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You could promise ANY business owner that their business will be the highest rated business in the WORLD on the internet?

In these classes I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I use something called authority hacking to build reviews on ANY platform and make more money than I would have ever made working my 9-5 job.

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Why Trust Me?

I have a Youtube channel with a ton of live-streamed videos around the methods I teach. I also have a massive Facebook group with almost 30,000 people in it and thousands of students in my courses and classes.

I’m not special, I started out just like most people with no money, no talent, I lived in a garage and failed countless times to figure out what worked.

You might be thinking:

  • How many other people are using these methods?: Almost no one
  • Will I only be able to do this from one location?:  You can do this anywhere and get started right now.
  • Do I need to know a lot about computers or SEO or anything technical?:  Nope, you can start as a complete beginner.



  • Worked a dead end 9-5 at a marketing company with $10 to her name
  • Got a number of websites ranking on page 1 of Google … 5 times! 
  • Now has a good number of clients, quit her job and started her own business, left her home town and relocated to Scotland in just 4 months.

Roy Goldstein

  • Had no presence online, worked at a pizza restaraunt
  • Doesn’t have to struggle paycheck to paycheck anymore
  • Makes 6 figures a year now utilizing these methods

Do I Use These Methods?

I still use these methods to this day to rank for stuff like web design and sell the listings! Or clients listings, ranking them #1 organically for things like Roof Repair in Houston Texas.

The cool thing is that I can do this CONSTANTLY with new listings because the methods I teach is super undersaturated.

OKAY get on with it already.

Unfortunately, there’s no way I could tell you how to do everything I do in just a few minutes so enrolling in my classes is your best bet for learning these exclusive tactics.

Ready to get started?

Chase Reiner

Your Instructor

Chase Reiner, “highest rated SEO consultant on Google” (see here), has been in the SEO industry since 2015 and is most well known for his Youtube channel where he spends his time teaching SEO.


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SEO these days is almost completely dead. Now you need to learn how to become an authority to get noticed and bring in rankings.

Course Curriculum Table Of Contents

  1. Basics to authority hacking
  2. Being a black sheep and topic research
  3. Creating an engaging and authoritative content strategy
  4. Setting up your chatbot and starting your opt-in funnels
  5. Finishing setting up chatbots and opt-ins
  6. Selling low ticket items and warming up cold traffic
  7. Optimizing websites and opt-ins based off of Analytics data
  8. Selling authority hacking services
  9. Bonus: Authority hacking meeting with SEO certification (applying authority hacking to lead gen)

Course Curriculum

What You’ll Learn In This Course




Basics To Authority Hacking

Focus on building perceived value and engagement rather than focusing on what search engines want. At the end of the day, search engines are more concerned about their users being happy than a link or an on page signal. This strategy works for any business whether it be a local plumber, national eCommerce store,adult entertainment site, you name it.




Black Sheep Your Brand

In order to build massive engagement you need to stand out from the herd. Nobody wins quickly by starting out competing with industry leaders on their level.




Market Research Not Keyword Research

Like SEO, keyword research is basically dead. Search Engines are more concerned about content dispersal based on their audience profile than they are worried about what on page signals you are sending.




Building Engaging, Authoritative Content

Your content needs to engage your audience and bring in opt ins. Quality in terms of relevancy is essential in order to create a thriving brand that generates leads and traffic long term.




Controlling Your Traffic

In order to create a long traffic generation strategy you need to have traffic that you control. This traffic will enable you to bring in further engagement and authority which is essential to your growth.




Selling And Creating Recurring Revenue

With any authority hacking system, after you generate enough traffic and a big enough controlled audience, sales are merely percentage-based A and B tests.




Optimizing User Experience Based Off Analytics Data

In order to really improve your marketing you’ll need to learn how to provide optimal user experience to your visitors based off Analytics data.




Selling Authority Hacking Services

After creating a few easy case studies for your own sites, it’s easy to niche down and bring it hyper-targeted clients for huge retainers.





Authority hacking meeting with SEO certification (applying authority hacking to lead gen)


“Awesome teacher and SEO pro! I would highly recommend this guy to anyone who either wants to learn SEO or to any business if they want to get their website on the fast track to becoming number 1!!!

Hunter Topper

“Chase is a wonderful teacher, mentor and coach. I follow everything he does. He is the SEO Master. I thank you very for all you have taught me about SEO and marketing.

Robert Thompson

Growing Your Brand Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the classes start?

All of the classes for this course are currently in session and available on-demand with all lesson content available, so you can sign up at any time and learn at your own page.

How long are the courses?

Each courses varies depending on the topic and content being covered, you can expect anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours of in-depth training per lesson.

Can I download the videos for the course?

At this time you can not.

I'm having troubleshooting issues with this course, who should I contact?

If you need any support for this course please email:

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

What's your refund policy if I purchase more than one course at a time?

If you purchase more than one course at a time we do NOT offer refunds for more than one course at a time.

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