Part 1: Course Introduction

Duration: 13 Minutes

Part 2: CMS, Domain Names, Hosting, Setting The Foundation, etc.

Duration: 21 Minutes

Part 3: KW Research, Keyword Mapping, Content Creation, Landing Pages, Value Ladder

Duration: 37 Minutes

Part 4: Click Funnels + Video For Ad Campaign

Duration: 27 Minutes

Part 5: Adwords, GMB Verification, Analytics Setup, and more

Duration: 35 Minutes

Part 6: Optimizing GMB, Moving Transcribed Videos Into Landing Pages, Discussing URL Architecture, and more

Duration: 36 Minutes

Part 7: Going Over Questions People Have Been Having In The Course

Duration: 48 Minutes

Part 8: Switching to SSL, Going Over Basic On-Page Factors and Using Sites For Cross-Referencing

Duration: 31 Minutes

Part 8.7: Getting out of the Sandbox

Duration: 4 Minutes

Part 9: Talking about the Local Course with Andrew

Duration: 1HR 7M

Part 10: Showing some of the changes being made so far

Duration: 19 Minutes