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Authority Hacking & Engagement Marketing

Learn how to create ongoing marketing strategies that boost opt-ins, sales, authority metrics and rankings all at once.

1. Marketing On A Budget

Marketing these days usually requires high ad budgets and tons of tools, however, we will cover how to avoid spending your budget on paid strategies and go for creating effective strategies in an organic and low-cost way.

2. Standing Out From The Crowd

These days, everyone is trying to blend in and compete for the same thing. They lack innovation and the ability to figure out how to create unique strategies that apply to individual businesses rather than creating packaged services for everyone.

3. Topic Research Based On Knowledge Of The Market

Keyword research these days is dead, you need to come up with a way of finding out what people are interested in based on knowing your market and what your long term strategy for your brand is. Algorithms are able to disperse content these days without you needing to add a bunch of fancy keywords and hooplah.

4. Pissing People Off And Dealing With All The Hate

If you’re not making a fair amount of people angry then you probably aren’t saying anything that unique. It’s important to understand how to create a message that both connects and bothers people based on a strategy that targets major core beliefs in your market.

5. Engagement and Opt-ins Before Money

Although your end goal should be to make as much money as possible while helping others, your starting strategy should be to bring in as much traffic, engagement, and opt ins as possible. At this stage, money is often a distraction.

6. Basics To Knowing What You’re Going to Sell

Most people have no idea how they’re going to monetize multiple products and services beyond their core idea, it’s extremely easy to figure out different streams of income once you start generating traffic and engagement.

7. Controlling Your Traffic and A/B testing

Part of creating assets that work well is being able to generate traffic that converts into the next step of your funnel. In order to do this, you need to constantly A / B test different levels of your marketing strategy to eventually bring people to your high barrier to entry sale.

8. Content Creation Techniques and Recording Equipment

If you want to create awesome relevant and engaging content, you’ll want to understand what resources are available to you and what equipment you’ll need to use.

9. Remarketing and Ads With Organic Growth in Mind

90% of most peoples traffic is cold, in order to achieve high levels of engagement, authority, and sales, remarketing with organic growth in mind is absolutely essential.

10. Generating Low Ticket Sales

Once you’ve established an audience that you control and can re-market to, generating low ticket sales should be very easy to do. Ideally, you should be getting a 5-10 low ticket items sold per day within a few months of starting your authority hacking / engagement marketing campaign.

11. Selling Medium to High Ticket Products

After bringing in enough conversions for your low ticket product or service, selling your medium to high ticket product is essentially a numbers game.

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