websites and local websites.

I have a very systemized way of bringing in clients and if I need to get new clients or if I wanted to start getting people paying me for SEO services I could do it in 1 day and I’m going to show you how I do that in a second.

If I want people buying courses from me I can pretty much do this in one day by doing a video, by promoting, by doing a certain type of ads, by doing remarketing and recapturing my audience.

There are all kinds of stuff that I’m going to show you how you can implement not only in your own SEO business but in other businesses as well which will start helping you retain your sales and start bringing in more customers who want to buy from you and who want to continue buying from you as you create more offers, more products, and more services


First Thing to Do for your Systemization


The first big thing to do most of you guys know about is obviously for your systemization is you need to get the SEO template if you head to you can click on the button (Give me the SEO Template) and you can get this template that will help you do audits for your websites.

Now a lot of you guys know that the way I sell my services is by doing SEO audits the reason for this is because most people don’t want to buy from you unless they know that there is something wrong.

So like if you take your car into a car shop and they say everything is good then you’re not going to pay for anything but every time you take your car into a car shop they usually want to check your car and see if there are things that they can charge you for.

So with your audit template, your kind of want to make this your first go-to thing giving audits to people. So how do you get people who want to get your audit?

Most people who are interested in growing a business and want to start selling services. There are a few things you need to know, Services are great itself and you can make a lot of money by managing clients growing in agencies, but it’s not necessarily the way that I will be teaching you on how to grow your business because, for you to use the system that I’m going to show you, you only need 4-5 clients.

Creating a System

Creating a System

The system that you want to create is with an environment where you can start bringing clients by ranking their sites with the methods I’m going to show you.
Once you rank their sites, you then bring them to a case study and take that case study and bring it into an offer then you create the cycle.

This is the first initial thing you need to learn how to do and this is pretty simple because you are not doing anything super unique or crazy.

All you’re doing is getting your first client, building the case study then offering the next potential client the ability to do the same thing, as you do that the more case study you get the higher you start raising your rates.

I charge about $2500 per month for my clients and I could charge more and honestly a lot of this budget that I get is spent towards certain things like content and webs design.
I don’t care as much about the money upfront as I do about building results for that client so that I can use that to showcase what I’m doing.

Another part of what you’re doing here is you want to be able to make your case studies as visual as possible so I’m going to show you how to incorporate videos like what I’m doing and how to grow a Youtube channel.

This system is just a funnel you’re creating a way to take people from a free offer into a paid offer.

How to Get Your First Client

How to get you first clients

I get clients all the time for fun, It’s like a fun thing for me and I do it by walking into businesses as I’ll literally walk into a business and literally on my phone and google their business and show them their title tags that are messed up, page speed that are 10 seconds or something.

And then I’ll tell them what is wrong with their website and I’ll lead that into a conversation about what I do and offer them a free audit and almost every single time they’ll take it.

Then what you do is you don’t make your first client be worried about the money like you don’t want to worry about these sites paying a lot of money.

The first thing you need to do is you need to make sure that everything that you make like in the first 2-3 months of the client just basically paying you enough and the rest of it, is just going into the project so you can build that into an awesome case study.

The Reason Why I Get Many Clients

How I get Many Client

The reason why I get so many clients and some of them buying my programs is that I create this case studies with visual content like my videos.

Whenever I build a video of how I rank different client websites people would always love that kind of content and they consume it like crazy so they’ll buy programs around that and they’ll end up contacting me about my services.

If you end up getting this program, what I’m going to show you is how to make the video, how to set up your equipment, how to have a layout like what I have where you can do your keyword targeting and get people attracted to your offers. how you can get people to opt-in so that you can remarket to them.

A lot of people who are watching my videos are from the assets that I have created whether It’s on Facebook, Whether it’s on Google, Whether it’s on Youtube I accumulate traffic and then I push it somewhere and I get people who are interested in different things whether it’s SEO programs or you know SEO services and then I continue remarketing content like this to them and then I’m continually creating offers every month whether it’s a new program, or it’s a new service.

What I’m doing is I’m taking my audience and I’m creating an environment where they can continually engage and see sort of what I’m doing by looking at things that they’re interested in.

People want to see something like a step by step system that you use with some sort of historical evidence that you’ve been able to accomplish, so the more data that you can create around it the more people are going to reach out to you and the more views you’re going to get.

Have Your Own Website

Have your own site

This is the best way to create your case study. I do this with a web design site and SEO site and if you have free time like if you don’t have any clients the first thing that you are going to do is to rank locally like just start ranking your home address.

If you’re not ranking for something locally and you have a bunch of extra hours during the day and you don’t have any clients then you need to start building out local rankings. That’s what I would do if I had more time.

Ranking Your First Website

Ranking Your First Website

If I had more time I would start to rank for keywords like SEO in the town that I’m in, I’ll try to rank for Web Design, I’ll try to rank for any type of business and you can figure this stuff out by going into Ahrefs and start looking at niches with low Keyword difficulty in your city and start ranking for those kinds of stuff.

Because as soon as you do that you can start building case studies around it and start drawing a ton of attention and when you start drawing attention what you are going to do is you going to start to create a call to action around it.

That is where becoming unique and creating unique offers comes into play.

Creating Value

Creating Value

Now I create value that people have to opt-in to that’s behind the scenes like you have to have 50% of your content that’s extremely valuable but you have to spend 50% of your time working behind the scenes like creating courses if you can, creating templates, create something that’s going to be very unique to what you do.

Part of this program is going to involve something you want to not only think about like what can I do to bring traffic in, but instead you want to think about what you can do to retain traffic like what is the thing that’s going to make you unique than the other person.

If somebody comes in and watches something you do or they come in and they go to your Facebook group or whatever they’re doing and you have like zero behind the scene stuff, you don’t have templates or you don’t have pieces of training that are inclusive to people who opt-in to your Manychat, texting or whatever if you don’t have any of that stuff this isn’t going to work for you.

Most of your time upfront should be creating some system, like let’s say you rank number 1 for doctors or dentists or you’ve done some sort of achievement just take whatever achievement that you’ve done and then apply that to whatever that thing that you’re going to give away.

Creating a Story For your Business

 Story For your Business

Ideally, you want to go from step 1 where you have zero authority and start creating a ton of value by showing what you are doing to create results. After all, nobody cares about your SEO website that you rank number 1 in a certain keyword, what they care about is how you did it they want to know the story because everybody wants a story.

So what this program is really about is creating your story for your business because if you don’t have a story for your business and understanding what to do to achieve it.
If you don’t have a story for your business or your client’s business there’s no way for you to market as you can rank on Google but this is more about what to do after you rank.

How to Scale Your Business

How to Scale Your Business

Most SEO people have 1 piece of the puzzle. Let’s say they know how to SEO kind of well, or they’ve ranked the website or they have done something valuable and made some money but then they can’t create a system around it.

They haven’t created a way to continue growing, they are just stagnating at where they are currently at.

Year over year I make more money doing SEO whether it’s your services, selling programs, and other different things and it’s because I have a systemized way of looking at what I’m doing, to grow authority, to grow traffic, to grow sales.

So if you start showing people behind the scenes on what you are doing you can sell pretty much anything you want and you’re going to get an insane amount of views, an insane amount of opt-ins on whatever you’re giving away and it will make getting sales a thousand times easier.